A strange Rift inside a Stargate (Explosion Residue)

So I’vу been scanning some Distress Signals in “lyen-oursta” star system, and then I found a serpentis archeology site. But when I warp in, there were one thing that attracted my attetion, there was a Broken Stargate, and a strange rift inside it. In info tab, it says that if I come too close it will teleport me to unknown site. So I did’t do that. So what it could be? Can somebody answer my question?
Thank you in advance for your attention.

UPD#1: It was a trouble with going through it, because in some time it dissapeared, the whole site…
UPD#2: Find two more same broken gates near Vattuolen , I didn’t jump in because I was on Astero and I don’t want to lose it if something bad happens…

UPD#3 (13032022) After a few years of afk, a few times tried to fly into that and similar objects - there is nothing, just a texture and and stuck missile drone in the very center (its not even a portal at all)

Get closer. Inquiring minds would like to know more…

only one answer try it lol but use a cheap ship

Yeah something like an Ibis in an empty clone, just to take a peak.

Don’t be a wuss! Dive on in!
Riches come only to those with the most reckless disregard of their own safety!

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