All of you, who believe the game is going to die

… please!

Contract all your stuff …
… and send all your ISK to …

“Solstice Projekt’s TrustFund” (actual character)

If you truly believe that the game is going to die …
… then you have no use for all your stuff anymore anyway!

When I figure out how to make a public API key for that char …
… I will even post that key here, with updates.

I ask everyone else, who finds this as ridiculous as I do …
… to point people, who believe the game is dying, to this thread.

Tell them to put their money where their mouth is.



And if you dont like Sol, give it to me and Ill donate it to a worthy charity for Xmas


And I’m a worthy charity, so skip the middle woman, and contract it direct to me


Please note that this char was made several days ago …
… and as opportunity strikes, I can use it for this.

Now someone tell me how I, in 2020, make a public API key …


I look like Lobo, but cute. :blush:

Not really though. :blush:


Careful, I might just contract you something I have no use for and which you, if you are still in Pochven, may well have no use for.

I’m still in Pochven and I have use for literally everything.
Every trip saved is a win in one way or another.

If not for me …
… then for someone else. :smiley:

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As long as you keep spamming your Austrian crap ellipses instead of writing like a normal human being, I keep believing that EVE is garbage that can afford to be garbage and be owned by a garbage developer. Just look at the Griffin Navy Issue now. :rofl:


Normies suck


Perhaps, but at least most of them are intelligible in their sucking. Solecist’s ellipses spam make it feel as if s/he’s sucking something while typing.

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This we will most certainly have to disagree on.

The least thing normies are is intelligent.

2020 has underlined this severly in red pen.

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I said intelligible, not intelligent. :slight_smile: However, I agree with the rest of the statement.


I hate to say this, but as long as the owner of this game is Pearl Abbys, I do not see bright future for this game.
I am saying this as someone, who played Black Desert for a few hours, and run away.
The reason I did run away was, that I have played two failed Korean MMO games before, and was sure there is no point continue to play.
By the way, those games did not fail because they were bad games, they were many times better then EVE.
For the Koreans, succes is not an option, the magic word is CASHGRAB. :japanese_ogre: :japanese_ogre: :japanese_ogre:

Have a nice day.



Capsuleers of EvE, the day will come when EvE will fall … but that day is not today!


How much of your ISK goes to the preservation of spiders?

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I had to let some hours pass between me reading your post …
… and me writing a reply.

Imagine someone started messing with the spider population of literally any planet. It could cause a catastrophe of epic proportions spreading across the whole cluster simply because they, of course, find their ways into space ships and thus onto other planets. A single overly dominant species would wreck havoc on not just spider populations literally everywhere. It would be absolutely irresponsible to interfere with the natural balance of spider populations on any planet … and thus the answer is …

… None.

By the way …

… in response to your complaints about my writing style:

I used to write in special prose …
… made up of words which help compose …
… the lines which turned out quite verbose …
… the style well known as i-am-bic …

… pentameter …
… which - as a term - doesn’t seem to fit the rythm it demands.

Go suck on a pacifier.

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Can I donate all of Sol’s stuff to you?

Ofc, I have a 50m3 container somewhere itll fit in