AEGIS Small Arms Contract Expression of Interest


In accordance with the recent announcement of AEGIS’s small arms tendering process the Bosena Accords would like to issue a formal Expression of Interest (EOI) in participating in any subsequent development and acquisition program fielded by CONCORD.

Though most small arms contracts are typically led by major existing arms manufacturers like Imperial Armaments, Duvolle, Upwell, or other major established suppliers, we believe that our experience with our limited rearmament strategy (Halphas Doctrine) has placed us in a unique position. Our study and reverse engineering of dropsuit technology and warclone weaponry, coupled with our recent foray into space-borne operations has allowed us to develop a series of highly specialized modified weaponry that can easily be built on top of existing weapon platforms like the Kaalakiota rail rifle.

Baring this in mind, we fully intend to develop our own warclone Experimental Carbine / Light Battle Rifle (XCLBR) capable of acting as a competitor or specialist auxiliary to any potential AEGIS service rifle offered by all major arms developers competing in the tendering process.

In order to compete fairly with larger corporations, the Bosena Accords would wish to request a formal list of project requirements for AEGIS’s small arms competition.



I am pleased to announce that the UNF will be providing the Bosena Accords with additional assistance in the production of their experimental rifle, with the help of DysTek Armories, who were recently acquired by Wolf Brothers INC. DysTek has a history of small arms production and research, having catered quite heavily into the warclone weapons market in the past.

Fair Fortunes.


Regarding the following:

Upwell Consortium Announces Small Arms Contract with AEGIS

Yulai, Genesis – Upwell Consortium Chairman Yani Sar Arteu expressed delight today, as he shook hands with Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir, the head of CONCORD’s AEGIS division, at a gathering of defense contractors in Yulai. Shortly after their first time meeting in person the two signed an indefinite contract that marked Upwell Consortium as a supplier of armaments for the spacelane and installation security division.

During the gathering, Chairman Arteu explained that the new contract comes with the public disclosure of a new line of small arms designed by Upwell Consortium. In accordance with the needs of the AEGIS division, the weapons are engineered for ease of production utilizing standardized components and a familiar aesthetic as well as modular capabilities. Representatives would not go into detail about the destructive capabilities, citing AEGIS operational security, though those later noted that the weapons appeared to be capable of immense damage.

It should come as no surprise, given the massive material wealth and political sway of the Upwell Consortium, that they have been selected to arm and equip CONCORD’s AEGIS to the tune of untold billions of ISK. The result of AEGIS’s tendering process is disappointing, but highly predictable and expected.

This does not, however, mark the end of development for the XCLBR project and other spin-off projects born from our joint development with DysTek Armories and Wolf Brothers INC. We will continue research on our own specialist domestic arms projects tailored toward warclone infantry, and continue to place bids in similar (perhaps more fair) small arms competitions where we believe the XCLBR project will be more well-received.


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