Amarr frigate faction war

Well not as feasible in the current situation at least not IRL but even as a kid you can earn some money doing basic tasks for adults for $$$, but can do such even online too, which still should be better ISK/h than grinding in-game.

Thanks for the advice, I know its probably best to do it that way. but stuck at home in quarantine right now and can’t really do much, not even the community services.

then, if you wanna earn isks, do somethg that you like: explo (if you like it), missions (if you like it), mining (if you like it), scamming (if you like it), trading (if you like it)… don’t do FW if you don’t like fighting (as you wrote here or in another post).
I love explo and earn 50-100M/H. 1-2H per day of this activity, which i find fun, is largely enough to buy and fit my ships for pvp, which i find fun.

okay, I will try more activities, might buy a magnet and do exploration. what sites are good for beginners?

Exploration is always a good and useful set of skills to have:

  • The skills used to scan down anomalies are the same you’ll be using to scan down enemy ships and targets for your fleet,
  • The skills needed to fly a Covert Ops Exploration ship are the same as those for a Stealth Bomber.
  • the experience of being able to move around without being detected and caught will always be useful.

If you’ve not done it then run the Exploration Career Agent - they’ll teach you the basics and give you a Magnate and a few fittings.

A few good references:
Is this a safe site or are there NPC’s there?
When you see a wormhole identifier what does it mean:
The rather useful Eve University guide to scanning:

You don’t need a lot of skill to dive into a Wormhole and have a look around, you also stand a reasonable chance with a T1 exploration frigate of cracking the Data and Relic sites there - you are looking for a nice C1 or C2 wormhole. Obtaining “several million” in items isn’t unreasonable - last 'hole I was a C1 with a couple of Data sites and I took 18m ISK in loot out of there. Stories of “you can make 80m ISK from a single hack” are that - it can happen, I’ve had it happen, but it’s not common. But a single site can easily earn more than the cost of the ship you are risking.
Wormholes are “safe” for a certain definition of “safe” - it’s rare to see anyone (but keep hitting d-scan), but if you do then assume they are going to try to kill you and hide up, or move on out. Combat in wormholes is short and brutal. You will loose ships, but the rewards are there. Just remember: an item in your hold isn’t worth anything unless you can get it to market.

Practice in hi-sec - it’ll give you the experience to run hacks efficiently, the rewards are modest. Knowing how to scan and hack quickly and efficiently is important. Then when you think you’ve got the hang of it, jump through those wormholes and go for it.

Bookmark the wormholes you enter through (on the j-space side) so you can get back out again to the same place. Having a bookmark in a wormhole system that says “Exit to hi-sec” is really good when you need to make a run for it.



We hang around here for post like yours:

A new player willing and wanting to learn.

So please, keep up the questions. EVE is 17 years old, there is knowledge among the veterans that can be helpful. Instead of trying to invent the wheel again, ask and we will tell you that round is the best shape.


but can an alpha clone do it? I thought all clocking devices need Omega clone to use.

I have no experience on worm holes, guess I’ll need to watch more videos/read more E-uni before I can get in there, for now I will just stay in High sec, where its safe. is it possible to get about 1 million worth of loot at a high sec site though?

You are right: an Alpha clone doesn’t have access to the Specialist T2 ships and the Covert Cloak. But you don’t need that for Exploration - or wormholes. Yes, being able to move around invisibly makes things easier, but being aware of your surroundings is at least as important.
My point was: training the skills for Exploration will serve you well in other aspects of Eve. It’s not a dead end.

For example: I can fly a Prospect - the cloaked, T2 version of the Venture. But if I’m going into a wormhole to huff gas (quite a good earner) then I’ll take a basic, cheap, Venture and keep an eye out for people hunting me. The Venture is a fast, slippery little ship - and I can be a fast little rabbit if I need to.

A million from a hi-sec site is pushing it somewhat (I’ve had good hits in Hi-sec), but the learning and confidence it gives you is invaluable.

The Astero may be tempting (it’s a pretty little piñata): unless you can fit a covert ops cloak do not fly it.

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okay I get it. thanks. I’ll try exploration and see if its fun. if not, I will just run some security missions, I heard L1 and L2 can have decent income.

Don’t get too excited - it’s not a particularly stunning income. Salvaging the wrecks can add a little more.
Go for a mix of things and see what you enjoy.

Did you try an Imperial Navy Slicer? I’ve heard that was supposed to be a marvellous fw ship.
Just bought and fitted one in Jita a week ago, it’s not even expensive.

It’s exorbitantly expensive for a new alpha player. At 10 milion (>15-20 million with fits) it costs something like 20x a tech I frigate.

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Agreed. Also, well said :clap:

With missions, most people blitz through Levels 1 to 3 to get their standing high enough for Level 4 missions.

There is where the ‘major’ income is for missions

As for all things missions, let me summon the god himself…


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God? There is no god but the :eggplant: Eggplant Goddess :eggplant: . @J_Poll would do well to remember that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: When I got tagged in this thread, I was alarmed that my FW alts might have been found out but… phew! Okay! so, like, does anyone have that copypasta I usually dish out? Because I can’t find it… oh! Wait! Here it is!

Co-Headed of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here. For 11 years we’ve been hiring mission running to service our clients, so we know a thing or two about mission blitzing. Even if you aren’t paid to run missions like we are, a modest living can be made running L4s. (Not so much L1-L3s; their sole purple is to give you the ISK, experience, time needed to train SP for running L4s, which are low-ISK/low-SP friendly with certain ship fits). Almost all of the revenue will come from the bounties killing rats and LP earned from doing missions. Don’t waste time looting L1-L3 missions or salvaging L1-L4 missions. If you loot L4 missions, only do so using a Mobile Tractor Unit that loots while you kill stuff - when the room is clear, pick it up on your way out and whatever it looted; do not wait for it to finish looting, and do not manually loot/help it finish looting. I cannot comment on whether or not L5s are worth it other than to say that most L5s cannot be soloed with subcapitals (a few niche exceptions), and since all L5 missions are in lowsec, you may not enjoy the liability of using an easily-ganked capital ship. (It suffices to say that there are more profitable solo PVE opportunities making use of capitals.) The most profit can be netted if you run burners, which are extremely challenging but also extremely short (like 2 minute) missions that require high skills and high end ships. I know of some pilots who make about 300m/hr running burners for pirate factions, which is pretty nice and easily recoups the occasional loss from ganks (eg. maybe you get caught in a bubble, though there are tricks to minimize this from happening).

Pros of missions:

  • L1/L2/L3/Non-Burner L4s are easy, highly multitaskable (with low gank risk in contrast to other activities like mining), and don’t require high skills or bling fits to do.
  • L4 burners are super short and stupid profitable missions for easy money. In particular, the majority of missions offered by pirate factions are burners (like 2/3rds or so IIRC) so you can chain them like crazy for high profits. (I don’t know if non-pirate corps in nullsec also offer burners at the same high rate - @Lathan_Levi how often does the L4 ED NS sec agent offer burners?)
  • You don’t waste time going from system to system looking for sites to complete; just mindlessly accept and complete mission after mission after mission
  • LP can be invested into a wide variety of rewards for personal use or resale for profit. Tools like Fuzzwork’s LP Store tool can give you hints as to which items are best to buy for consumption or sell to market based on their LP->ISK conversion rates
  • They’re the best mechanism for repairing bad standings and simultaneously raising/maintaining standings with opposing factions. You will need to skip “mandatory megahit” missions and carefully complete “optional megahit” missions in such a way that does not incur that megahit in order to do this, however. Also, you will need to mission between different factions in a specific order in order to simultaneously raise all factions (eg. get them all positive, which is possible). For advice, head on over to the USIA Discord.


  • Not as profitable as other solo PVE activities (some of which earn more than 1b ISK/hr). Fortunately, mission running doesn’t require as expensive or high-SP fits as those other activities. USIA’s “lawnmower” fit costs about 650m and outperforms popular 3b bling L4 running fits. (When I find time I have some additional revisions to make to make it even better than it already is.) Apart from running abyssals, there’s little content in HS that makes more money than high-proficiency mission running (especially after you factor in time wasted looking for sites).
  • Occasionally you will need to skip “bad” missions. Skipping two or more non-burner missions from the same agent within four hours will incur standing losses with the corp (a modest amount - can be repaired with approx 2-5 missions) and with the faction and allied factions (about 0.001 loss - very negligible). It’s usually worth incurring this penalty as long as you maintain your standings high enough to keep running the desired level of missions (eg. if it drops too low, you can’t run L4s anymore). Alternatively, you should shuttle between agents to avoid this penalty, though personally I don’t bother
  • You cannot access L2-L5 missions from any agent of any corp within a faction if your effective faction standing is below -2 (at USIA, we call this the Deathline™). It can be very painful to recover from this

Ultimately, missions are a great stepping stone toward other content and also worthwhile on its own.

Well, the opponent flew a Comet.
These faction ships are really Alpha friendly, and they are fun.
My first Vexor was more expensive, btw, and I bought it after 5 days in Alpha state (and lost it 2 days later, LOL).
You don’t have to lose them in dozens, but keep in mind there’s more fun in the shop, even for Alpha newbros, like Hookbills or Firetails or the webbing Vigil Fleet Issue.

This is meant to answer this:

PVP problems:
I suggest to join some open Newbro roams where you meet more experienced players and learn some techniques how to handle your ship while in engagement. If you ask, they may even invite you to some PvP lessons.



Speaking of the glorious Slicer:

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after seeing all these replies, I think I will quit PVP and do some exploration and mission running for now. PVP is costs too much money and is a high risk for me. I have simulated a crappy slicer fit, it is very expensive, but the damage is like three times a normal frigate, even though there is only 2 lasers.

what is burner missions? also people say that you need cruisers and battleships to run L3 and L4 missions, and they are really expensive for me. so if I bought a cruiser and run missions, how often will I loose it?

like corps and fleets? I tried to ask in the militia and corp chat when I was still enlisted, there are about 200 players, no one answered. :frowning: I wonder how I can find newb friendly corps.

Burner missions are a specific kind of mission only available at L4. They are clearly identified and you can reject them without penalty. They are very difficult but require very high skills and blingy ships, but you can complete them in like 3 minutes each.

Regular L1-L4 missions are really, really, really, really, really easy if you use the right fits, even with low skills and low quality modules. You will never lose a ship unless you went completely AFK for several minutes or got disconnected.

You can apply to join EVE University.