A thread in which Naari Naarian lies about being a developer and insults people for not believing him

And why are you entitled to being able to use those ships if you are too weak to secure your space? If you’re small and poor then guess what, nullsec is probably going to be a struggle for you. And maybe the other people just beat you and you have to move back to highsec.

Who cares? If you have a 5000 man PvP fleet in the system then the camper is incapable of doing anything but sitting idle in a safe spot. Other than being a name in local they might as well not exist. So why do you care so much about a name in local?

Do you even read yourself sometimes?

2 posts in one topic and you are negating yourself

Uh, what? You’re making no sense at all here. Obviously your alliance does not have a 5000 man PvP fleet or you wouldn’t be here whining about your inability to farm as much as you want. So what does a response to your hypothetical scenario have to do with the reality of your alliance being weak renter trash and unable to secure your space?

(Of course let’s not overlook a major reason why people complain about AFK cloaking: bots depend on being able to use local to spot a non-blue player in system and dock up until they leave, having an AFK cloaker in the system shuts down the bot permanently and results in a significant decrease in RMT income.)


Can you please read my previous posts in this topic?
I don’t see the point of repeating myself
Ohh and would you mind checking my killboard?

I’ve read your posts. They’re nothing but the same old entitled carebear bleating about how difficult farming is and how CCP needs to nerf everything that interferes with getting maximum ISK per hour.


Don’t bother wasting your time to reply, all you’re doing is feeding a troll.


No you didn’t read my posts or you have problems with understanding.
I don’t have problems with farming and i don’t lack the isk.

I simply don’t like the fact that newbies are being bullied and that there is no counter for cloaky afk campers.

Being unable to farm because your renter trash alliance can’t secure its space is not bullying. Nullsec is a PvP area and you should expect to face PvP threats there. The fact that those threats are more powerful than some players is a feature, not a bug.

there is no counter for cloaky afk campers.

Of course there is. PvE in a fleet of PvP-fit ships at all times. Do not farm solo, do not farm in PvE ships that can’t survive a PvP fight, and use your MJD to constantly move around faster than a cloaked ship can pursue you to get into tackle range. If you have a 100-man PvP fleet sitting next to you in the PvE site then you have made yourself immune to most threats and the AFK camper is just an irrelevant name in local that can do nothing to hurt you.

If you’re really paranoid you can even limit your farming activities to the sites that have to be scanned down. If the AFK camper goes active and starts hunting you will see their scan probes on d-scan and see their ship when it decloaks to activate the gate.

TL;DR: AFK camping is only a threat to renter trash who think that because they’ve figured out how to defeat the NPCs they’re entitled to infinite zero-risk farming and an effortless “counter” to every PvP threat so they can go back to farming.

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I get a feeling that you are a high sec player and never ever lived in null-sec.
Because the situations you mention are out of space.
Thus I will stop here and wish you good luck with your endeavors.

IOW, “I don’t want to use any of the counters that I have been offered because they would mean less ISK/hour from my farming, I want a magic button I can press that removes the PvP threat and lets me start up the bot again”.

They really need to start adding t2, t3 capital variances that are cloak-warpable based, and should be really stupid agile (like bs level) and have stupid damage, Capital bomber :wink:

It’d also be nice to see a capital ship that is not combat or industrial related, but in fact did something like open wormholes that span long distances, but limit the type of ships that can pass through (so it cant be used for transporting).

Giggle at the thought

Please don’t imply that you are someone who lives in nullsec if you are scared of a tiny grey 6x6 pixel box in Local.

You’re just a scared krab.

Heh, typical reply from a F1 monkey.

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Aren’t the farmers usually the F1 monkeys? I ask, because mandatory fleets demand F1 monkeys and they usually don’t know much about doing anything else. Someone good at PvP knows how to do more than just listening to commands and pressing the respective key when needed.


You can not drop on anybody when AFK.


This reminds me so much of:


Then he saw the hot slave girl who he wished was there… but wasn’t. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So almost friendly. No wonder you are very “popular”.

I think she’s specifically talking about all those people who pay ISK so they can farm all day, every day. The only people, who would realistically be doing this, are those who fund their actual game or those who sell it for RMT. The former are unlikely to complain about AFK cloakers, so not really worth mentioning in our context, and the latter I’d call trash as well.

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I think what we can learn from this is that nullbears have even less spine than highsec carebears

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