A sad story

I heard that if I go to abyssal deadspace and fight there I will be rewarded. “Why not ?!” I said. I soon went to the agency and saw the requirements. It was just a cruiser. I bought the filement whose description was “very easy”. because I am a newbie I choosed this one. I tried with my maller first but i didn’t put being fast to keep distance in my counts so I died there that’s not the bad thing. The bad thing that I went with Omen with a fast fit. the fit was just fine and finished the first rift. Hardly had I jumped to the next gate when a massage came up saying “lost connection”. the server crashed for a moment…


I leave it to you to imagine what happened next

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Did the massage have a ‘happy ending’?

petition it

Yeah, looks like you DC’ed around the same time a bunch of other people did. Try petitioning.


yes the Concord managed to get the ship back lol

I jumped through a gate yesterday, tackled a battlecruiser in my frigate and immediately disconnected. I was lucky to have a skilled team mate who grabbed him til i got back, and very lucky the BC didnt scram me right as I DC. Feel the pain of your sad story, I was fully raging :smiley:

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