Amelia Duskspace for CSM 18

Hey Guys!

For those who don’t know me, I’m Amelia! You may have seen my videos showing the small gang and mid-scale content that I love to partake with on my YT Channel:

You may have also seen some of my reddit threads describing Goryn Clade’s null-sec midscale deployment:

Goryn Clade & Friends Midscale Nullsec Deployement
by u/Colleo3354 in Eve

I’ve been playing since 2010 on and off, participating within small gang low-sec, and wormhole groups, as well as mid-scale nullsec and wormhole groups. The content I enjoy normally comes down to making sure that individual piloting can have a real impact within a fight, whether that be being able to kite, use ewar, or tackle properly within a small gang or being able to land good drag bubbles or booshes within a mid-scale fight. As your CSM Representative I will push for changes to make content easier to find and make that content more exciting & meaningful.

These changes I will advocate for can be best put into 3 legs of a stool:

The first leg of my stool of changes is to reduce the ability for larger blocs to project across 5+ regions within <15 jumps which has DRAMATICALLY stifled the amount of content that groups can find within the game. This is done mainly thanks to the abusive advantages of Ansiblex. By allowing Ansiblex to stay within the game at their current power state allows groups to travel to any far reach of their territory within minutes. This allows groups to be more centralized, and larger as they do not need to spread out to maintain their large amount of space they own. This forces any smaller groups away from fighting as they simply cannot contest the massive fleet sizes these centralized groups can form. This in-turn means that there is less conflict for both the larger groups and the smaller groups, leaving only 1 form of conflict left, large scale conflicts between these blocs. While these fights can be super cool to see, they are like watching paint dry to fly in due to technical limitations of TIDI. Even these fights are absurdly rare, leading to an overall massive decrease in the amount of content available for an average group within the game.

By reducing the power groups are able to project, more groups will enter null-sec and larger groups will have to spread out or split up to protect their empire. This will allow smaller groups to take these fights against more manageable numbers unless the larger groups really want to invest the time and effort to protect their borders.


The second leg of my stool of changes has to do with the risk-reward structure in EvE. This is a simple design intent that needs to be more highly prioritized into almost every aspect of the game. Pochven is the best template for this philosophy. You have a high reward site like Observatory Flashpoints that payout 3.5/site, this leads to a high demand for the site. In contrast, the supply of the flashpoints is limited to 3 within Pochven. This leads to conflict due to limited supply, high demand. The one issue, which can also be seen from Pochven is that high rewards need to require high risk, or at the least high investment. For example, having Observation Flashpoints being run from Ishtars 500km from the acceleration gate is bad for the game, because it is extremely low risk high reward.

By pushing more people to do these more risky, more lucrative PvE, PvP will follow as it is an easy way to get content as well as people will want fight over an actual objective such as these sites.


My last leg of the stool for CCP may be the most important. It is simply put, CHANGE THINGS, don’t let the game run into such a stale state that munnins are flown as the mainline ship for years on end. Create real gameplay changes such as buffs or nerfs to individual ships. This ties so heavily into the depth of the game, because there are just SO MANY KNOBS TO TURN:

  • If you reduce the DPS of LR guns/missiles or increase their fitting requirement, or decrease their tracking, all of a sudden groups are more inclined to brawl and not have the option to run away at first sight of loss, forcing larger commitment from groups.

  • If you increase the minimum warp in range, all of a sudden things change dramatically.

The list is literally endless, and there are so many possibilities that will lead to real fun changes for people to figure out and enjoy. This will lead to more players coming back and keep people within the game as new changes normally leads to people wanting to try out these changes. If CCP finds these changes are detrimental, after speaking with CSM and the player base, then you can always adjust back. But sitting there and not changing anything is what is slowly draining the player base down to nothing, and will eventually kill the game that I have come to love.

At the end of the day, I will always love and play EvE, and I want to make this game the best version of itself. I think with my years of experience as an FC and leader in various space such as WH, Null-Sec, Low-sec, and as a theorycrafter I am in a unique position to push forward changes that will lead to a better environment for players. At the end of the day that’s what its all about, because if you give players the tools to make the game great, the players will. That is EvE Online to me. It is an area where all CCP has to do is keep slight interest with frequent relatively smaller gameplay changes, and not mess anything up too badly. The players will take care of the rest.



Vouch :slight_smile:

You had me at ansiblex

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ez +1 vote

All good ideas, especially just changing the meta. The game is full of ships that were reworked and then left untouched for years and years while the metagame just passes them by. I left the game for two years and came back, gameplay balance was essentially the same. It just gets boring to see the same dozen hulls with the same dozen fits over and over.

All good ideas! +1

Would cone/10

Love your videos! +1

good campaign but my parents are fighting

If that guy isnt on everyones ballot i dont know :smiley:

you can be damn sure this guy knows what he’s doing

got my vote

Amelia is a chad, got my vote

Good luck

I liked watching his videos on youtube dot com so I will vote for this man

Gets my votes

You spoke briefly about pochven. Can you expand? I’d like to know about some of the challenges you think the region faces. What are some possible solutions. Do you think observatory flash points are in a good place?

Glad to see more people that have reach outside of the small gang groups stepping up and getting out to get their voices heard :slight_smile: GL mate

Number 1 on my ballot

signed some random smol gang ceptor bro

Reducing Ansiblex range would decrease fights as they aren’t able to travel as far. The solution to ansiblex jump gates is to bring back jump fatigue for them so they are used sparingly and not used as the main means of travel.

What do you mean by high risk high reward? Typically when small gang pilots ask for this, what CCP does is they just remove the reward instead of increasing the risk. Many nullsec pilots have stopped playing eve because there is no money to be made in nullsec. Alliances have disappeared and most regions of null are now dead. If you wanted to increase the amount of pilots in nullsec, this could be solved by massively increasing bounties in nullsec anomolies and buffing carrier ratting. And then for mining, buff the mining anoms which are high risk and get rid of moon mining which is done right off of a structure and is super low risk. All they need to do is put it back the way it used to be, or actually make it even better than it was.

As for buffing or nerfing ships, they’ve been doing this all the time. There’s tons of ships to fly that are good, nothing is stale. I don’t see how nerfing the Muninn or the VNI gives the game more depth. I would think that releasing new types of ships would be a better solution instead of completely changing existing ships, unless a ship is completely useless and they want to make it useable which they’ve been great at doing. What about introducing Tech 3 frigates, battlecruisers, and battleships instead of just changing what’s already been created?

You’re going to be at the top of my ballot.

As frustrating as it was fighting you in outer passage, I learned a lot from you, and your group’s banter in local was always wonderful.

Definitely would be nice to get more voices like yours into CSM instead of the same crop of CSM members that turn up year after year.

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