All I want for Christmas

It’s been a long, hard journey trying to make my voice heard.

This Christmas, I decided that I would try with a song:

All I want for christmas

Pretty please?


No. Go away.

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All i want for Christmas is a mobile refinery and astronautic engineering skill \o/

All i want for christmas is a reasonable PVP group that confesses that their hobby in the future will not have a place in high because CCP already said that it is harmful for their buisness.
And my second wish is that those players actually become adult aka beeing able to give others space and not less than the dirt under their fingernails…

ATM that’s not the case…beeing spoiled for 15 years and than your daddy suddenly stops it must be hard…:slight_smile:
But it’s about time…

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My familly




Post withdrawn as it seems to have offended someone…

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all I want for christmas is for the HS carebears to HTFU and embrace the game in all its pvp explosion driven glory. hell if you are one of those HS carebears, I will personally give you a christmas present of a free pvp frigate so long as you promise to take it out and loose it in glorious fashion just so you can get in the holiday spirit.


“Me” here means 2/3 of all players…pure PVP is a 25% minoritylike in all mmog…this is clearly a no argued fact…
The remaining 8% are people that do PVP just as they want to…

A minority STAYS a minority even if she is yelling at you as loud as she can…

I now this fact must frightening from inside your bublle in which you just can see happy PVP’ers but it’s still a fact that you are NOT in the lead here,not even close…

Are you trying to tell me that 66% of players are hisec PVE players exclusively?

Clear off.

I actually wouldn’t be surprised. Lol

song was awesome. I hope you get your wish.

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Why? You were right.

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Not me…i cannot be offended…

As in every game yes…denying this shows a lack of knowledge and denying of the reality of every MMOG that it would bother me…

And it would just confirm that PVP is living in its own bubble…

I mean right…inside your bubble is just PVP…that’s maybe right…but your bubble is just 1/3 of the whole world…

Utter bollocks. Complete, utter and unadulterated bollocks. Again, show me proof that 66% + of players are exclusively engaged in hisec PVE activity.

You can’t. Do you know why? Because you’re spouting the biggest load of self-serving soapy dog wank I’ve ever seen, and believe me over the past few months I’ve seen a lot.


In case you didn’t notice. Eve isn’t like other mmos, PvP is an integral part of the game in all areas of space and across all careers. It affects the markets, supply and demand of various resources. It drives industry. All of eve is PvP, it is inescapable and to try and deny that denies the very heart of the game.


He didn’t, in fact he never played. Read all his posts, you’ll never find, ever, a single reference to an actual game mechanic, only mumbo jumbo about justice, fairness and PVP monsters.
The real irony here, is that he’s only a forum PVPer.

Then he is a legit EVE player. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Of course, RP is a legit form of gameplay.