Anchorable Bubbles on NPC Station undocks trapping diamond rats

(Lord Kalus) #41

Doesn’t standing get easier to grind the worse it is? I thought I read somewhere that if you were like -10 you would see a lot bigger gains than someone who was -2 would, for example.

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(Olmeca Gold) #42

They are good for a balanced game. A balanced game doesn’t necessarily mean all positive 0 challenging gameplay.

The “synergy between these 2 things” is actually not good for a balanced game. As usage of these stations is critical for many purposes. If CCP wanted NPCs constantly bubblecamping stations, effectively barring most players from using them, then they would implement it themselves (and we would flame them for doing so).

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(Lugburz) #43

omfg do you not fly an interceptor and have an undock bookmark???

stop trying to change a game you barely even understand.

Also those arent normal rats, there is a fob in system.

(Mayhaw Morgan) #44

It’s null sec. It’s supposed to be dangerous. Why are they there if they can’t handle it?

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(Olmeca Gold) #46

That danger point doesn’t work in your favor as you think it does. If people who are supposed to make nullsec more dangerous by roaming in it can’t use NPC stations, then nullsec becomes less dangerous overall. If you want nullsec to be more dangerous, you fix this issue with bubbles and NPCs. And make space more accessible to people who want to roam in nullsec and kill ships.

(Rocket Hellfire) #47

This is a bad thing?

It’s Create-an-Anom.

(Mayhaw Morgan) #48

Why this way instead of by using NPCs in bubbles on station undocks? Why is one way acceptable but the other way isn’t?

(Olmeca Gold) #49

Because it makes nullsec safer and safe nullsec is bad for the game.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #50

I’m surprised and impressed that bubbles actually work on rats.

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(Ail'asa Treschi) #51


You have been told many times, including by GMs–it is CCP’s opinion that this is working as intended. You have multiple game mechanics, which are usable by you, to avoid this. First, you can deploy your own stations/citadels.

Of course, if you do this your greatest enemy–grrr goons–might take them down. At which point you will probably cry about how human socialization is unbalanced, and goons are cheating because they have more friends and use language and in/out of game communication mechanics and technology to coordinate against you; however, besides the fact that this is absolutely working as intended, even if CCP were inclined to cater their game to your tinfoilhattery, CCP does not have the power to nerf basic human interaction. :sob:

Second, which has been suggested to you about 500 million times, the mechanic governing this particular usage of game mechanic is faction standing. If you increase your faction standing by running Blood Raider missions and stop “nullbear” (your words) shooting Blood Raiders, these diamond rats will completely ignore you!

In fact, when you are doing your very favorite things, like booshing in anoms where there are rats, high Blood Raider standings will work in your favor–rats will actually remote rep you the evil piloted ‘bots’ in Rorquals turn their sentry drones on you. And when you are acting using the other half of the Mar5meca persona, and trying to fail drop ratting Super carriers in anomalies, the rats will not shoot at you, and may, again rep you!

The best part of this mechanic, Mar5meca, is that for the purposes of bubbles on stations and you being camped in by Diamond rats, you literally only need one character of your 10k strong alt army to have high standings with the Blood Raiders. That one character can then undock and shoot the bubble unmolested!

Indeed it is amazing! There are at least two easily accessible game mechanics you can utilize to overcome what you claim is: “cheating, an exploit, unbalanced, nullbear, grr goon, CCP is out to get me specifically, etc.!”

(Traco Miritu) #52

Exploit…the pure definition of exploit…

(Olmeca Gold) #53

Just saw this trash level post, wasn’t even sure if it was worth my time but w/e

In which entitled nullbear wants deployed citadels to be the entry level for people disturbing his space so he can blob the said citadels and krab at peace.

There are two arguments here you of course conveniently ignore.

  1. Not everyone’s standings toward factions is salvageable.

  2. Forcing people to do PvE to do PvP is bad game design.

Anom rat behavior does not get affected by standings but who am I to expect a dime of knowledge from a Goon cult member. Typical 0 knowledge full of opinion Goon attitude.

I like how the zealous Goon cult member puts everyone he hates in the same bucket. Always has to be “us and them” with you folks.

Let the hate flow through you.

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #54

It makes living in nullsec NPC stations less safe, therefore it must be good for the game.

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(Salt Foambreaker) #55

OP it is a good thing your medical clone is not there…

Is it? :rofl:

(Juris Pheonix) #56

Working as intended. Why not just clear the spawn or kill the bubble? I’m sorry undocking isn’t risk free.

TL;DR Goons win again.

(Olmeca Gold) #57

Cant without capitals fyi. Capitals is a high entry barrier for using these stations.

(Valerie Valate) #58

not entirely true, but true enough to be a massive pain in the boobs.

See, originally, way back, CCP had a plan for those interceptor epic arc missions, which was to provide a way to restore faction standings for people who had totally screwed their standings to the pirate factions. So there’s one for the Angel Cartel, and one for the Guristas. They did have a plan to implement ones for the blood raiders, serpentis, sansha’s nation, and so on. But they never got around to putting those ingame. :psyccp:

Instead they made it so you could always have access to level 1 agents, regardless of standings. Which takes a long long long looooooong time.

But if you really, really, feel like torturing yourself, what you can do to restore your blood raider faction standings, is to go do the gurista epic arc, which will boost your gurista standings enough for you to do some missions for them, and the gurista storyline missions will slowly raise your blood raider standings and eventually with diplomacy V, you’d be able to get to the higher level blood raider missions which would short-cut a chunk of the awfulness of grinding level 1 missions. And eventually you’d get +2 faction standings to the blood raiders.

but frankly, screw that.

I know how tedious level 1 missions for blood raiders are - I got myself up to +9something corp standing and +2something faction standing by doing them, purely to see if it could be done as a new character going straight out to nullsec.

It was tedious enough that I would not recommend it at all.

(Olmeca Gold) #59

People who live in NPC stations typically make nullsec less safe. If you make their lives harder, you make nullsec safer overall, and krabbing empires krab easier and with less interference.

Same goes with people conducting dreadbombs, blops fleets, afk cloaking etc. If you want a less safe nullsec overall, then you make these people’s lives easier.

(Olmeca Gold) #60

New characters can do COSMOS missions with drugs now. It’s not that bad. Takes some materials and an hour.

But if your standings are -2 and below, it’s tedious af. You can’t even do Blood missions. You need to go grind in different NPC null or empire factions to get derived standing etc. And even that won’t be enough if you are under a threshold.

(Mayhaw Morgan) #61

Can you elaborate on why capitals are necessary to clear these bubbles and/or rats?