Advice on Killing Seeds in wormholes


To make long story short,
I’m new player 5 months now
A month ago found a c13 wormhole, put a seed in, skilled in the ship, learned how to make 80% of combat sites alone, and now some russian corp is killing the combat sites, yesterday i loged in before they did and made a Solar Cell it was the only combat at that moment.

As i see it, i have a cople of options vs them

  1. kill combats before they do, i can do that and in time maybe discurage them to come to the hole
  2. kill their seed, but i think they have more then 1 in
  3. i can get them ofguard and make a kill on their pve ships but that leads nowhere

How to kill their seeds any good tips?

I have 2 chars that can log at same time 1 uses a confessor for pve in hole and 1 uses a astero pvp fit(its no good inside c13 hole), I fount out how to put a heavy interdictor in c13 but i dont know if its any good vs them if i skill into, thinking for a Sabre.

Thank you and fly safe and dangerous

Question : They live in the hole and have a structure up?

Can’t have a structure in a C13.

To be honest, catch and kill a spy in J-Space is a complicated buisiness.
First you need to know when he flyies and where
Then you need to kill(and pod) him before he can jump out (mostly into k-Space)
you have to kill him when he cames back and then you must roll the hole.

I would suppose with a singel Astero and/or a Confessor this is not possible.

I did this once, and I(and my corp) needed a fast tackler (with SB), Bubble-Kicker , some combat support (maybe the tick is not allone ) and enough Rollingships to close the hole in one shot.

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First, congrats on making your own way in wormholes after only 5 months in the game! That’s a cool achievement. Second, you have some options but removing their seeds is the least feasible of them.

  1. Removing their seeds. Assuming the seeds are covops cloaking it will be pretty difficult to catch them even with a interdictor while they are scouting. Normally a secondary option to catching them would be to roll them out. C13 connections are frig holes which can’t be rolled so that is not a good option either. If you see when they run sites and can consistently harass them they may not come back to the hole as frequently, but you might find this difficult too as a solo player with low skill points.

  2. Find a different C13. They travel between holes and so can you. It sounds like your current setup is just an Astero and Confessor which is perfectly mobile. Make some alpha clone seeds yourself and put them in C13s you come across. When one of the systems accumulates a bunch of sites head there and run them.

  3. Upgrade your setup. Sites in C13s are convenient because of the Wolf-rayet bonus but there are a variety of good ways to run sites in regular C3s. You could put a structure in a C2-C3/HS and roll your static as much as you want. (Related, I am currently selling entrance to an unoccupied one of these systems.) From experience I can say that this kind of setup is both challenging and rewarding for a solo player.

  4. Join a corp. I disagree strongly with people who say this is the only way to play. But if you find a good corp you will get to experience new content and have many more options for both pve and pvp.


Thank you for your answers

I play mmorpgs since 2001, seen a lot, feels like old lineage 2 when i have to fight for my spot to make income, good stuff
Also I like the game that its not a brainles grind, so u have to use ur mind to do stuff,
and very independent, dont like to depend on others.

I have a lot of alpha alts to seed good wh i find to move loot etc, curent c13 has 2 seeds, 1 time i had to scan a long chain and some guy living in a hole rolled me out of the chain :neutral_face:, all my ships have mobile depot and luncher with probes, depot is also good to move loot in space from 1 character to 1 other.

I seen their activity start around 6pm my time si i logged in at 4pm and killed the only combat that was at that time, i will kill the combats before they do and see maybe they wont come back.

A guy on worm life discord sugested me to smart bomb them, no targeting delay, no targeting, no decloaking, its instant kill, i have a fit saved from Chance Ravinne - Wingspan, log before they do, map out all, put the astero near wh with easy exit to hs and on the other side the smart bomb ship, hear when they cross wormholes and boom blast him out :rofl: to highsec.

I have 2 omegas 2 separate accounts at the moment the toon that uses confessor in a day finish max out athe skills for it and I will move into a Legion, the other toon that is in astero in 6 days moves in a fully fited Stratios that can do more or less c3 and c5 sites and olso moving into a Legion after.

I am in wh corp but my fellow corp mates are more industrial/miners/PI, i dont like that main wh is c3 with null static, i used to do sites in Praxis in that hole but most of the times combat are killed by my corp mates so i gone my own way to make riches.

Also i run c5 wolf rayet sites in my confessor with friends that I found in game but depends on the holes and how we roll them olso we have a station there, its very good isk but not constant.

If you guys sugest the corp to help me, well I can say, its imposible, they can use better ships then me, and shoot stuff, but no just no, will do more dmg then help, on the other hand my friends could help me, and do a better job then me but they are from us times zone and at that time i think they are sleeping.

Man i made a long post, fly safe.

Best option would be to stalk them when they do sites, and then alert nearby wormhole corps to their presence so they come and kill them. PvP corps are always happy if someone is feeding them kills this way. Best if you already know the whole chain before your victims start ratting, and can act as a warpin for the people you brought in to kill them. Do that a few times and they’ll probably leave.


Thank you very much :+1: , thats good information, I will try it to see how it goes.

Really the only way is if the scout slips up and uncloaks if they do you can combat scanner probe them but you would have to be quick

That’s the kind of suggestion only people who never smartbombed anyone will give. Smartbombs cannot be activated in the immediate vicinity of wormholes, so you need a prodigious amount of characters to surround the hole and try to do it that way. It’s wholly impractical.
The people who told you to try to harass them out or seed multiple C13s gave you the best advice.


This sounds like your corp is ripe for moving to a hole that has a rollable static (where you can run sites infinitely in theory). Consider some a C2>C3/HS, that will give your indie friends logistics, and give you access to sites. C4 variants that don’t include C1 statics are a good idea too.

Getting a seed out of a WH is difficult. You need to either pod them or roll them out.
If you manage to do either of those, then you need to realise that KEEPING them out, if they’re determined to get back in, is flatout impossible in a regular hole, let alone a C13.
Now, if the hole you’re talking about is J015227, then there’s a Russian dude in there with at least a dozen alts. He lives out of a couple of capitals and is an absolute turbokrab. It would take a concerted effort by a decent sized WH group a decent amount of time to actually force him out.

no its not that hole :slight_smile:

thank you for your advice, i save for skilling into a ship that has no uses for me :slight_smile:

Here is the update:
I learned to do all sites in the hole, or becase I increased my skills for the ship and put in a very cheap implant for capacitor recharger for those nasty neuts, and on friday, there were no combat sites and no combat relics/data, was only a data site and 3 wormholes, and I was with my alt doing a data site in a Imicus before looking for a hs exit, all the holes were in d-scan at the time, and dscan range at 14au when i saw 1 sister combat probe only so very fast abandon the hack warp to my mobile depo, scoop it up with cargo, while in warp noone on de scan, olso put the dscan on 5 au and warp around my safe spots for a while till he got bored and didnt try to scan me, the logged off.

I am curios of what ship he is on he loged o his safe spot outside of my dscan range because the way im pressing dscan i would seen him for shure if he entered form one of the wormholes even if he had a clocky ship, on astero is very hard fit combat probes, I tryed and failed.
On weekends is very dangerous to make sites or do stuff in wormholes if you are alone, experiance is talking here.

As I imagined I have to farm the sites before him/them :slight_smile: and in time they will give up on even loging :rofl: :rofl:

Fly safe

Trying to out-OCD other Eve players might not be successful.

he could have use a recon ship which cannot be seen on dscan?

only frigates and destroyers can get in a c13, recon ships are cruiser so cand enter frig holes

Today is friday so I didnt belive players start their weekend so early, around 10 am my time saw a guy in a astero while I was making a last combat site, luckly I was at 3rd wave and kiled fast the Preserver sleeper and that makes the combat site lose the signal in space so noone can warp to me unles they use combat porbes, so I finished my site in peace, even put down my mobile depot and refit to salvage everything, dont know why I did that, while I was salvaging a Hound appeared on d-scan, if it was only that ship vs my confessor, easy kill for me, but we all know that was bait a cloacky ship like Hound and Astero that are constant seen on d-scan something is rong so I warp to one of my safe spot and log off.

Now with the recent changes of Interdictors I can skill easy on a Heretic, saw a very good fit cloacky to, and wait 1 weekend in one combat site and see what I can fish.

Fly safe or dangerous

you are misinformed. the statics may be Frigate holes, however wandering WH spawns into C13s can be up to capital size.

The reference contains the info.

she is obviously speaking of the small ship shattered, which are called c13.