A Premise For Life Existing In The Universe Outside of Earth

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Why would I want to revise what I am theorizing to fit what you want?

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no, but you would find the difference.
There is an exact ratio.

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There is no ratio of mass present in the image of the car, buildings and signs in the reflected image on the water. Yet there the image exists, a mass less and perfect recreation from mass.

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No, the ratio of difference between your dream and reality.
Euler’s equation is what it’s about.
It’s used to design computer and hardware, and Intel chips.
It’s used for AI and to make AI.
To spell it, Artificial Intelligence.
Like when they make me artificially make no sense in real life and the ratio of it, in dollars per hour.

There is so little mass, even 2 black holes would hover right around it.
Even the massless mass has even less mass than on earth.
It doesn’t take a math genius to figure out the emotional trigger.

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You are trying to use a formula that is based on mass and gravity. There is no mass and gravity present in the image created in the reflection nor in the images that are seen in a dream so Euler’s formula is not able to be used.

Artificial intelligence is merely electrical currents passing through an artificial gateway or nodes where the program logic instructs the node to open and close in a certain manner allowing other functions to be achieved.

Nice try with your semantics.

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Euler’s formula has an axis which is about the unreal.
It includes numbers along that axis, such as when you say it’s not usable once, it goes to the axis as number 1, and so on.
Everything else that makes no sense, is 2, and so on, up to when you have a new computer and new chip.

Semantics don’t and can’t build hardware, never did and never will.
The only way to do so is to integrate it in the design process, which it can’t do by itself.
It’s as unreal as you want it and make it for 6 years going on 7.

I guess I was lucky to get engaged before some major hack with millions of user data compromised.
The FBI had to get involved and found out.

AI builds AI. Not the other way around.

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Your comments are nothing more than something trying to re-arranged mathematical components.

The only way to do so is to integrate it in the design process, which it can’t do by itself.

Then Artificial Intelligence is really not intelligence but programmed conditions that a robot executes.

You are posting phisphing nonsense.

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No use to post, right?
Are you not the one to make my post nonsense, no matter how much sense they may be?
Not even acts of God would stop you.

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What this means is the images in a dream are stored in a region of the brain where there is no mass or interaction with mass rather but where chemical interactions convert the image with mass into a dream without mass.

Therefore at some point in time before the Big Bang when there was less gravity and less mass and no light at all the memory of a life form interacted with matter in the Universe that was present. The interaction must have involved the matter accessing stored areas of memory, the mass less dream, where the stored actions of the images that also contain exacting thought patterns linked directly to the person dreaming would have set the Big Bang in motion.

When a person sees another person in their dream the dream must be drawing some aspect of the life force from the person dreaming in order to be represented in the dream itself. Otherwise the person in the dream would not exist. Therefore there must be a particle within the mind or in the environment that allows the mass dream to pass through the environment undetected where the mind then picks up the dream frequency and converts it into an image within the dream.

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Chemical reaction have mass except when they are in an area of space which has no gravity.
If you have a dream about a place which has no mass, then it may very well exist somewhere.
It would be a good test to dream there and find out the difference over thousands of years.
Before the Big Bang is similar to multiple black holes, but on a scale of more than 3 or 300, or all of them, or, most of them on this side of the system of energies and masses.
Also, before is related to those masses and energies, and how they interact together. Time is also not the same on that scale, since we calculate time in function of earth rotation and energy expended around the sun.

Even point in space which may seem to have zero gravity are affected by the surrounding gravity and the level of interaction with that gravity to lower it.
Kinetic energy like the one on Voyager I and II create small gravity fields, and so, even is area with little gravity, exists.

Dreams are created in a human brain during sleep and also while awake.
While those dreams are different in types, they both exist and share properties.
They are also functioning into what is called the subconscious.
It’s possible to gain control over your dreams and transfer it into the conscious, and super-conscious.

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Wait, wait… Is he discussing with himself now?

This thread has become officially creepy. :scream:

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Post can’t be empty.

Yeah, well, see you later then.
Again, don’t ask me back for that.
I don’t need it, and you don’t need it, I don’t think you should.

It looks like you’re again trying to marginalize someone and that you don’t say who it is to create suspense…
Very unclear and misleading.

I rather go and dream about less nightmare.
For some reason, it becomes more and more complicated to post on here, since anything good is turned into bad and non-sense, and anything bad is honored and used to waste my time.

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Another interesting aspect of the dream is similar to a reflection in a pool of water. The object has mass but it’s reflection is mass less yet the reflection still exists. Physics has stated that an object must have mass in order to exist, yet the dream like the object in a reflection do not have mass yet both exist.

Since person is reflected in the water and is also seen in a dream the person just like the person’s reflection in the water is comprised of living cells and DNA. But in both states, the dream and the reflection, the person is alive. Therefore in both the dream state and reflection if the energy could be collected and since it would not have any mass yet still exists with all of the functioning cells and DNA contained within the reflection or the dream, then energy of either state could pass into a wormhole without being affected.

But how to go about recreating a mass less dream or reflection that could be controlled inside of a black hole is one of their science experiments to top all other for all ages.

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At least we know now why you can’t EVE good.

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We are going to bring bacteria to mars, which are living bacteria, and so, life will exist outside of earth, and we will need a premise or more than one premise for this.

You’re talking about a weightless system which, not unlike the perpetual motion machine, has not yet concretely been done.
I mean, sure , fine the dream is valid, even if your dream has weight.
At least the part you mention about a dream about weightlessness are part of the premise.
2ndly, wasn’t it what happened to Roger Rabbit?

It’s like anti-matter, which would be designed to oppose and counteract the effects of matter.
Mostly hypothetical, however, for argument, it often used to refute statements and negate expression, and control it and restrict it.

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Mass and weight are two entirely different aspects.

There is a basic difference , because mass is the actual amount of material contained in a body and is measured in kg, gm, etc. Whereas weight is the force exerted by the gravity on that object mg. Note that mass is independent of everything but weight is different on the earth, moon, etc

A dream has neither weight nor mass, mass in the sense of the an object in a dream having weight in a gravitational environment, but is comprised of objects that are seen visually that have weight and mass. According to physics nothing can exist without mass which then converts into weight in a gravitational environment.

But there the dream is, existing with mass but no no mass at all, nor does the dream not have any mass or weight itself.

Therefore a dream can exist in a state of mass and weight not being present. A dream can also exist prior to the Big Bang that formed the Big Bang based on what life needed to exist outside of the dream in a state where mass and weight are necessary for the mass less and weight to exist.

A dream - Has mass, but mass that does not have any weight too it even though the person dreaming has mass and weight where both are in a gravitational environment. Therefore a dream is both mass and massless at exactly the same time.

Mass that is based on the eyes taking in light that is reflected from an object to re create the object with mass in the dream that is mass less because it does not have any weight in a gravitational environment.

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Dreams are electrical waves in the brain, and chemical reactions.
Molecular mass, in the sense of the number of molecules and atoms in an item, including electricity, or, chemical / biochemical reaction have a mass, and weight, which although small, do exist.
Energies does exist as well.
There are also different kinds of dreams, such as awaken dreams , and dreams which are reached during deep sleep phases.
Nightmares are also a form of dream.

In your dream, weightless dreams exist, but the mass does have a mass, except, it has no mass in your dream.
Well, not in all parts of your dream, but it appeared at least a few times, or , more than once.

Also, mass and weight , related to gravity, also affects matter, as , even though weightless in space, can gain gravity to other mass close by, like, the mass and gravity from asteroid, which, although small , do exist.

Additionally, some of the according you are referring to is omitting some factors.
It is also taking it out of context, since, those factors are related, and without them, take the matter out of context.
It’s more misleading than in accordance to me.
I’m going to be busy taking care of my family more, which will include not having as much resource and time, which would result in me caring less for my future family.
We have other dreams which are more beneficial for our security and needs to be fulfilled, and less interfering against our control and proper self-control to be able to care for use instead of wasting time and risk to have our work forfeited, yet again.
There is a good 10% of forfeiture here, and that was up to 50% before.
I don’t need 1% or 0.1% of it since I can’t afford it due to my family needs and the risks posed against us.

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You were saying?

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Then how does a mass less dream comprised of mass not weigh anything if it is a representation of a real world object that has weight and mass in the same gravitational environment?

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I wonder if our dreams would change to something entirely different if we dream on Mars given the fact that the gravity different than Earths and would effect the chemical and biological processes differently?

Maybe different gravitational environments create different cues within the brain that lead us to a new understanding of how the mass less in the Universe exists.