A Premise For Life Existing In The Universe Outside of Earth

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You can call me all the names you want, boy, they are not arguments against anything I’ve said, nor is it evidence for anything you’ve claimed.

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Trying to reduce the interior mental state by calling me a boy hoping to recreate an actual state of me being younger and fearful of someone much larger?

Sorry but you are a Flat Earther.

Now I know you are a loser.

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After you did nothing but make unfounded character judgements of me, you’re going to whine about being called a boy? Now I know you’re a hypocrite.

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You should go back to Twitter and wear those fancy sun glasses.

Explain what I just posted scientifically without using general catch phrases as a form of spin doctoring:

Humans grow and expand from microscopic sized cells. Much the same that the Universe grows and expanded from the Quantum and smaller region of physics.

Now if humans grow and expand from a microscopic source into 6’0’’ 250 pound human that consumes energy and the Universe has also expanded to become something much larger than it first was prior to the Big Bang, how would human DNA know to expand and grow into something 1,000 times its original size?

Based on what you have said that science has proven that life came to be after the Big Bang. How would Life’s DNA know to expand and grow larger if it came after the result of the Big Bang?

Life would know nothing of how the Big Bang functioned to then cause the processes contained within DNA to expand and grow outwards like the Big Bang did if life came after the Big Bang of the Universe.

Where do the set of instructions come from that direct Life’s DNA to direct processes in the human body and other life on Earth to expand and grow into something?

Explain why life expands and grows beyond the microscopic sized cells.

Explain why the Universe expands and grows beyond the Quantum sized particles.

The functions and process of how life expands and grows from cells is relative to the Big Bang. The basic set of genetic coding existed prior the Big Bang that directed energetic reactions to create the Big Bang for the purpose of life.

The is easy to prove.

Lighting strikes wherever, a natural process if you will.

But humans can direct the same type of electricity found in a lightning bolt across miles and miles of conductive wiring to a light bulb in a home that lets the human see at night time.

Can the Universe do the same thing?

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See this line here? If you were interested in scientific discussion, this line wouldn’t even be in your head. Getting to the bottom of reality would be your goal. This is where I stop reading because when you start with crap like this, you’re broadcasting your own insecurities and inability to deliver facts backed by evidence. This line, and the others like it that you use, amount to nothing more than the childish spite of a tiny mind that cannot comprehend a viewpoint beyond its own.

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Some years ago there was a report that some primitive rocks have affinity both for fat acids and nucleic acids; there was speculation that maybe the first complex beings started as an emulsion on those rocks, where nucleic acids and fat acids could mix together so nculeic acids surrounded by fat acids could grow in complexity and eventually obtain the ability to cocoon themselves in fat acids and eventually manufacture them. This would explain the origin of cellular membranes, which improved vastly the survibability of self-replicating acids.

First the rocks… then the ocean… onward and upward!

(Personally, I think that life started a billion times before succeeding)

That could be possible. Prior to the Big Bang life could have experimented with different sets of arranging particles to create the Big Bang each time not getting it correct until the moment that it did then came the Big Bang.

As an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, "I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps."

Life didn’t make a billion errors, life took a billion steps to create the Big Bang from which Life emerged from.

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How much potassium is present in our Sun’s signature compared to KIC’s signature?

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Dryson, you have an atrocious attitude, you talk down to everyone as if you’re above them all the time, and you’re never prepared to consider a viewpoint that contradicts your own. Never. I’ve never seen you do it. All you ever do is double-down and insult your critics. This is why nobody around here respects you, and it’s not because you haven’t earned respect, but somehow, you’ve gone the other way and earned disrespect instead. You throw childish tantrums that beggar belief sometimes and I have to wonder if you were ever disciplined as a child. Or if you aren’t still a child.

I am going to post on your threads, though, if only to correct your misinformation, like this nonsense that life created the universe. It’s completely wrong, and demonstrably so. The universe is what we call time and space. You cannot have one without the other, hence, you cannot have life without a universe within which it can exist as a product of time and space. It’s not possible.

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Theoretically a Dyson Sphere would block all light. You are correct. If a Dyson Sphere was present there would be a large gravitational disruption from the light sources around the Dyson Sphere that would mimic a very small black hole.

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I’m not in the mindset of believing that Earth is the only place in the Universe where life would exist.

Why would life create a gigantic Universe for only one single planet to have life on it?

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This means that life prior the Big Bang would need to have directed certain results in its favor, much like how humans direct electricity across miles and miles of wiring to a light bulb in a home to light up the darkness which is total in the favor of the human who is able to control the darkness by creating light any time the human wants too.

Compared to the lighting strike that only strikes based on random chemical reactions taking place.

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If life doesn’t exist in a Universe at all then the Universe does not exist because there wouldn’t be anything sentient to perceive the Universe through the absorption of light that then translates into dreams and evolved thought processes. Thought processes that create the need to expand outwards to find meaning and reason.

Rocks have no reason at all to exist past the point of the Big Bang. Life on the other hand has a billion reasons to exist.

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So what prestigious higher level of education do you have?

What are your credentials other than spin?

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1 billion rocky planets orbiting 300 million suns have no reason to exist.

But those same billion planets with life on them have a reason to exist.

Everything has a reason to exist. The Universe has the reason to exist because life gave the Universe its reason to exist.

Only an atheists would not have a reason as well as not having any intellect to understand the duality of reason.

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You’re absolutely right, they have no reason to exist. Yet they do. Because the universe doesn’t conform to human reasoning, it conforms to natural processes. Those planets are the RESULT of such processes.

And there are probably far more than a billion. 300 million suns doesn’t even cover 1% of our galaxy, let alone the universe.

No, not everything has a ‘reason’ for existing, at least not some ‘reason’ or ‘purpose’ that we might impart on them.

And yes, I am an atheist actually, thanks for noticing. Not sure if you noticed or not, but I’m not taking that as the insult I think you intended it to be, either, but thanks for revealing the quality of intellect I’m dealing with here.

Believe it or not, there’s no reason any of us exist. There’s no need for a reason. We just exist. Deal with it.

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Or don’t. Different people think of it differently. You think you’re right. Others think you’re wrong.

What I can assure you is that the Universe doesn’t gives a sh*t of who of you is right.

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Rocks and protons have never had the ability to think for themselves in the first place so the Universe is unable to give a sht or not give a sht.

Others would think that you are totally wrong and base their lives on Karma.

Only life gives a sh*t about being correct or incorrect. Why is that?

A desired outcome. Who would do the desiring? Life would of course.

Life desires that there be light in the darkness. So life creates the light bulb and directs electricity through miles of wire to generate light in the darkness.

Life desired to not live in the darkness so after billions of steps it created the Big Bang that set in motion the ability of life to expand and to grow to further direct energy into the light bulb so that life could turn off and on the light in the darkness when it so desired too.

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Nope. Funny how you post a video of NDT explaining exactly what I’ve been saying, that the universe doesn’t need a purpose, without realising that he would also completely agree that the universe precedes everything that exists within it.

Like, have you even watched that video? He directly contradicts everything you’ve been saying.