Alpha vs Omega

Well, nobody really “needs” Eve do they unless of course you get paid to work on it

well need is a very, very variable term


De gustibus non est disputandum

is it relevant ? is it really important to players the name of the account state? I don’t think so,it is just a matter of calling something by a name or the other… the fact is, people can now play on alpha even if they cannot afford, perhaps due to some personal life matters, to be a “paying customer” for a while, those can still participate in their corporation projects , playing and even , why not, having some fun, perhaps also filling some space that otherwise would be empty, the limitations of course must exist and being as they are now could be perhaps improved , of course, why not? but granting more power to those alpha clones would be the end of eve, and may be a total EVE economy disaster.
It seems that some people would love alpha multiboxing , but no thanks, that would definitely ruin the game.
Leave it as it is … BTW Omega is great being named like that , and so for alpha, to be honest, I dont care how you name it, that is not relevant to me. or not really important.

I’m close to 2 months into the game. Started as alpha to give it a try, then made a few different accounts to try different play styles and factions and once I knew what I wanted I started a fresh account with the “right” character and play style for me and went omega instantly.

I don’t get people wanting to play f2p games as they tend to be far more expensive to actually play and in the mean time they put up all kinds of barriers to make normal gameplay grindy and terrible, even when you DO pay. EVE does it in a really good way. The game isn’t overly grindy or makes your life a hell trying to make you want to pay to get past it, they just limit some of the options you have in f2p mode. I don’t see how this is a problem, pay if you want to and accept the limitations if you don’t. Can’t have it both ways.

Personally I believe in Subscription games, it gives the developers a steady income and it lowers the need for nefarious and predatory practises that turn a game into a terrible pile of ■■■■.


I need eve.

I love how the snowflakes were drawn in by OP’s bait, and now this thread has been going on for a whole day more than it needed to.

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For a free account, Alphas already have a ton of activities, ships and modules available to them. Giving them more simply doesn’t make business sense.

CCP isn’t here to make free players happy, they’re here to make money. EVE’s monetization model is ancient and decrepit and getting worse (judging by the crap value of the packages they’ve been offering as ‘deals’ lately). It won’t help to give more stuff away for free.

And any functions that allow for mass farming (such as PI or production) would be instantly abused. So that’s out as well.

The best approach for CCP to take here would be a series of graduated unlocks for the account, triggered by varying levels of purchase.

Alpha clone: T1 stuff only, up to Battlecruisers, and maybe access to the Praxis BS.
Alpha plus/first purchase: Buy anything at all, unlock Alpha plus- T1 Battleships and some T2 modules.
Delta clone: After 3 months of sub, unlock Pirate/Faction ships up to BC class, more T2 modules.
Delta Plus: 6 months of sub gets Pirate/Faction up to BS, access to some production and mining skills.

And so on through Gamma, Gamma Plus, and Omega. Reaching any non-Omega state is permanent for the account, so once you’ve paid that much you’ve unlocked it for good. That sort of process encourages people to start paying and then pay a little more. They might not be full-time sub players, they might stop at Delta and say “Yep that’s all I need”, but every player you make $30-$40 off is miles better for the business than a free player always asking for more.

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I’m going to piggy back on this - Since im thinking of joining will Alpha be enough to start or will I feel left behind right from the get go?

Alpha is fine for starting.

Depending on what you want to do, you can pilot small ships and complete low level PvE mission / exploration sites or you can enlist in Faction Warfare or do Piracy PvP.

I think I speak for most software engineers when I say:

“Where is the free grocery store?”
“I want a free house!”
“A free boat would really make me sooo happy”

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Plot Twist: Alpha is the apex. It’s the new way. Omega is the old means which is to be scorned and retired, eventually eliminated.

Based on what, exactly?

Based on the popularity if free-to-play cash-shop games, and the migration in the industry away from subscription games to having free-to-play models which all but completely abandon the veterans in exchange for a different player base all together?

Theres no correlation there between your uncited facts and the case you are making.

Omega doesnt require a subscription for example, so mentioning specifically subscription models is misleading.

Further, popularity does most certainly not equate to any inherent level of quality.

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If ccp would stop advertizing via banners everywhere “Play EvE for free” we wouldn’t get this influx of misguided people who, coming from "the new way, the Apex", keep asking for more free handouts and creating these “we want more” threads. Perhaps they should advertise with “Try EvE for free” instead.


I mean, they did take the advice of people who said “Do what other game companies are doing”

Which is why we have this sad mess right now.

The kids will at least have one wish fulfilled. They will be able to spend money on temporary skills “For a one-week period per Expert System, Capsuleers will be able to taste the dream of a particular profession in EVE without having to commit to the skill training required by that path of progression and waiting for it to complete.” 1.3M “distinct human beings” tried Eve in 2020 = lead them via the cashier.
Yep, the methods of other companies are seeping in.