Alpha Suicide ganking

Alpha’s spend more time training skills, more effort, and have to be far more careful as they have lower skill potential, can’t use fancy ships, modules and so on. I’ve said this before, omega clones bitching about being killed by alpha clones is pathetic. Omega has a gigantic advantage over an Alpha, it’s that simple, and just points to the excellence of some of these pilots while making a mockery of those who complain about them.
I will take a bunch of good alpha pilots over omega pilots who complain about someone who they look down on beating them any time.
You people better pray these specific alpha pilots don’t go omega, then you will have no advantage whatsoever.

You don’t need to let 'em. Find a calm place, get to know who are the locals, learn to identify threats and react to it before they have you locked.

…or don’t. But accept that you are an easy target and that is your fault.

One other thing since I’m repeating myself:
You don’t have any way of knowing someone’s an alpha clone unless they tell you they are one.
If I’m wrong about that please correct me, but in the mean time, I have a question for you:
Am I omega or alpha?
You have a fifty fifty chance of guessing that, good luck, you need it if you can’t come with the people you choose to look down on.

It’s a double:
Ganking + alpha clone bigotry

And to answer your question, far to many.

I multibox five accounts usually, all doing wildly different things in totally different places most of the time. I do this on a laptop with one monitor using Alt Tab to switch windows. When I’m doing this none of them can be alpha clones as the launcher and client don’t allow that. You can have as many omega accounts on as you like (or that your computer can handle) but if you log in an alpha clone that’s it. Just the one account can run.

It’s not that complicated, and it’s actually a lot of fun. Something I have been experimenting with is using a tiny ship for combat backed up by one that remotely repairs, aids things like range and tracking and beefs up the tank on the little ship. It can get really intense. Personally I find it amazing what some people can do with lots of accounts, I can fly one ship fairly well, add another and the quality of my flying drops a lot. Others don’t have that problem and watching them can be amazing.

I think you misunderstood me :slight_smile:

My point is that in highsec gankers can hide in the crowd. If you see in 00 someone without positive standing, you know that guy might be a “baddie”.

Same can be applied in HS. But people in HS don’t gather information on who is hostile and who is not.
That what i meant by “lack the intelligence” in my previous post. Is not that they can’t learn to do it, it is that they are lazy and careless.

just ban all multiboxing.

Just imagine the amount of salt…

I would float on the water my dude, with a huge sh*teating grin.

I’d reckon you’d only need to do most of them. And a lot of them are real simple, passive steps. Like fitting a max buffer tank instead of an active fit. The only times I’ve ever been ganked have been a result of me I violating several of those tips.

You know he’s probably right. Ganking was almost nonexistent before alpha clones

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It is mostly butt hurt myth that it is Alphas.

The restriction of only logging in one alpha per machine and if an alpha is active NO omegas makes it pretty impractical for most players.

Sure there are always the basement dwellers with 20 computers but they do not represent the norm.

I suggest looking on this topic from point “How can it be abused?”

I see that null blocks (or any other block with big number of real people) can use alpha-ganking to harass hisec with nearly zero cost. Juta burn events should cost something.

PS limiting alphas to yellow safety LGTM. This also will stop newbies from making some silly mistakes.

and yet… that’s not generally what happens and again all of these things existed well before alphas. All your doing is limiting new pilots from experiencing a potential form of game play that might keep them around.


By that logic alphas should be prevented from doing anything because it has ‘nearly zero cost.’

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I definitely wouldn’t wanna push for removing ganking from alphas for the reasons Lugh, Daichi, and others have said. It’s been around forever, and is one of the things that sets Eve apart from a lot of other games.

That being said, the balance has been off for quite a while now. I don’t know if it was just the natural proliferation, too easy to make caty’s, or what, but ganking was in a healthier state many years back, when it wasn’t mathed down to a profit margin and science, but more about making the point. And maybe a little profit.

Can’t say I could come up with any way to ‘fix it’ and get it back to that point off the top of my head, either. If there is a way to do it, it’d probably require CCP heavily investing in the Concord AI and making it much less gameable/much more responsive to rising/repetitive crime in certain areas of space.

Nah, Alphas should be able to gank. Maybe at worst you increase their timer between ganks a bit. But the unprepared and foolish get eaten, and that’s just Eve. Too many too easy, instant gratification games out there, and Eve trying to be one is killing it. The only real answer I see for rebalancing the rest is CCP fixing the predictabilities/gameability in Concord’s code.

Despite running a new player mining Corp for years I was never ganked. The only people who are, are the ones that are inattentive/afk, or decide to maximize risk to increase their mining yield/ hauling total.

Max tank barge will survive any ‘profitable’ gank. No haulers should ever be caught out side of null sec (now that they can fit those nullifies in not even sure you should get caught there) the number of people needed to gank a max tanked freighter w/o plants is insane and also irrelevant if your running with webs.

I would argue it’s in a pretty balanced place particularly now that hs wars are essentially dead.

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That’s putting this logic beyond sanity limit. Good to understand where idea can be taken without cation.

Back in time suicide-ganking was done at arty-tornados\arty-rupturas\arty-trashers. That type of ganking had much worse investment/profit balance.

Than someone tried DPS-destroyers (autocannon-trashers AFAIK) and that’s changed a lot for 0.5 hisec’s (autocannon-trasher deals same amount of damage as arty-tornado in 15 seconds but cost much less)

It wasn’t like one day someone woke up and was like “let’s try a thrasher”

The goals shifted. Back when nados were the most common your targets were industrial ships T1 and T2 you wanted the range and alpha provided by these ships to ensure you could hit as many targets landing on station or going through the gate you were camping and ensure you could kill them in 1 hit making the system security irrelevant and ensuring they would most likely not be running hardeners. The goal of this kind of gank was the cargo and you were trying to make a profit.

Then more and more people were more interested in salt than isk. And when you don’t care about making a profit your target pool opens drastically.

Here is where destroyers came in. With mining barges sitting in belts as a new target you no longer needed range, dps was now far more important as its not practical to alpha a barge and most importantly you needed to be as cheep as possible considering it is now an activity that has a net loss rather than profit most of the time.

Tornados are still the ship of choice for the gank style I listed above because that gameplay hasn’t really changed