All gates are flickering, not just connections to Final Loons


It boggles my mind why gates have not been shut down already to trap trigs in these systems. Evacuations can clearly and more securely happen via empire cynos in any case.

Because letting capsuleers’ use cyno in empire is opening a door to all kind of catastrophes

And the more securely, it’s not at all sure depending on the trigs tech

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No, not capsuleers. The NPC cynos they use to get around in Invasions. Obviously, capsuleers shouldn’t be allowed to use cynos.

Shansha use controlled wormholes

Edit: and it’s still a game ^^ capsuleers’ have to have a say ^^

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Are you alright?

Even if you could warp to the next system …
… even at the highest warp speed it would take you ages.

Not that it happens, but did you ever think about what happens …
… when there’s mechanics in place which prevent/nullify gate camping?

What do you think these guys will do instead? Quit? Oh ■■■■■■■ no!
They’ll turn it up a notch … or two!

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Choke points promote interaction. It would seem counter productive to allow players to warp between systems and avoid other players.

Maybe some redundant gates are being closed to do the opposite. Fewer connections, more choke points. Or maybe some connections are being changed.

And remove sand.

Everybody is in Jita now anyway.

Interaction is sand. It is infact the healthiest of sand.


Not when interaction is forced

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One thing: m0o.

Of course it is.

The game is suffering under the lack of forced interaction which is why all these changes regarding destruction and resource redistribution are happening.

Just because it’s the kind of sand you don’t like just means you are the cancer CCP are trying to kill.



So i guess we should tie up all the rookies and the carebears and shoot them in the head?

Faroe islands - Latvia - 1 -1

Stop by Wikipedia and learn meaning of sandbox game. Maybe you will stop embarrassing yourself and spreading ■■■■■■■■.

Changes CCP makes now is poor attempt at fixing own mistakes. Fixing outcomes of bad changes CCP made to game, when they lost vision and pushed updates that players wanted. Result of that is ruined economy and stagnant universe. There is no good od bad sand. Just by claiming something like that, proves that you have no idea what sandbox is. And shooting at each other face is not only way to interact. There is no good or bad way to play EVE.


Yeah I seen it now after undocking an alt to see the gate of a Invaded system (screenshot was on other thread)

Before I was looking at gates too far from any Trig Invasions.


I seem to disagree with how it is happening and had read the few reddit posts along with the blog and feel they see how it really is with these changes.

You mean forced PvP? I do think it’s been done before. Not sure what happened.

Its gonna be fun to see what I can get away with in the future. Not much more I can do to prepare. Everyone and everything are safe at home with extra water and batteries.

I’m curious what you think a definition of sandbox is. Because it has nothing to do with preventing player interaction.

I agree with most of this.

But you’re the one whining about sand being taken out the box when you’ve pretty much described in this last paragraph that it’s not.

Why not stop the pussyfooting and say what’s really on your mind?


INN also released an article a few months ago regarding resource changes and the market changes from shortly before that went like this:

  • Plex prices are down which means more people can play.
  • Bots are hurting from the changes and CCP’s bot hunting efforts.
  • The playerbase have told CCP via surveys that the economy feels more fair after these changes.

But then after that went on to say the changes are bad because ‘insert vague reasoning’.

Why? Cause nullsec has a lot to lose from the rebalancing of risk/reward. They’ve had a cushy time with moon belts, rorquals and capital ratting under relatively safe conditions. These economy changes are specifically designed to put an end to their golden nest egg.

Is more of an introductory article. But implies that the lack of destruction of capitals is part of the problem and rorquals are fine.

My answer: CCP specifically cites capitals as one of the targets of the Surgical Strike change. Having a blanket 20% nerf to resist mods does hurt the big capital fleets more than the little guy. Capital ships, and in particular supers, are using powerful resist mods and also more of them. They lose proportionally more ehp from that nerf than small gang fights. It also reduces the amount of ehp/s such ships receive from logi (which a straight hp nerf wouldn’t). Compared to big fleets, small gang players are barely touched by the Surgical Strike changes. Surgical Strike also addresses other areas of eve other than null, which are part of the problem whether people like to admit it or not. The lack of destruction in hi-sec is embarrassing. So much so CCP made NPC gankers to hunt the exact same targets player gankers would.

The other point I’d raise is that there is nothing wrong with burning resources at both ends in order to use the stock piles up. Cut the supply and increase the demand.

Will some players leave? Yeah i think they might. Which kinds of players? Farmer trash that added nothing to the game anyways.

Now i don’t care that some people are farmers (until they cry about not being able to farm). And it’s CCP’s fault not theirs that farming got out of hand. But that doesn’t change the fact that if a player whom only perpetuates the addition of resources to the game and never facilitates player interaction and destruction (consensual or non-consensual) decides to leave the game because of these changes, they won’t be missed. The economy (and the rest of the game) will infact get better sooner without them.

Is an article that talks about drastically nerfing capital HP.

My answer: This is nothing new or innovative. It admits to being an old idea. James 315 had the exact same proposal some 6-7 years ago. And it’s true CCP are skimming around the issue by nerfing logistics in fleet fights, implementing surgical strike etc. But if you think people are upset at having their industry slowed down, they are going to be blackout level frothing at the mouth if you nerf all capitals HP by a whopping 75%.

Would i like to see a massive reduction in capital HP? Yeah. But i don’t fly caps. I dislike fighting them so i don’t like using them (same policy as tech3’s).

As the guy mentions, interactions has many forms. And forced can also mean the necessity to trade or the necessity to cooperate with other players as well as forced pvp.

All of the above are good things.