Should the Game consider Tourists?

You have no actual arguments, OP.

As the ability to survive is an integral part of the game …
… removing the need to “watch ones back” alters the experience completely …
… thus rendering your request null and void.

One can not see, experience or learn about the game without its most integral component.

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“Dear CCP, your game is too rough, while I prefer gentle. Please adjust your game or else …”

Next !

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Sure, and to prevent abuse we also need a couple more restrictions:

  1. Tourists are only safe in highsec. Leave the designated tourist-friendly area and go into the bad parts of town and nobody will protect you.

  2. Tourists can only fly a special tourist ship which has no modules or cargo and can not bump normal ships.

All you can do as a tourist is look at the pretty pictures in highsec, you can not exploit the feature to give yourself immunity to PvP while participating in the normal game.



It would be great for keeping me from losing so many recon interceptors.

Um… Eve doesn’t have a ‘finish’…

And by all means bring in some tourists, I could do with more easy cannon-fodder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Let me think about this for a se…NO!!


And we’d like you to explain this strange white powder we found in your luggage at Customs…

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Yes, a good response to me but, again, it is not what the post is actually about. Assuming I speak for CCP, I will answer you:
The whole point of the post IS to change the whole experience completely - for those not capable of handling it. There is no reason for any player to accept TOURIST status - only if they want to experience the OTHER aspects of EVE that do not include death and the insta-gratification of the ‘person’ at the other end of the bullets. I doubt you actually read the article. I do not play the way you say I should - have never done that. My kills are exactly nil and I have over 7 Billion ISK and a crap load of skill points and am still trying to find further ways to improve my game play and keep my interest in the game alive - not too successfully at the moment. You will probably say “Good Riddance, Loser” but then you find that NO more people are joining EVE and the game dies? (Money you know)
I have survived but hate the fact that I am not equipped to “fly safe” as all wish me - well some.
Every aspect of my post is about experience. A baby cannot be thrown under the wheels of a bus with the lament: you need to learn the facts of life; watch your back - you never know when the bus could start. If you hear the clutch engage, for God’s sake - JUMP.
This IS about survival and the need to learn the skills. Not every player is a killer nor is every player a victim. Being free to find out how the wheels of a bus turn might be useful when you land there.
There is more to Eve than you think. I have NEVER been to nul sec - I would like to go but fear of the unknown is real -try skydiving as an example.
Anyway, I waste my breath. Fly safe, my friend.

There’s a loophole here - a tourist could scout or spy for a ‘proper’ player whilst immune.

You can do that by playing another game

You are not a baby in EVE. You are an immortal demi-god that commands the most powerful machines ever built.

Also it is extremely easy to make yourself almost 100% invincible in Highsec. If you need help with that just ask. No need to cripple the game with your stupid tourist idea that has so many consequences you completely forgot to consider I wont even start to list them here…


Good shot!

Stopped right there. That’s exactly the thing.
When you can’t handle it, go play something you can handle!

No one’s entitled to being a part of the experience …
… especially not a crippled experience.

Worse, these people would still want to be able to build, buy and sell things …
… which would be a complete no-go, because they’re incapable of being influenced by others.

This game is for those who can.
Pretty much all the other games are for those who can’t.

Would you go ask for an easy-mode in Dark Souls just because you can’t handle it?

No. You’d not play it, because it’s not a game for you …
… just like EVE ONLINE isn’t a game for everyone.


Your assumption is erroneous.



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yes, well spotted. Thanks.

They can. But so can an alpha alt in highsec, and it’s not like people are ganking every single alpha alt they see in highsec just in case it’s a scout. And if the tourist leaves highsec they become just another target to kill.

A very good response - thanks. I would like to add, however, that I BELIEVE that the game itself will not survive with the ‘tough love only’ attitude. That is the rub. THAT is what the post is all about. I WANT the game to survive - I have being playing it forever it seems and every 5 years or so, CCP buggers up my playing style. I get pissed off and swear that i’ll buy some armour and get me a gun but I never do. Play don’t whine. Who is forcing the hand? The players who pay, that’s who. The game needs players to pay. My suggestion is not an affront to existing players by trying to diminish their experience, but rather an attempt to encourage a new generation of players to join them in Eve - albeit with a new Democracy.
Love thy Tourist - he will be a player one day.

Absolutely, thanks.

The game survived its first decade+ just fine that way. The last years it softened up considerably, which actually made the whole game worse for everyone. Now CCP is going back to the roots, so to speak, and numbers seem to indicate that everything indeed is getting better.

You’re mistaken in believing that these tourists will ever be players. They won’t. They will always be tourists, because they’ve chosen tourist for a reason. The reason being exactly that they can’t handle the game.

This will never be a thing, because it ultimately breaks the game and tries to attract people who are not meant for playing it. Most people really aren’t meant for playing it and all the others have pretty much nowhere else to go but here, so there’s no reason to worry about the game’s future at all.

I’m glad it’s like it is, otherwise I’d have no game to play against people actually capable of competing.

Smug as ■■■■, but true nonetheless:

This is a game for elitists.
The ones who disagree are losers.


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