A Restaurant Of Gamer's - Red Vs. Blue

I was thinking about Eve Online and how it is a niche game and that such a game should also have its own restaurant.

Such a restaurant would span the entire world and give the gamer a niche of their own to eat and conspire at. A place where they are not the toad in the corner wearing the hoodie. But a place where they are with other gamer’s where they are always welcome.

Red Vs. Blue would be employed by gamer’s at all levels of the corporate level. Giving the gamer a place to eat with other gamer’s is just not about eating but creating a world wide community that is connected to each through our love of two things…games and food.

But who would be welcome at such a restaurant? Anyone who is a gamer. From the board gamer, to PC and Console to those who play app based games. We wouldn’t forget those who solve puzzles either. Anyone who is a gamer would be welcome.

Red Vs Blue would fill niche around the world that is lacking. Blue Vs. Red would also create jobs along many lines from construction to logistics to computer technicians.

But like I said the goal of Red Vs. Blue is to give every genre of gamer across the world a place of their own to eat and meet people from other games.

A niche that the gamer does not currently have.

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Owning a Restaurant , is like Swimming with concrete shoe s. Specialy with niche idea s. But i would try doing some Research first, if it s better just organizing some eve related Events around Food. Like a “home base eve Hobby Chef Group /corp”. U cook together, eat together, drink together and Splitting the cost s, without the Profit idea in Background. U wonthave sleepless night s , and just remembering in funny Chef s table s.

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My cousin owns three rather successful restaurants, pricey but the food, drink and service is well below par. They even have a B & B over one of the restaurants that comes in at around $700 a night. Full house set up and all. It’s not difficult, running a restaurant takes patience. His one restaurant is snug in an old basement of a building that is over 100 years old. Just two small rooms but more than enough tables including the big table that cost a lot.

People are always looking for the out of the way restaurant to eat at to get away from the corporate restaurants that are a grade above fast food restaurants.

I think Mom and Pop style restaurants are coming back because everyone has grown tired of the corporate restaurant beef slab and conveyor belt.


I think that gamers would flock to a restaurant that had free WifI and the ability to eat and game. Red Vs. Blue would give games their own place to meet and eat without being looked down upon by the more normal fast food goers.

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