Amsterdam banned pub crawl

This week Amsterdam city made decision to ban pub crawls.

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Apparently it’s only the red-light district, the other bar areas will just need a permit for groups. Or just don’t look like one huge group maybe.

I like the fact that the alderman that announced this policy is called Udo Kock :eggplant: . Udont Kock now I guess.

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What a bummer… time to move to a COUNTRY that doesn’t require a permit to go to a pub… cough cough USA

I pity you EU folks - needing a permit to do this or that because “the government” mandates such… did yall vote for said gubment? Food for thought

This isn’t about pub crawls. It’s about an excessive number of tourists, who only come to watch. You guys apparently have never been on a proper pub crawl when you believe that’s the same as a guided tour. Shame on you.

lol, dude, USA still has that retarded drinking age of 21 and fairly strict ID checks on top of that.

Amsterdam is a leftwing shithole, so let’s go with the Mencken quote: Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.

Man, you should try making it less obvious where you’re from.

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