A sprinkle of Shutaq

Julian, can I call you Julian?

Julian, you say she doesn’t know what love is, but I heartily disagree.

- A file containing an image of the man, and several cribs and infants within, accompanies the message. -

Now, I am a fool, but I am not fooled by what she has given me, nor what I have given her in return. I’m all but happily retired from space, and I have a family to care for. She is often busy, that is a given, but she is by no means incapable of love.

So with that said, why, if I may ask, are you giving my system more attention than it deserves, when all that’s here is an egger and his kids? CONCORD and their divisions have already deprived me of sleep in weeks prior. Do you wish to be added to my ■■■■ list?


I am contractually obliged to point out that the Kaztropolis Grand Arena is available for hire for sporting competitions, and Kaztropolitan certified non-toxic safety sports mud is also available for purchase for use in mud wrestling and other applications.

Oh for Maker’s sake!!
I’ve just noticed that this… err… LADY…
… with guitar…
is freaking NAKED!

That needs to be censored! Banned! Prohibited! Muted!
Take it down!! NOW!!!
Someone, call CONCORD! Call CEP! Call CBT! Call E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E!

(and don’t ask why I returned to watch that video)


I repeat: you started off naked, too. I guess we should call upon the CEP to prohibit Diana Kims, too.

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Well if I said it on here it wouldn’t really hold much weight over you would it? How about I fly over and you, your husband1. and I can talk over some wine? Providing you don’t hit me with your trophies?

Your senses are correct Alluring Arline. This is the burning passion of someone deeply in love, defending his beloved honour.

You can call what ever you like my dear.


It was only brought up on account of your boss deciding to question the integrity of the love between myself and @Aldrith_Shutaq.

As Always @Valerie_Valate your input of mud wrestling is always the best solution. My followers adopted this some time ago as a means to settle disputes, and we have been fight free for ages!

I’ll send you a personal holovid :wink:

1. maybe?

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Heh, oh darling you really are a curious case.

But, I’ll peg my bets on you having absolutely no idea about these things. That, or you play at presenting dumb very well.

Now, I wouldn’t mind a glass of wine, but my preferences are much stronger. Now… why don’t you drop that façade of yours.

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You won’t know till we have that glass of wine.

You get a like for footnoting.