Alpha clone suicide ganking - plague of EVE

That, right there. Alphas can’t run multiple accounts anyway.

I had to fix it for you, it’s not permitted, possible? sure.

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Correction, accepted. Yes they are not permitted.

It took 5 characters to gank 1 hulk and still the miners complain. :rofl:


I wonder if Mr Raven 101 is related to Raven x1?


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Well, I have to disagree with Scipio on this point -Eve is fair. In fact, one of it’s guiding principles was, “harsh, but fair.” And if any part of that is in doubt, it’s the “harsh” part.

Other than that, good post.

Now, to OP:
You come in here making accusations without evidence, and then demand action be taken. Well, ganking isn’t the problem (or whaling for that matter). It’s players like you. Ganking is already balanced heavily in favor of prey, but rather than put forth the effort to learn how to not get ganked, you demand that your enemies be nerfed. And so, we end up with broken risk to reward ratios, play styles getting nerfed further and further into the ground, and all the challenge being sucked out of what was supposed to be a challenging game.

Eve online is indeed plagued by a… erm, plague. However, it isn’t alpha gankers, whalers, gate campers, war deckers, or any of the other player killers that have been vilified over the years. It’s the whinebears that perpetually ask for one more nerf.

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There it is!!! Was waiting for it. Was not disappointed.

It’s funny how everyone who says, “I don’t have a problem with ganking, but” immediately follow it up with proposals to nuke the play style.

It’s eve online’s equivalent of, “I’m not a racist, but…”




That is why EVE is considered not a pay to win game. If what you wish were true then whoever spent most ISK would win a fight and the game would be just another trash game.


Yeah ! Where do I sign up ?

I already have an alpha account for my super sekret alt. That I use for doing “things.”

As the owner of those 5 accounts, rest assured they are all omega.

It’s some leap of logic to assume they are alpha accounts. On what basis does that premise rest?

If you see five gankers operating in tandem, shouldn’t Occam’s Razor lead you to the simplest conclusion, that they are omega?


Eve is a GIANT universe. Players should move their operation to a system that hasn’t seen a Gank in like forever, there is plenty use this tool

Adapt, improvise, Overcome, It’s not hard.


You’re not taking into account the latest generation of gamers.


highsec tear bears know not what logic is…

I keep hearing this, but literally 100% of the whiny carebears I’ve ever been exposed to are middle-aged or older.

I won’t argue with you, so I’ll give a 50/50.

Terrible association because the Feral Boomerang Kid never when into the city looking for heads to crack. He was part of a tribe of children from the crashed airplane that stuck together and hid from the more powerful dregs that roamed the land.

Eve Online isn’t an apocalyptic event either, so ganker’s going around cracking ships because of X reason based on an apocalyptic view point is irrelevant. Ganker’s are simply Wreck Em Ralph players who take in the modules they loot, sell them and then pay for free Omega accounts with the revenue they have pirated.

If you really want to get into the game, start tracking where the gankers have their Planetary Infrastructure located gank their PI haulers and make their accountants be neutralized by the gankers superiors.


I like this guy!

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