A Way to Keep Players Involved

I wondered what happened to Gix. His roflcopter comments were always good for a chuckle.

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Very sadly, like many other worthy opponents, CCP drove them out or they just gave up like me and went on to more challenging games.

Not to piss on your parade of Lucas Kell hate posting, but he has given up on the forums while the ISD operate on a two tiered policing system, effectively his words NOT MINE. So there is zero chance that any of these people posting are his alts. Sorry to disappoint you on this!

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Please do not discuss moderation, or rumor-monger.


The truth is never hate speech…

Btw the accuse ‘hate speech’ is nothing but an easy excuse for people who cannot stand clearly spoken words…

There is no ‘hate speech’,it simply does not exist…i do not hate anything or anybody,i’m just not willing to hold back so a pretty snowflake does not melt in the normal warm sunlight…
If you cannot stand a hard spoken insult,leave,that’s your only exit,false accuses are not… :slight_smile:

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Well that’s wrong…the game mainly focusses on cooperation and not on pvp…pvp is a part of it right,but -as i said- a 1/3 minority…I’m sorry but that is -beside what the pvp faction alwyas yells out so loud- the simple truth…

The game would survive without pvp…it would be a slightly other game,but it would prosper…

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It isn’t “the truth” just because you say so. Wanting “to get rid of” players (which clearly means you advocate for some kind of “action being taken” against them) because they have an opposing opinion while always having respected the rules of the game is de-facto hurtful for the game as a product and the community environment as it promotes censorship of other peoples points of view. And the strong language you use against those who do not share your views speaks lenghts already about of which mindset you are.


Don’t be silly. Without pew pew and combat there’d be no reason for anyone to make the vast majority of ships as nobody would be buying them. What would be the point of mining for ore, if nobody was going to turn it into a ship ? What would be the point of making modules, ammo, etc, etc…if nobody was ever going to use it ?

Your alleged ‘minority’ is what keeps the entire game going. We combat people are the ones who create the destruction that necessitates new ships being built and miners going out to mine the materials. We keep the entire economy going. Again and again you people fail to grasp that Eve needs destruction and is fundamentally based upon it for the economy to work at all.

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This overdramatizing is exactly the problem…and your argumantative problem…
Because exact the ‘censorship’ you are remarking is done by you if you simply mark something as ‘hate speech’ and delete it or just devalue it…It’s also opinion surpression and as bad as you accuse ‘hate speech’ to be…
The fact that you do not see this simple fact shows that you are deeply caught in your ‘i am the good guy’ bubble and don’t even realize the truth of it all because what not has to be cannot be :slight_smile:

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Well.i’n not silly…you prove to be by stating the same nonsense( i proved wrong many times now) over and over again like a record… :slight_smile:

Just one remark : to repeat something multiple times does not let it materialize into existence regardless how hard you try :slight_smile:

Does that mean we will see an end of the ‘ganking is bad for Eve’ and other whiny posts that get repeated ad nauseum ? Or are you just oblivious to the hole you’ve dug yourself being about to emerge near Sydney Opera House ?

Anyway…thanks for providing a perennially quotable quote !

its a fact that your reply is bul****it. Take it.

Wait what? Aren’t you the one demanding a “PERMBAN” for me? After like 15 years not violating any rule of the game, just for expressing my opinion at the forums that EVE is an PvP game and if you are bored just go and try to blow some stuff up? Wasn’t you the one who stated that the game must “get rid of” players like me, who have helped more newcomers over the years with tips, tricks, experience, training and funds than you have any idea of? Wasn’t it you who racistical steretyped others of being “old white men” for disagreeing with changes that would change the game for the worse in their opinion? Wasn’t you the one calling other’s opinions “stupid and immature” without even engaging the argument, but the person behind it?

Sorry boy, look into a mirror. You are clearly the one here who has defeated himself by your own words.


Except it’s not the truth.

It was a pure vitriolic attack against people with a play style that you don’t like, and you want removed because you’re tushy-troubled over having lost your venture at some point.

EvE was founded as a pvp game (Hilmar’s words. The founder of EvE online) and the fact that you absolutely refuse to acknowledge that simple fact goes to show the sheer level of cognitive dissonance and hate you have against the core central mechanic of this game and the players who have embraced it.

Go play Farmville.

Mic drop.

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The purpose of the EVE Online forums is to provide a platform for exchange of ideas, and a venue for the discussion of EVE Online. Occasionally there will be conflicts that arise when people voice opinions. Forum users are expected to courteous when disagreeing with others.

In order to maintain an environment where everyone is welcome and discussion flows freely, certain types of conduct are prohibited on the EVE Online forums. These are:

  • Trolling

  • Flaming
    *** Ranting**

  • Personal Attacks

  • Harassment

  • Doxxing

  • Racism & Discrimination

  • Hate Speech

  • Sexism

  • Spamming

  • Bumping

  • Off-Topic Posting

  • Pyramid Quoting

  • Rumor Mongering

  • New Player Bashing

  • Impersonation

  • Advertising


I can take it but it’s still wrong…regardless what you say or state…because it IS wrong end of story…

You simply do not see the wronging of your words ?

Well,that’s expected but still sorry…

Even after 15 years you learned NOTHING and still are quoting the wrong ‘facts’ about the game…

Loud people yell it out,so it MUST be right,hm?

This is really sad…

And what of the listed things in your post i’m guilty of?

Did you even READ what was thrown AGAINST me?

Obviously not…


Excuse me, but you are falling into their forum trap. Better to just make you points calmly and don’t get baited. And yeah I know what you mean.


No that means that my hope is that you see your wrongness, admit that i’m right so i have no need to continue…but obviously you are too deep inside your bubble to even come CLOSE to this needed insight…