All Roads Lead To Khanid

I’ve been experimenting with doing character biography in different formats e.g. not so much first-person narrative anymore and different POV etc., so here’s a new short-ish blog post on my recent job change and the implications therein, for both myself and for the authorities. The intention here is to expand it into a series of character bios for my fictional bridge crew that I intend to build a fanfic narrative around.

Check it out here.


All roads lead to Khanid? Yes, yes they do.
That being said, I enjoyed your insight into a specific manifest entry. As one from a family that’s no stranger to ‘the poison of thwarted ambition’, let me say this: Never give up. Keep at it, and one day drink from the vanquished skulls of your adversaries. Don’t let the voices of the dead stop you, like so many before…

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I really like your stories, particularly the way you bring your Legion to life. I look forward to learning about her crew.

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