Abyss event is just .... "FUN"

(zluq zabaa) #4

I’ve found my first Filament after running 60+ Data sites, most of them freshly spawned.

Yaeh, it sucks. It’s the worst and most stupid grind.

(Cypherous) #5

Its not an event, its a permanent feature, ergo its meant to last until EVE shuts down, its not meant to be done in a few days

(pris Naari) #6

wow, people are running Data sites now ? :open_mouth:

(Ildrara) #7

I thought it was an expansion. So it is going to be over in a week like the rest of the events or is it a permanent expansion?

(Arthur Aihaken) #8

I heard the most “fun” to be had was running Gurista data sites looking for filaments… only to have CCP indicate several hours later that they don’t drop in Gurista data sites. Players also had “fun” apparently finding filaments in relic sites (go figure).

(Ildrara) #9

Instead of whining about filaments just go grab a couple in Jita. If you can’t afford them you likely won’t survive in the site anyway.

(Mike Combe) #10

I was super excited to run the sites just like everyone else. Got started scanning, luckily I gave up after an hour of finding empty Data sites (well empty as in just 2 cans left with carbon). Gonna go back to mission running/anoms and stuff I was doing before and before I know it Abyss will die down a bit and then I will go about it.

(Nana Skalski) #11


(Arthur Aihaken) #12

You have to really ■■■■ up your fit or royally screw-up to lose a ship or run out of time in a tier 1-2 Abyssal pocket.

(Solstice Projekt) #13

Let’s play “Spot the complaining highseccers” …

(Kaivarian Coste) #14

OP is salty about his poor scanning skills and lack of strategy. I’ve already found 9 filaments from perhaps 4-5 hours of hacking. And half that time was spent hacking relic sites, so I probably could have 12+ by now if I focused exclusively on data sites.

(Rexxar Santaro) #15

CCP clearly announced at Fanfest, that those Filaments will drop from Data Sites mainly. I made a huge suggestion (knowing how it practically works) time ago about Cargo Scanners, which was critiqued by PVP players and other gankers. Read the thread and make some decisions…

(Hidden Markov) #16

Based on what i read from the beta runners…there is alot of truth to this lol.

(Trevor Dalech) #17

My experience… I scanned down a single data site, got two filaments, used one, got 3 more filaments… somehow I suspect these things are going to be cheap as hell…

(Jotunspor) #18

People are finally cluing in just how “fun” the “game” is! :slightly_smiling_face:

Even after some point out how A,B and C are overwhelmingly “fun” and obsolete for gaming past 1993 to the point where there isn’t a single point of contention to any degree!

But w-w-wait, wait just right there! Pfft, didn’t you get the memo?! You make the “fun” for yourself, silly!


(Wavemistress Moidel) #19

Sounds like the OP had lots of FUN.

(Cypherous) #20

Its an expansion NOT an event

(Whitehound) #21

Like a Black Friday Sale.

(Sasha Viderzei) #22

I might sound like an a*shole (and boy am I one), but sincerely I had ~11 filaments found in a single C2 wormhole. Didn’t tried them yet (Rest In Pepperoni Gila, killed by a frickin Stasis Tower), but by what everyone is saying finding all those in “only” six Days sites is a jackpot ?

I’m talking about Pirate Data sites tho

(system) #23

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