Allow Pods to enter Combat

Allow pods to enter combat by enabling a single fitting slot on a pod. This slot can only take a basic ewar mod. Scram, Web, etc. Perhaps ewar mods that do not require charges.

Reason: Pods on the field of combat are largley ignored as they are not a threat. This would not only bring pods into combat as an additional threat, it would also force FC’s to calculate pods into their strategy during combat.

Example: Small gangs in combat can use pods to disrupt enemy movement if they are losing ships more quickly than the other side. The pods could continue to disrupt enemy movement after ship destruction. The need to eliminate the risk of pods, would mean one side has to start removing pods and open new windows of opportunity for the weakening side.

Additions: Additional single fitting option for a pod might be mico jump drives as the need to close or open a gap in a pod is somehwat common. e.g. escaping through a Uni hole in a pod.

You do realize that pod is short for escape pod, right? Its barely big enough to hold you, let alone the engine that lets you get out of harms way.

Maybe a ‘signal flare’ civilian fireworks launcher slot could be funny.

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