A Thread Of Kind Words

(Mizhir) #330

Your humour has been superb and a strong light in the otherwise dark times.

(Aradina Varren) #331

You’re very committed to the idea of a dating service.

(Norrin Ellis) #332

I don’t know you well, so unfortunately, I don’t have something particularly thoughtful to say. That’s a shame because I think everyone deserves a thoughtful compliment here.

I decided to take a look at some of your other activity here to help me develop an appropriately nice thing to say, and I came across this:

I was giggling so profusely that I couldn’t continue any further. Truly entertaining!

(Melisma Ramijozana) #333

You are oddly devoted to the spirit of this thread, which I admire. Tenacity and dedication are always good traits.

So I went and looked at your posting history too, and saw your giveaway. So it seems you’re quite generous as well.

So, thank you for your kindness. We need more of that these days.

(Arrendis) #334

You still manage to find nice things in the most unlikely people.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #335

Your persistence in maintaining ties and forming new ones in spite of all requires some tenacity and even a measure of courage.

(Deitra Vess) #336

I probably disagree with you as much as I agree. Still would place you on that narrow list of people to look up to.

(Edamielle Nulvelith) #337

You are surprisingly altruistic.

(Kithrus) #338

You have the loveliest way with words.

(Garion Avarr) #339

You have a very strong, if sometimes misguided in application, drive to do what you believe to be right, and, when you were in my corporation, while I several times had to ask you to alter your behavior, you always made the requested changes swiftly and with little complaint.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #340

Your personal kindness, patience, warmth, attention to detail, and commitment to integrity, contrasted with your support for a cause that is none of those things, is one of the two most difficult issues in this conflict for me to reconcile, and I haven’t managed it yet.

(Julianni Avala) #341

We have not met. However, I have observed through your posts that you have a good sense of humour. You seem well organized in your efforts to achieve your goals, and that’s something I can respect.

(Valdezi) #342

You are warm and kind and you totally rock corporate Caldari power suits.

(Butt Cigar) #343

I love you. I always have.

(Arsia Elkin) #344

You clearly know how to make the most out of your capsuleer dementia.

(Alizabeth Vea) #345

You are someone that I will never hesitate to fly with.

And hey, you tolerate me!

(edeity) #346

You are commendably insightful and passionate about politics and theology with strong views on those who discuss these topics.

(Arrendis) #347

You have a surprising amount of panache for an ego-centric megalomaniacal blood-drinking monster of low moral character. Also, love the beret.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #348

You would probably be insulted if I said I trusted you.

And yes, that’s a compliment.

(Valerie Valate) #349

Should your moral compass be spinning wildly and unusable, Elsebeth Rhiannon is one of the lodestars that you can use to steer a course.