Aiko Danuja for PvP advocacy

I am Princess Aiko Danuja. I want to ensure that EVE becomes a PvP game, and escapes from this PvE quagmire which causes so many players to go AFK and stop playing. A vote for me is a vote for more spaceship explosions, and the destruction of Jita 4-4 along with everything it stands for.


Many have asked how I would deal with the situation in null sec, where carebears have ruined the game with static gameplay and laggy disconnect battles. Clearly, there is a problem with endless isk accumulating without destruction, and the inability of the servers to cope with the mass of such bling. The obvious solution is to introduce strategic nuclear missile launchers, which can be carried by any frigate. These will have a sufficient blast radius and strength to force carebears to disperse and dispense with their titanic bot aspirancy.

Meanwhile, once Jita is reduced to a barren wasteland, the carebears will be forced to flee to the deepest darkest wormholes, where only Chance Ravinne will be able to find them.

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Deepest darkest wormholes where only chance will find them? Lol wingspan camps high sec and low class wormholes 99% of the time.

Since we will be removing all PvE nonsense, there will no longer be any such thing as wormhole class.