AFK Mineing fleets/ war deck

Listen I just came back from year break hoping some things would of changed guess not my problem is these AFK mineing fleets of corps not was eligible which i think should go back original way If corp eligible for instance there is a German mine corp brings 2 orca 6 mackinaws 5 hulks and totally decimate ice belts can not even barely get 1 load they definently afk cause i tried multiple times through out day early morning when they definently should been bed there always in belts every dang day it is annoying can not even get ice due these type of assholes tired of it change back way was want no war decks stay in NPC corp

A Hulk fills up in 3 minutes if it’s getting propperly mining foreman-ed, so afk-ing with it will hardly result in a lot of ice getting mined.
Also, a true mining corp has no assets and can therefore not be wardecced. They create an alt, create a corporation with the alt, and anchor their structures with the alts’ corps. Or they “rent access” to other corporations/alliances infrastructure, allowing them to use the infrastructure without possessing it, i.e. the original owner can be wardecced, but the miners can’t, and the miners don’t need to bother whether or not the original owner gets wardecced.

There are many ways to settle the ice issue, though. The most satisfying solution probably is to take a Tornado and blast the Hulk into oblivion (repeat for the other Hulks). For the orca, take a cormorant with rails, fly a bit out and snipe the augmented drones. Each drone is more then twice as expensive as a fully fit t2 suicide corm, and if you’re good, you can take quite a number of drones before concord flips the corm.

If you don’t want to get concorded, you can grab a Vagabond, Osprey Navy, Scythe Fleet, Cynabal, …, put an oversized microwarp drive on it, take some 200km charging run and bump into the afk barge to send it out of it’s mining laser (and drone control) range. If it’s anchored on a whale to dump ore into it (afk??) it will still take an age to slowboat back, he might just as well warp his barge to a ping and bounce it back.

If you don’t have one at hand, buying an ONI / SFI / Vaga / … might be expensive depending on your region, and your toon is potenitally also not skilled to fly one of those. In that case, the Miner Hunting Service can inexpensively remove any afk miners.


If someone else is mining that area, you’ll be best served going elsewhere.

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