Alpha clone suicide ganking - plague of EVE

so maybe the easy fix to all this is for the alpha or omega symbol we have on our character sheets be made public. That way if people really are using multiple alpha accounts, it will be easier to spot and report.
Thats just my 3 cents, 2 weeks into the game as an alpha.


Everything has a flip side. By making that info visible it tells someone what your likely SP ability will be. Could make alphas more of a target because the skill cap is made public.

Knowledge is power in more ways than one.

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@Tessa_Springfield @Etch_Masuka I agree with both of you now. How bizarre

A lot of presumptions. First I’m running 5 alpha accounts, now I’m clearing my competition from the ice belt. Neither is true.

It’s been over two years since last time I saw either CODE. or Safety. while I was Null mining, and that was just the Goryn people using CODE. as a meme ticker.

You choose to mine in a place with suicide gankers.

A tanked ship has better yield than a dead ship.

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Damn that thread is so funny