A tribute to Stephen Hawking in EVE

World Renowned Physicist Stephen Hawking died today at the age of 76. I would like to request some small nod to his legacy within the EVE Online universe in some form or another. Perhaps a new blackhole can be discovered and put on the map called the “Hawking” blackhole. or perhaps a unique ship with bonuses to scanning can be issued in his honor to all active capsuleers. Nothing major or game breaking. Just something to look at from time to time and remember a truly great man who’s work helped shape the collective knowledge of our species in so many ways.


Sisters destroyer. Role bonus to scanning. The Vector?

Name one of the blackhole effect wormhole systems after him?

Can’t say it would be the first named wormhole system, but it’s a nice nod and would be far more meaningful than just a monument. Could even put a monument in the form of an abandoned structure in that wormhole, Hawkings Research Facility with part of the description reading “While all signs of life have gone silent within this facility one can only wonder of the knowledge once contained within it’s walls now lost to the ages.” I’m not good with storytelling but you can get what I’m trying to say here.


Brilliant idea and the wording is perfect.


from how I see stephen hawking, I’d see him more in the SoCT than the SOE (they are too religious for him)

While I’m not against more SOE ships, I don’t think this is a good way to add them. People will either actively consuming them, or just forget that they ever had one (a problem of all special edition ships in my opinion).
I think if we give him something, it should last forever.

I like the idea of @Nasar_Vyron . It could also have A LOT of sites, so people will be searching for it.

We could rename the upcoming “Monitor” into “Stephen Hawking”. In a sense are we going to put EVE’s greatest players into this ship only to keep them safe, but also for them to remain mobile and to be the thinking minds for us.

But I don’t like the idea of stowing his name away in some wormhole where hardly anyone will find it. I’d rather have his name present all over EVE. And whatever it turns out to be should it not be something to remind us of the loss, but about who he was in life.

Something in WH space anything else would be off topic for this occasion.

Why are worm holes “on topic”? His most famous research was about Black Holes and not worm holes.

I remember S. Hawking not only for his research work but for two other achievements:

He made physics and science famous (A Brief History of Time).

He rejected knighthood because of UK’s worse science funding.

S. Hawking warned us not to search for extraterrestrial life but urged us to the stars.

Maybe some Drifter-fighting stuff should be named for him?

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I think the thing that impressed me the most about him was his dedication to objective science… consider the bet he lost with Higgs. He ate his words without hesitation, not only admitted he was wrong but lauded the achievement of such a gain in knowledge. Pride was probably high on his list, but true scientific objectivity was higher.


I think such a tribute would be a wonderful thing.
Two things came to my mind:

  1. A new module called “Hawking’s WH generator”, which will open a WH for a limited amount of time and tonnage (depending on module size, skills and fuel or something like that), to a random system in the game. No cyno or similar needed of course. Maybe some new material that will be harvested from certain asteroids/whatev irradiated by emissions from blackholes will fuel it.

  2. Just rename the Erebus’ doomsday device to a Hawking’s supergravity generator.

o7 mr. Hawking

Great ideas all! Thank you all for adding your voice to this request. I especially like the Hawkings Research Facility, the wording that @Nasar_Vyron included was incredible!

I hope it continues and CCP adds something in.

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