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I do feel CCPS should give more extras to alpha players considering the age of the game and it is not just me saying that too… Many more have been saying it too, game is a gold mine for the owners £11.99 a month to just get extra benefits the game is advertised as free seems a bit of miss leading to me… I really think CCPS should get together considering the age of game and add more extras all Alfa players to use mining clones and bigger mining barges etc.

Game is just for the rich. And it is just a game at a silly price why not just initiate a one time fixed price now and allow players to have fun with all items unlocked to all players and no omega.


You have it all backwards.

You are not paying and this is why you have less of a game.

The standard game is a paid subscription game, same as WoW and many others. Has been since 2003. WoW has been since 2004.

Those of us who pay are not premium or special, we are standard. You choose to be sub-standard when you choose not to pay.

You have chosen to sit in the cheap seats.

At the very least understand this.

It’s only £9.99 for an entire month of entertainment. This is pretty much an hours work in real life for the average person. If you think only rich people can afford a tenner for something, then I sincerely hope you never try to buy and run a car or purchase a house. This is quite frankly silly talk.

You just want everything for free.



Okay, first of all, CCP has to be stingy with what they give alphas in order to limit the ability of bots to use alphas to make isk, prevent players such as myself from engaging in unsustainable economic activity (i.e. if they gave alphas the better industry and P.I. skills, you’d see the market flooded with P.I. and industry products as people use them to generate semi-passive income), and to give alphas plenty of reason to want to go omega.

Second, how are unfamiliar with F2P monetization methods? Do you really believe that you have been mislead? Is Eve your first experience with gaming?

Third, if you enjoy the game, and can afford to support the devs, then quit being stingy and pony up for a sub. If you can’t justify spending the money, then you can plex your account. Now, plexing your account will require some monthly grinding on your part, but there are a lot of excellent tutorials on various ways alphas can make decent money. So, idk, maybe put your sense of entitlement away, and start doing some research.


Nah. The minerals you and the rest of the freeloaders mine would compete with those me and the other subscribers are producing. That would make our game less fun and possibly make some of us quit costing CCP income.

I can understand why you might want that, but why would CCP?

Oh, and take it here:


Imagine being this entitled.

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This will end well :smiling_imp:


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