A Way to Keep Players Involved

The only people complaining about how others have “powers” are the power hungry ones.


I am not discussing forum moderation.
I am not voicing a critical opinion against CCP in any way shape or form.
I am happy to be playing Eve Online and I am happy to discuss my joy of playing Eve Online on the Eve Online public forums that can be found under forums.eveonline.com
I am not discussing forum moderation.
I am not discussing forum moderation.
I am not discussing forum moderation.
Praise CCP games.

With jubilant regards
-James Fuchs


There’s the truth.

DeMichael, and Dracvlad, and Githy are the only ones griping, and Anderson and Ridley and guy that cannot be named (frankly, I forgot his name). Oh, and Dryson.

You failed to mention that War pilot too!


What are you on about now .


So I read this entire thread and still don’t know why he posted it.
The title “A way to Keep Players Involved” seems to be about OP.
You have all the ships, all the isk and did much of what there is to do so now you’re bored and you want… what, other players to get involved? In what?
There’s about 5k players online anytime of the day. Surely they’re involved ( in whatever they’re doing ) and when I log in I’m involved too.

Opening a thread isn’t going to get anyone involved. All it got you is get ganged upon by the resident trolls, lol.

If you want players involved, start your own corporation and busy yourself to get others involved in content they like without ripping them off on returns. You certainly have the funds, the knowledge and the desire.

Otherwise this merely another bs thread amongst all the bs on this forum.

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Instance every pve content unscannable like combat sites ,mission sites ect…this would help a lot

Combat probes scan the ships/mtus in these sites, not the sites themself. So what would change?

Why try and have a reasonable conversation with someone who states

showcasing how very little they actually understand of the game.

I’d like him to realize how absurd the idea is, because to answer my question he would need to twist himself quite a bit to explain how to make ships, drones, deployables somehow unscannable when inside a PvE site. And how he would like to prevent PvP fleets just enter such a site to be completely untouchable for the opponents…

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Hi Talic, what exactly is it you are asking for?

I skimmed through the 150 replies but didn’t see it answered yet, so I’ll ask it more clearly.

What is it that defines a ‘safe environment to chill in’ for you?

My interpretation would be to be able to fly around with minimal risk.

For a player who has everything they need and has ISK to spare, would that not be anywhere in EVE as long as you keep your ship affordable?

I mean, why can you not for example chill in a cruiser in Pochven? At worst you lose the cruiser, but you can apparently afford many more:

I don’t understand what you are trying to ask.

You have money, want to chill and tell us you want to spend money, but also you don’t want to lose ships even if you could easily afford to replace them many times over.

I don’t get it, your request seems self-contradictory.

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The 60k player count had nothing to do with gambling, it had everything to do with pvp content and things to shoot.

Gambling is for people that can’t math. Who in their right mind would play something with a guaranteed 40% win rate.

The whole of highsec is a safe environment if you know what you are doing.


Even low sec can be, if you know what you are doing.
Null is a bit different with bubbles but even then there is ways to stay safe with a some effort.

But yea High sec can be pretty much afked.

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Null is easier to manage than lowsec, because you can anchor to bubble-■■■■ gates and roll all holes so the only no-delayed-aggressors are filament roams.


I meant as an aggressor moving between systems rather than just sitting and farming a single system but yea I agree with you.


Gotcha, I’m on the same page now.

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No it’s showcasing what the game actually would NEED to function and get more players and how brainwashed and bubbled you are arguing against this fact…

I think the game functions well enough generally, and there are regularly about 10,000 players more than there were when I started playing.

So, for me, it’s fine. Keeping 100% of the players 100% engaged for 100% of the time is hardly a realistic prospect. I’m sure neither you nor the OP were actually suggesting that, but it does serve to indicate the vagueness present in the thread title.

I am a player. There is more content than I’ll ever use. I am profitably involved and entertained. Neither you nor Talic will convince this player that there is objectively a problem which needs to be solved.


How would you know what the game needs? What exactly makes you an expert on the matter?

You don’t even understand the simple fact that risk and rarity influence the market prices in EVE and the easier you make it for people to riskless access any content, the more worthless the stuff they get will become, leading to the direct result that the activity will become even less attractive for anyone who can’t or won’t do it semi-automated/afk. Which then will make players complain that they cannot make enough ISK with it to justify the time investment and again someone like you will come with the brilliant idea to “increase the drop rates” or “pay more bounties” or “make NPC buy orders” to guarantee a high ISK income… An then they wonder why PLEX suddenly cost 10M/piece.

ProTip: There are multiple reasons why people don’t stay at EVE, “ganking” is the most irrelevant one.