A Way to Keep Players Involved

Calmness and sugarcoating is not what i stand for and i never will… :slight_smile:

And falling into a trap?

What if this this happend willingly? :stuck_out_tongue:

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You are giving them what they want, it is part of their game to do this to people posting things that they have a different opinion on, they will belittle you and make smug comments until you react and it is always your fault. Eve forum rules 101.

But if you are fine with it go with it, just trying to give a friendly warning, good luck on this. o7


Meh. Put your antimatter where your mouth is. I see no evidence you have ever even undocked.

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Projecting as in the books :stuck_out_tongue:


EVE’s origins are pvp.

In this September 2005 interview, Nathan Richardsson, senior producer on the EVE project in early 2004, calls EVE Online, a pvp game and discusses how CCP has to balance the game and how this balancing angers portions of the player base, and loses members of the player base, due to balancing. And that CCP accepts the loss of those players.

This is a quote from that interview:

Of course, it’s not all as peachy as this sounds. We do lots of mistakes and in most cases we simply can’t do what players ask for. We regularly have to do bad things, nerfing some aspect of the game or changing it. It’s constant balancing and we often piss people off, but it’s a necessary evil with PvP games, you always have to be on your guard for imbalance and as a result, we lose a lot of customers for it. But it’s something we accept for following our vision.

And this quote:

The founders had two passions which they wanted to join,” explained Richardsson. “The sci-fi feel and vastness of space from Elite and the social interaction of massively multiplayer and player vs. player gaming from Ultima Online. I should also add that they were quite active PvPers in UO and this is the main reason for our emphasis on PvP. We feel that the emotions involved with losing something of value is just as important as gaining something of value, it makes a very immersive experience. There have to be lows to make the highs more enjoyable. PvP allows us to achieve that.”


Nah…you get 803 kills ( 2.25 trillion worth of carnage ) and just 23 losses by actually undocking. Try it sometime.

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I’m eating these bad boys :popcorn:

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EvE is EvE, not even PvE, and definitely not PvP.

Don’t let these niche Pk griefers bully you.

Well this thread is going well, starting to enjoy the forums again


That’s what a griefer would say.

Having fun in a video game? Puh-leez.

Eve Online is not and never was a space game. If you look at the way your vehicle is moving, you will note that it is far more reminiscent of a submarine than a space ship. Even though some artistic elements would suggest a space setting, EVE Online is a submarine game.

With subpar regards
-James Fuchs


EVE isn’t growing because its not keeping players involved, its not growing because EVE is 21 years old, anyone who has wanted to try it has tried it, and either stuck with it or moved on, or is taking a break, all of which is perfectly natural.

If CCP wants to grow EVE, they need to expand the scope of EVE, which is what they should have been doing with Dust/Vanguard, EVE’s gameplay is niche, and old, but I would never have it replaced. Instead a branch of EVE that has more modern gameplay, but still has the core elements of the EVE sandbox would be the way to actually grow EVE, I just wish CCP understood this instead of trying to make their secondary games like Dust 514 (Battlefield/COD), Vanguard (Tarkov), or Valkyrie (VR Flight Sim) one note gimmicks and give new players a new sandbox to build and kick sandcastles in.


Content is what keeps players involved.
What even is there without content?

Just read this Law and order will be served that right there is what makes Eve great and playable in the long run.

Grinding in various ways is content sure but it only gets you so far. I think a good way to explain it is that if the content is grindy in nature it comes to it being predictable and thus dull. Boring. Empty? Take mission running for example.

Sure there is time for various activities. Chill and easy mode and so on but in the long run. And Eve is for the long run. Not for everyone but then it isn’t about being involved anymore anyways. Within the years many of us take breaks or have the time to play once a week but they’re still keeping skill que up and running which kind of is ‘playing’ and being involved too because how skilling in Eve works.


Open the Jove space Stargate add a new element to how it operates that can only be found like WHS.

Show us the donuts inside Jove Space to sweeten the deal when you lock that content away under a season pass that resets at least once a year.

Season of Discovery costing Prime Omega Status

/example of the start of a new season.

(1) everything cost 100 isk supplied on the Jove Market.

(2) Nothing goes out of Jove Space other than a pod explosion back to New Eden normal.

(3) Faction Warfare 2.0 The pilot begins this journey with an empty pod. The faction that they are fighting for can be selected no matter their current standing to that faction in New Eden. Pirate factions included.
As soon as they decide to deflect, the pilot is sent back to New Eden and their Jove status is wiped off unless they stay the full season then the Jove Space resets any way after season ends.

(4) If the pilot wishes to take a break from this new Jove Universe and still wishes to return to their original Faction that was picked in Jove Space then they can do so as a pod only using a special filament pilot bound.

Note this will prevent faction hopping without consequences.

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Agree 100%… and that’s exactly the reason why these forums don’t have a lot of members posting anymore…


This is true, DMC, but Dracvlad’s post and your response to it do not, in my opinion, convey a comprehensive appreciation of what has actually happened during the period of about a decade that I’ve been playing and posting.

In addition to the behaviours Dracvlad feels to be responsible for a challenging posting environment, there are simply the passage of time - during which people on both sides have left the game - and the rise of alternative communication platforms, with which newer players may be more comfortable and familiar. I don’t think it’s a tragedy.

If someone advances an opinion but is not able adequately to defend it, then their opinion may be attacked - and that is true wherever in the world they happen to be.

We may have little or no control over what we feel, but we sure as hell have a lot of control over what we do in response. If Dracvlad is able to spot belittling behaviour and smug comments - and not rise to them…?

Of course, the current thinking seems to be that if someone feels bad about something, then someone (else) has done something wrong and should be punished. A dangerously narrow notion, in my view.

So, DMC, there are other reasons why the Forum might seem less lively than before, and not all of them are the fault of trolling behaviour - which has never been absent from any online video game that I’m aware of.

If the Forum slips into slumber - fine. If EVE slips into oblivion - fine!

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Yeah, it’s called ‘The Butterfly Effect’…

First - CCP abandons and ignores their Official Forums to post on Reddit…
Second - CCP moves their Official Forums to this Discourse Forum…
Third - CCP significantly reduces and relaxes forum behavior rules for posters…
Fourth - CCP gives complete amnesty on all forum bans to get posters for this forum…
Fifth = CCP gives ISD Moderators complete power to silence and ban posters as they see fit…
Sixth - CCP continues to abandon and ignore their Official Forums to now post on Discord…

In my opinion those are the main events of The Butterfly Effect for the current condition of Eve Online’s Official Forums…

Basically at each stage more and more community members stopped posting in the Official Forums while others were either driven away by constant harassment or banned by ISD. And yes there’s more reasons that contributed to why these forums are now a poor shadow of what they use to be…

However I don’t want to get into a debate or list everything that transpired before, during or after so like I said before, in my opinion those are the main events…


Do you have something you want to say?

I understand the point you’re making, even if I disagree with it.

And there is good news. At least you and Dracvlad haven’t yet deserted the sinking ship!

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