Abort playing

yup! paladains have awful application to frigs up close. so I fit to fix this in L4s with max tank lows and grapple/tracking mids. i don’t know many that don’t. in null i fit for range with dual tank as its a very different role and give up some serious dps in trade. warp in at 100 and melt everything before the application becomes an issue. if the cap spawns it scrambles at 80km+ so i just have to live the 2m i need to drop dreads and delete the thing.

there is always a trade off. i see plenty run cap stable golems that give up half there dps for perm cap stability even under moderate neut pressure so they can rep all the time for example. everything has an intended role.

MJD also helps here for the few who sneak up. Some level 4’s I kill time in count frigs to kill them all to complete mission. for them I leave them last, mjd out and just blap them. Kill range on even a null blaster kronos is out to about 70. Its better than waiting for drones to kill em I found.

Thank you for a good read… o7