An Apology from the Admins of the Backstage OOC Forums

To the Backstage Community and the EVE-O RP Community at large:

We apologize for the last several months.

I’ve been inactive for a few years, peeking in only once a month or so - mainly to see that Silver Night (my co-founder and co-admin) was still hosting the domain and everything was still alive. Silver’s got a lot going on career-wise and hasn’t had the time recently that he once had for actively monitoring the boards. We have been to a very large extent, and especially me, absentee admins.

It’s always been our policy that it only takes one moderator to act on a given post. This way, multiple perspectives come to bear and, as a team, we have a higher chance of getting it right. This forum came to a time where there was really only one regularly active moderator and no regularly active admins. There was no team. This was not fair to that moderator, and it was certainly not fair to the forum’s userbase.

I’m back and fully active again. Silver has expressed to me that, while he’s still crazy busy (and good for him!) with work and life, he’s got a bit more free time coming to him of late and is watching more closely. And we’re working on expanding the mod team again. We’ve already brought on Julianni Avala, whom some of you will immediately recognize from the OOC Discord team as well as having moderated different ingame channels in the Caldari RP scene previously. Silver already has familiarity with Julianni and I look forward to getting to know her here.

MorLag is still somewhat active, albeit as a part-time presence.

We are actively looking for more suitable candidates to join our mod team here on Backstage, so that Julianni doesn’t end up in the same position that we unfairly left Sami in.

When we, as a community, crafted the Rules and FAQ on a special subforum of Scagga’s corp boards back in 2010, it was important to us that we have a forum atmosphere in which anyone felt welcome to post and a moderation staff from different in-game RP backgrounds so that no one moderator’s biases or views would dominate the entire forum. Our inactivity has caused the forum to get away from that central goal, and that in turn has caused many of our regular users to get away from the forum altogether.

We hope that you will join us in getting the boards back on track, just like you joined us in creating them in the first place.

-Havo & Silver


There is no point in seriously going back to it as long as certain people who are so incredibly hostile still post there and all they ever get are wrist slaps.

Edit: And for the record this is nothing against you or Silver or any of the moderators who actually have done their job. I’ve moderated forums and other things in the past and I understand what a toll it is on your sanity and free time. I know it’s a hell of a fine line to walk to try to be an impartial judge amidst friends. But as long as certain people are still active there, it’s clearly not the community for me. Good luck with it.


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