A Salty Snowflake's Carebear Tale

the only prohibition against killing a player is if that player is a brand new account - less then 30 days , in the starter systems. - that will earn a ban.

other then that , killing a non-wardec’d player will only result in concord taking action and killing the offender.

as was stated earlier, you defiantly shouldn’t have got a station so early in the game and no way to protect it.
rule # 1 don’t “fly” what you cant afford to lose.

pvp is a major part of eve, the building of stuff and destroying them is what drives the economy of eve.

there are tons of friendly non-pvp corps and alliances, such as eve-uni and signal cartel. - that doesn’t mean others will never shoot you.

diying a lot is part of the game, especially early on. join an established alliance and take the time to learn and enjoy the game.

Actually this is part of the attraction of this game, if you can do well in a game full of people that desperately want to ruin your day, and I mean desperate, I made it bold, then you will understand and enjoy the game, especially if you then ruin their day…, and that does not mean just blowing them up but better still wasting their time!

You just met the most risk averse pond feeding plonkers in the game, hisec war deckers and because you were streaming they knew you were online. Also they love going after new corps run by new people because you are so damn easy to kill and that is all there is to it.

Eve Uni is a good idea, another is to give up on hisec, it is the worst area to play in the game thanks to CCP 's poor decisions over many years to push people out of it.


Have you tried moving out a bit of the center regions? There are lots of systems available and I doubt that the average noob hunter will bother to jump out too far just to kill beginner frigates. And if so, you may have a better chance to stand your ground. Which I recommend. It may be less comfortable and you will face other risks hauling your goods to the trade hubs, but you will be out of immidiate reach.

Hope you can keep motivating yourself!

A better plan is probably to just do everything on NPCorp toons and make a chat room. The instant you make a corp, you stepped into a late-stage PvP game where everyone is bigger and better equipped than you. “Smarter” is questionable, because they don’t seem to understand or care what happens when their prey finds the game to have negative entertainment value.

And risk-averse because they always dock up if they think one of their precious ships might get popped.

If you’re not in a player corp, there are those other risk-averse types: the ones who should theoretically be vulnerable to losing expensive things to killrights, but never do because they’re alts specifically created to stay at -10 security rating and gank things. And never fly anything more expensive than ~10M.


Mentioning the locator agents as a “few weeks old newbro” really gave it away. Is this you Infinity Ziona? Kinda sounds like him or any of those other special snowflakes who think highsec needs to be more safe.


QED: Top reasons why a new player should consider not playing EVE Online

Starting a EVE career has always been like walking into a minefield; any wrong step can shatter your career to pieces. The rewards for making to the other side without losing limbs or life are potentially great, but new recruits should consider other games before and play EVE only when they’re bored or disappointed about those. Think of EVE as a unbalanced Level 80 boss of online gaming… should not be your first option unless you have a something for being frustrated.

Nice sandcastle metaphor, OP. By the way, have you ever built a sandcastle before?

If you want to build a sandcastle on the beach, do you go right down to the edge of water near a crowd of children? Nah, man. That’s high-sec space near trade-hubs.

I built a drug lab in the low-sec backwoods and operated that thing full-bore for a year. Not a single person noticed, and I made billions.

I had to dismantle my own sandcastle and even sold all the sandparts back to the beach when I was done with it.

Yeah, I’m inclined to go with @Ima_Wreckyou this does sound suspiciously like a troll post…

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Really has it?

EVE is a complex game, and that can make it difficult to get started, especially if you just want to have some fun in your free time and not want to read up on hundreds of pages in some outdated wikis.

Apart from that, EVE is not really difficult to get started. The security in Highsec makes it pretty easy to make yourself almost 100% secure. It was never easier to make ISK fast even as a new player. On top of that there is a pretty welcoming community which helps you in every way if you are willing to learn the game.

The only thing you should not do is come crying to the forums like OP did, demanding changes because he can’t handle the game instead of asking for advice about how to overcome this obstacles hundreds of thousands of players managed to overcome in the last 15 years.

And lets not forget that CCP has looked at this and in terms of getting killed two week old characters…85% of them were not killed. The other 15% were. And in terms of player retention, those who were killed (legally or illegally) tended to stay with the game longer.

We have tried and tried to validate the myth that griefing has a pronounced affect on new players - we have failed. The strongest indicators for a new player staying with EVE are associated with social activity: joining corps, using market and contract systems, pvping, etc. Isolating players away from the actual sandbox seems very contrary to what we would like to accomplish.–CCP Rise

To be fair, the OP really didn’t ask for any changes that I noticed. There was an amusing tantrum post though.

Its not against the rules

Any chance youd like to tell us how your corp started the war?

Where in EVE did you setup your corp operation?



Sorry for barging in but i was following this post with my popcorn in hand and then plot twist!

What do you mean by that?

I may have missed something ,gotta re read this thing…

You can be 99% sure that the OP was some special victim snowflake in local before the wardecs came in as a result of that and he consequentially brought this onto himself.


It only took me a few posts to see that OP is dishonest and a troll. Well done pushing it to 50+ posts, people around here are so easy to bait, they deserve all the grief they can get.

OP had it all!

The game has so much freedom and that’s awesome!
Attacking in highsec is not allowed!
Grew a new player corp and got wardecced!

You folk need to learn to comprehend written words.

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Why not play World of Warcraft? When you get ganked just walk back to your corpse and lose nothing.

It was plainly obviois within her first few! You guys really ask for this kind of ■■■■. I’m now thinking of starting my own carebear army of alts to flood you with these kind of threads, until you learn how to actually properly deal with them.

Nothing changes around here, ever. It’s ■■■■■■■ embarrassing.

Technically this is simple: disable player weapons when they are used “illegally” against other players.
But this was not done. Why? Because attacking other players is not “prohibited”. It just has consequences according to security status of system it happens in.

For someone who does not like griefers you are griefing, insuilting and bullying quite well.
Maybe the wardecs were not because of the newbies in your corp or because of the citadel…

This brings me to the next part that bothers me. I have never played 2 weeks nonstop (whatever this means, time wise). And i don’t know how easy the lerning of the game is now.
But as far as i remember, it took me quite some time to lern the basics stuff. And took me some time to get enough money for all the skills that are need and the ships.

But if i see it right the cheapest citadel cost nearly 1 billion ISK, doesnt it? Even an EC is 500+ million.
This is really quite a lot for a group of newbies within a few days. gathering this much money in this short time is impressive for some player who does not know the basics of the game.

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