A worrying sign , insignia and statues

Exactly, hence why people react by doing anything except staying AFK. Because, and i can’t believe i have to spell this out, doing nothing and appearing AFK is not a good defense. Hence, it’s an AFK-ness detector, which leverages the dog-eat-dog fear. People either buy in, and react somehow, or get sketched out, and react somehow. AFK people don’t react because… They don’t even know there’s something going on. I can’t believe i have to spell this out either.

Otherwise, you could mine AFK in nullsec NPC space and somehow be more protected than doing literally anything, but I am sure that’s not what you’re arguing for, even though it’s what you’re saying.

For real, I’m off.

And my analysis is to go by what I have actually seen in almost 20 years of killing players in EVE, and I can attest that the mining “community” is absolutely full of botting.

I can program a bot like that in two evenings. I have friends who can do a much better job of it than I can, and have (although they don’t actively bot in EVE, as I don’t really know anyone who engages in any form of PvE at this point). Bots that will literally send you a text message to your phone if a particular alert is set off, and that will use rudimentary bot chat software to communicate with someone who opens a chat with them.

Botting games like D3 literally kept me alive and put me through college.

Short of psychic powers, how would any player even know that someone else was using such scripts ? No doubt CCP have a notion and have checks, but my point is that a lot of players simply assume that someone is AFK or whatever. And on the basis of what ? That someone doesn’t take up a mining boost offer ? Hardly an accurate and reliable test.

Not that I care that much about mining any more anyway…as I largely PLEX my account these days. I can’t be bothered mining for hours on end when for the price of a pint of beer I can have 500m ISK.


If you know how bots are programmed, and have observed them for a long-enough time, you know what signs to look for.

Well…let me know where they are and I’ll go and gank them.

If I spot any by accident, I’ll let you know.

But I don’t fly around belts anymore. I have tens of thousands of potential war targets to hunt, and the majority of those encounters happen at gates and stations.

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Do you think anyone cares whether you believe it?

Things that the New Player E??? (What does that ‘E’ stand for? Too lazy to look.) should show folks.

CCP: We want them to join corps and learn that stuff.

Reality: Corps don’t have labels that say which one sucks and which one doesn’t. Oh, “and we need you full ESI on all your characters.”


Uh…can I join your corps? I promise to tape my mouth shut and behave. Well. Not THIS toon, but I have a guy.

How are your skills like? You need to be able to fly certain things to make hunting viable, and meet certain requirements for the bigger fleets when we need to bash or defend stations. Can’t just turn up in a Vexor and expect to make it work.


No caps. Taking the rigs to all 5’s for those rare fitting things.
Lots of wasted SP too. This toon is a Tycoon level trader. Not much of a miner, though.

You should me some isk to help fund Highsec ganking.

I don’t want to ask for a skill board link (unless you want to willingly provide it), but does that include T2 artillery all the way up to large, at least one armor race’s battleship skills with T2 weapons, and at least one race’s T2 ships like AFs, HACs/HICs, and maybe command ships?

You can message me in-game and we can chat.

All races frigs through battleships T1 and T2. Very little in the Edencom/Trig stuff
Loki all to 5 (But I’ve never flown one.)

All the gunnery stuff, small to large to at least the specialties to IV, several to V.
Same for missles.
Same for the Drones, but zip on the “Mutated” stuff.
All the EW stuff to 5 that relates to sub cap.

None of the above means a great pilot, but I’ve learned not to get lost in fleet and had some great practice on logi during the Trig catastrophe.

Chat/send me a mail.

It sounds like you’re set character-wise, but I don’t want to set any wrong expectations for activity levels, as it’s just me and my friend in this corporation right now (though I am on a lot). If you’re looking for a more social experience, maybe you can join one of the bigger corporations in the alliance.

Pop their barge. No tears? They were AFK

The leader of every Alliance should be able to display their own Statue and then all will learn who they are and what they represent in New Eden.

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I see what you did there but you need to type fixed…

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