Advertise on Adult Swim

I think CCP should release some commercials during Adult Swim. CCP is really good at making trailers and cinematic videos, but they aren’t very good at distributing it beyond their player base. I think they should cobble a new trailer together and release it on Adult Swim; a programing segment that would have one of the most receptive audiences.


I’ve met the type and quality of ppl who watch adult swim. We don’t need any more goons.


What do we need more of then? Goons won Eve twice if you haven’t already noticed.

More cowbell!


Even if it’s not linked to Adult Swim, I’d love to see new animated trailers. They are great !
“This is EVE” and “The Prophecy” are from far the best. The last one, for Abyssal Deadspace was so-so, and The Scope vidéo saved it a bit, but I hope the one for the Winter Expansion will be great. And maybe we can expect something for EVE Vegas ?

More space battles.

Get an epic fight going between Caldari/Amarr and Galente/Minmatar. Two huge navies… the whole gamut of ships all doing their things to support the fleet. Everyone embroiled in the fight, save for a group of Russians faithfully mining and generally just not giving a ■■■■.

Add some kind of narrative, like someone insulted someone else’s mother in local and they accidentally jumped their Titan in rather than bridging a fleet onto them.

Then let the drifters crash the party, because corpses (and some dumbass managed to boson a lancer). 5 full minutes of pew, radio chatter, and TEST sperging.


U wot

It would be as messy as your comment.

Goons aside with any ganking,miner killing and pvp forcing crap like code for example will be vaporized in high the moment the changes Pa will do begin to go live…mainstream rebuild ftw…

So no problem here :slight_smile:

And anybody who denies that this change will (have to) come can lick my stinky feet… :stuck_out_tongue:

I always thought an ad before/between sci-fi films on television would work well; star wars/trek etc.

i dont see how showing eve between episodes of family guy is going to help boost numbers
maybe between episodes of star trek tng or something would work
anyway advertising eve on tv is a bad idea
anyone interested in eve has already played it or is playing it
even if you discover some massive market to tap into
its not the right market for the game
meaning carebears and casuals
and if you bring 1.5m new players
500k might stay
but thats still 1m casual people who dont stay but will leave negative reviews when the product doesn’t deliver their satisfaction
so basically you want ccp to invest in tv advertising just so they can generate 1m negative reviews from the mainstream audience who dont get the product they thought they were paying for

Oh, and why ?
What kind of “higher” power allow you to put forward such claims ?

Seen it,been there,know what will come…

EA did it,PA will not be different in any way…

Mainstream WILL come the moment another company with a comepletley other approach of how things have to be done takes over…

All those propaganda states of a continuing “Independence” of ccp and eve are just sweets to calm down the eve community.

It’s your decision if you believe (and swallow) those sweets…i do not…

And JC_Mieyli…

If you want to achieve the goal that those 1.5m people stay you have to change the game to mainstream…this is exactly what will happen…despite the resistance of the “eve is a pvp game” people…

CCP is not longer in charge beside the propaganda that is spread…that’s all you need to know

Exactly THIS is pvp…:stuck_out_tongue:

Effective advertising is good. EVE Online ads, when done well, do bring the ‘boys to the yard’, even if many do finally throw up their hands and leave after a couple of hours. Some stay for years and become bittervets :stuck_out_tongue:

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Any company with half functionning neurons will first analyse the community of a game before buying the developpers. Since we are going to be their new customers, they won’t do something that radically change EVE, unless they want to lose that market.

You know, the same can happen on the market in our game. If CCP nerf to the ground a certain aspect of the game, all relevant ships, skillbooks and modules are going to drop in prices as way less people will stop that activity for more profitable ones.

You’re going to see that with the October Release : Griffin (Navy Issue), Kitsune, Blackbird, Falcon, Rook, Scorpion and Widow, plus ECM modules are going to see a drastic change in their respective market, since ECM is now considered useless, because a jammed ship can still target back the jammer.

no it wont
you cant change eve to mainstream without building an entirely new game on an entirely new engine
pa dont need ccp for that they could have just done that in their own studio

You will see that they can and that they will…just wait 1 year…things like this do not happen overnight…

You’re welcome to buy loot boxes and little pay2win toys in the shop for real money on the way…:slight_smile: