Should the Game consider Tourists?

Dear CCP,
I would like to make a suggestion that, I feel, should strengthen the game and add to its future value.

I come from the ‘passive’ player side of life but your ‘Sandbox’ does not meet the requirements for a truly passive lifestyle playing experience. I see it more as a prison with a sandy courtyard, a few cells for the timid to hide in and a wall to carve your reputation on.

Having a commercial WORLD such as EVE has its own problems: you need to attract tourists and tax payers yet not scare them away with threats of a deadly nature.

For a bad example:

“Welcome to Sowetu - we hope you will survive your great adventure and continue to visit with us despite the many truly violent stabbings, robberies and gunshot wounds you can (will) experience if you leave your hotel room. We are really a friendly, decent community who actually don’t give a f!k about you - mainly because you just aren’t us. This, of course, is natural in any tribal society so don’t blame us for our behaviour - we are only having fun, as you shall too one day - maybe.”

Contrast the above with:

Welcome to Eve on Line - a game world of opportunity where NOTHING is impossible. Imagine being able to visit thousands of unique worlds without fear nor restriction: Enjoy the splendour of our graphic artists’ creativity (discover the pornography) combined with the chance to create in-game wealth and power through your commitment to your own chosen endeavours. Be a Scientist, an Industrialist, a Miner, a Trader, a Freedom Fighter, an Inventor, a Soldier of Fortune, a Discoverer, a Hacker or anything the game allows you to be.
Learn to fly our marvellous range of truly epic Spaceships. Take on our early Citizen training programs where we guide you to full fruition as a valuable Eve citizen, or just take your starter ship and ‘go see the world.’ We want you to join us! Get out of your hotel room and feel the freedom of our wonderful world without any fear, for, after all, all we should have to fear is but Fear itself.

To me, Sowetu sounds a bit rough.

A game is only a game if people want to play it. Professional and Amateur alike.

I suggest that a brand new EVE player (account) should have an option to be a “TOURIST.” They may be Caldari but they can also be TOURIST class. A Tourist is a player who wishes to try out Eve without fear of instant death at the hands of a Sowetu player. A Tourist can be killed but they would need to be asleep at the keyboard.

I propose that any Player (non-Tourist), when targeting a Tourist, gives the Tourist a 5 minute timer, warning the tourist of the impending event of their death. This, of course, gives the Tourist enough time to escape harm by warping away - or not. Any attempt by an attacking player to target the Tourist WHILE THE TOURIST IS ALREADY UNDER PROTECTION, adds themselves to the ''5 minutes" already in state - ie they are considered part of the initial time out. NO MORE minutes are added. A Tourist, by attempting to target a Player, loses their timer (if active) and Tourist status immediately and gives the Player a 30 second non-aggression guarantee where the former Tourist cannot ‘surprise’ the Player. This is to make up any disadvantage the Player might have experienced by being held up on attack. It is probably too much but I’m trying to think like a Ganker.

Any bubble effect has a 2 minute “effective” warning or, preferably, a Tourist has the same Bubble immunity as that of certain fast ships.

A Tourist is immune to Bombs. You cannot kill a Tourist by Exploding stuff.

A Tourist should be immune to auto-targeting weapons. Why they are in that situation is debatable. I can imagine a Tourist wanting to observe a battle to get the feel of mass destruction? (“Colour of Magic” = The Tourist. Aah, Sir Terry. May your soul be with the gods for all eternity - unless you can convince them to let you come back, of course.)

A Tourist cannot be a member of a player-owned Corporation. Players only.

Any new single character player is automatically a TOURIST (as are all current players who are non-aligned by not being a member of a player owned corp.) ***The critical factor here is that NO ACCOUNT with more than ONE character can field a TOURIST. ie NO ALT can be a TOURIST nor can any MAIN if the account has any alt.

So, I mistakenly targeted a Player instead of the damn asteroid! Well, you are probably going to die! Run like Hell and hope they miss. Remember, your weapons will not lock for 30s.

How do I lose my TOURIST badge?
a. join/start a player corp.
b. attack/aggress any player or their structure etc. You are a deer, not a threat. Born to run!
c. become a suspect (lasts as long as the flag.)
d. when piloting any ship that has a large cargo hold - discussion point as to size. Docking restores Tourist status. Remember, some Miners use BC’s to mine and and then jettison the ore for later self-retrieval by a barge or large cargo vessel. The industrialist/marketeer thinks of risk-free transport as does the Tourist. The drug smuggler (mule)? Maybe a ‘value of the cargo’ driven limit?
e. Create an ALT on your account. No going back from this as you obviously wish to create an unfair advantage over fellow Players.

Where does being a Tourist NOT COUNT?
In Wormhole space. In a wormhole, one cannot be a tourist nor can one lose your status as a tourist. It just does not matter.
In any official EVE Tournament or sanctioned event. Enter at your own risk as a pilot but not with loss of your Tourist standing after the event.
Shooting Titans etc with non-lethal weapons as part of a celebratory event ie the typical fireworks or snowball events. Basically, taking part in any skillfest.

So, what if I do not want to be a Tourist?

None is forcing you. Take any non-tourist action or create an alt character and you become Tourist-Free. 


Thanks to Players who contributed meaningfully and I apologise to any player if i was rude to you personally.
In response to the Forum Brats: NO, I have never played the game because someone keeps killing me before I can finish it :wink:

Tjek… jou naai…

I joke of course.

No… making people invulnerable goes against everything EVE. What do you allow a tourists to do then?


Is this satire?


Jislaaik ou maat. Anything they want but mainly, can.

Play eve echoes.

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It has a satirical timbre but is not. This is genuine appeal to CCP to help advance the GAME in the real world.
It is a suggestion.

Da fek?


Not at all. Think about it. I assume I understand what you said???

Yes not all South Africa that play eve are pirates like the Knysna Grim Reapers in -10 or Belligerent Undesirables in EVE.

Cannot and do not want to. I must admit, it sounds pretty awesome.

I wasnt suggesting they were, hooe you didnt think I was.

Just I dont understand the point of the concept in the OP.

What a fascinating idea! I will be discussing your proposal on my blog, with the new post appearing in three hours:


Cool! Good luck with all the abuse -:slight_smile:

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I’m afraid your tourist visa was denied. Sorry!


What a pity! Oh well. Have to jump over the wall again.
Maybe one day someone of average intelligence will read about the Plight of the Tourist and grasp its meaning. Until then.

Sounds good, but let’s remove all the dumb magickal restrictions that would protect them and instead open them up to having their wallets pickpocketed, and they can occasionally be abducted and held for ransom money (or just sold into slavery in Amarr space).




Hmm, I’m sorry I do not understand what you infer with your question. lol - laugh out loud, but wut i don’t know.

No. post must be longer than 5 characters.


Hmm: Adam Eve Simon Paul John and baby.