Alpha clone info

So i had an omega accound about a year ago and lost all my info sobi made a new alpha clone account cuz i heard they are letting alphas do more in the game but my ship tree still has almost all the ships unlocked just wondering what all they changed about alphas.

You can train up to 5 million SP free and then inject/sub up to 20 million.

Can pretty much use anything up to and including Battleships, but not T2 Battleship weapons (smaller weapons to T2 is fine).

No cloaks, only the alpha account logged in (not multiple alphas and no omega and an alpha at the same time).

The skills that can be trained don’t all go up to level 5 (capped at a lower level).

Well, no, a lot of it is locked out, you can fly most T1 and pirate faction up till battleships, but after that you cannot use T2s or capitals.

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