Accessibility for people with disabilities

Hi CCP, I may have an unusual request.

My name is Sergey and I am 28 years old. In 2011, I first met EVE Online, I really liked it, but unfortunately at that time it seemed very complicated and I quickly stopped playing.

In 2014, I became a completely blind person.

At the beginning of 2018, after I had mastered working with a computer a bit using the NVDA Screen Reader program, I started watching EVE Online streams on Twitch.

I began to actively communicate with players, streamers, and as a result I got into the community of players, which helped me to “get involved in the game.”

They helped me put together a small script of the game in which I could log in to the game, and read chats (using a text log) and send messages to them.

Additionally, the players helped me make a special script using the EVE API and Google Sheets so that I can send and receive letters.

Here’s a short interview with me on the stream, in which we discussed the efforts of the player community so that I can play with everyone. (

At first I was surprised by the reaction and help of the community, but then I realized that it was the EVE Online community that made this game wonderful. I am very grateful to everyone who tried to help me immerse myself in the game process, and especially Burenka Ololoev.

I would like to ask you for help so that I can enjoy EVE Online along with other players.

We discussed a lot with the players, and came up with the idea that perhaps the easiest way is to use a special, extended API, which will be accessible by private key only to my account (and for other players with similar problems). It will give access to some of these additional functions, for example:

  • get a list of objects from Overview
  • select an object, use the Warp, Align, and other and similar functions.

I understand that such an API is perfect for creating a bot, which is why it should be available only to a specific account using a private key.

if such functions were available, a text version of the game client, for example in the form of a Web page, is ready to help implement the EVE Online community.

I am not a master of military affairs; I am closer to mining and processing of ore, production, transportation, trade and other similar processes. Only you can help plunge into the world of EVE Online.

Best regards, Sergei.


Adding such features to API would make bot writing a breeze.

Simply adding accessibility features (text-to-voice, voice-controlled navigation and trading, etc.) to the client isn’t really that hard and won’t help botmakers.

Indeed, the very nature of EVE online - a spreadsheet with crappy graphics - is highly suitable for individuals with many motion and sensory impairing disabilities, and EVE community is known for integration of special-needs individuals.

CCP really should put some effort - very little indeed - into adding accessibility features to the client.


hey guys,

i really believe that there would be not so many users of such additional security API-functions, access to them might be granted by direct CCP CM, or smth, and there will be like 10-20 probably users of this functions. It will be easy to control activities on this seveal accounts.

And btw, bot-writers aways able to use direct memories injections, and other ways to bypass security. And for example some people from our community with nessesary skills had offered such help with manipulating game-client functions for this case. We rejected their help, because this would’ve broken EULA terms.

Also this functions in API could be added firstly on test server for example, so we would have opportunity to write this text-client-based-on-such-API, and let CCP team make code-review to be sure in security.

Im just trying to say- there might be a lot of ways to solve such case and handle such request. Only some willings from CCP required, and I believe, that CCP probably the only team om modern game-dev industry, who able to provide that assistance.


This would have been a better use of company resources rather than Dust 514. But, hey priorities amirite.


Bot writers have no problems with code injections, screen parsing and such.
Yes, sure, if these API’s are made public - it will me their life easier.

Add a key to it - it becomes limited API
Add a thing that only GM\Support can issue your own key for it - you have controlled usage
Hook up internal monitoring anti-bot tools on them - you got it covered.

Bot makers care for profit and don’t need a hassle reaching out for APIs and doing what they can so they don’t break EULA.

Whole thing preatty much sits around CCP having a principal agreement to even look into providing support for players who are disabled, but still want to play and invest their life into this game.

If I understood correctly form the post - Most of the dev work in coverting API returned data and text into convenient information is done by volunteers.
All what they ask is a dialog with CCP to be able to have limited\monitored\governed access to the APIs which are most likely already exist and used by the client but are private.

A dialog.

To start with.


It would be great if the people from the CCP, who are responsible for these questions, would meet such requests. Such things make this game what it is. The unique phenomenon in the world of MMO RPG.


access to them might be granted by direct CCP CM, or smth

This would add unnecessary bureaucracy. If CCP have to verify all disability claims they’ll have be able to independently request medical or social services for the information. Even within just one state it is a pain. Internationally, it is not really feasible. Also, CCP will have to somehow ensure that credentials of visually-impaired individuals aren’t exploited for malicious purposes…

Ain’t gonna happen. This is headache, and the big boys up there HATE headache (I’m not in any way related to CCP or PA - just happen to know how things work)

Another issue with an API is updates - more often than not the API - and the software - will have to be updated, and each time it will have to be tested for bugs, which is quite a strain.

and there will be like 10-20 probably users of this functions.

I’m not quite entirely sure that this is the case.
There’s about 9 000 000 MMORPG gamers, which is about 0.12% of population of this planet.
There is about 300 million of visually impaired individuals on this planet.
0.12% of 300 millions is about 350 000 individuals who are potentially interested in playing an MMORPG but can not do so at the moment.

Adding an accessibility features to something like World of Tanks or even Warcraft is really very hard, but EVE online is in a unique position - graphics here are less than necessary for most features and some minigames - hacking, for instance, or scanning. Even some combat roles can be done entirely without graphics - logis and dps for instance. Watchlist can be vocalized, locking primary target can be assigned to voice commands, etc.
Creating an accessibility-oriented UI in EVE is relatively easy task:

  1. Remove all 3d graphics.
  2. Add text-to-voice to all windows - google provides free libraries
  3. Add voice recognition for controlling - google provides free libraries as well. Since all items and entities are already named it is really not a problem to add a script that would parse actions and prices.

It could be something like “Aura open regional market”, “Aura list Tritanium prices”, “Aura open Probe blueprint information”, “Aura buy all required minerals”, “Aura open industry”, “Aura install Probe blueprint copy”, “Aura list existing jobs”, “Aura deliver all jobs”, “Aura construct Probe three runs”

Making Aura actually active and meaningful beyond first couple hours of the gameplay is clearly very beneficial for both sides - a necessary feature for visually impaired players and an immensely cool gimmick for the rest of the player base, that significantly improves immersion (I mean, seriously, it’s 21st century, about time we talk to our ships) and should increase retention rate. (you see, if you want someone to do something you should try to show how they could benefit from that)


Надо помочь слабовидящим получать удовольствие от EVE ONLINE !

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Great initiative! I think, CCP should consider this case and give some additional possibilities to all to play Eve and have fun.


Хорошая идея. Страхи про ботов, не понимаю… Боты и так уже давно играют в эту игру и особо без проблем. Скорее пугает ситуация… когда боты играть могут, а люди нет…

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I really hope the CSM or CCP will read this thread! More accessibility means more players which means more good fights to be had! I personally know more than one handicapped gaming friend who showed interest in this game but wasn’t able to because of their issue, and it sucks that a reason like that prevents me from flying with them.

if you are going to chat outside of the russian part of the forums, im pretty sure you are supposed to use english.

and I agree, I believe there should be some way for visually impaired, or other disabled folks to enjoy this.

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