Anchorable Bubbles on NPC Station undocks trapping diamond rats

(Olmeca Gold) #62

Diamond rats are pretty strong and will escalate vs. subcaps you may undock.

You need capitals if you are red and want to clear them, or some 30+ man fleet with logi and all possibly. For example, 5 guys who just want to undock kikimoras and roam in a region will not be able to clear them.

Or you need to be neutral/blue to them.

(MB ThePhotographer) #63

I had this toon down to -9 standings with some factions and managed to “salvage” it. It can be done faster than you think. (but it’s still a pain in the arse)

(Mayhaw Morgan) #64

To me, that seems to be a problem with the strength of the rats, not the bubbles+rats interaction. Should we need a 30+ man fleet to play EVE? CCP seems to think so sometimes; I think.