Ancient Aliens

(TheGreat Gazoo) #41

I always thought this was interesting . . . painting from the 15th Century:

(Nana Skalski) #42

That is why I think it was split and then polished, but could be also cut at the short side, not the wide side, and if there would be any hollow structures, egyptians would drill out the holes big enough to then cut inside it. Straight angles inside finished with square blocks, sanded down, detailed with sharper angles at the end. Its only one such thing for a guy who wants to live forever, dont forget that. And they had enough time until he died, probably started making it a lot earlier before he died. Also could have used the circular saws with sand constantly filling the holes gravitationally from a source with hole. I think it was simple machine, but using sand with a water, sanding stone in these points until granite was gone and groves were created. These are royal tombs. The best materials were used and best people were doing this.

I was thinking also about them using stones and sand for grinding, like they used to do their stone vases:

They could have used the different technique for those vases, when they would have machine with rolling the granite tool inside at the angle constantly. Without this tool assembled from parts at the end.

(Ebony Texas) #43

Look its like this… ok… its simple and pretty much simple… Jesus was basically an alien sent here cause of an exploding planet far far away in a distant galaxy… this is the most likely root cause of our development… its simple comprehension…

so there were 13 livable alien planets in our closest galaxy… 12 of them were eaten by a black hole or some other distant space chit we haven’t even discovered yet… they shot those 24 “coffins”.( cut it open and see whats inside… like its going anywhere!!)… inside the 24 coffins might contain a sleeping alien, or alien space weapon…or the real answer to death… is there really death or life after death… are those coffins really time portals or cyno beacons waiting to be activated in order for an alien fleet to invade earth and harvest us as food… do they contain maximillian singularity’s hair?? these are universal questions… are they tom cruise lost tanning beds?? see important stuff like this … I want to know… I want to know!!..

(Avaelica Kuershin) #44

The real mystery is: Are these the same sarcophagi uncovered in the 19th century?
If so, why the weirdness about them?

Serapeum of Saqqara

(Rana Ash) #45

And whats not to say they had power tools, they did discover those batteries awhile back. I they named them the bagdad batteries??

(Nana Skalski) #46

Ancient egyptians thought there is life after death. This was why they mumified dead bodies, why the tombs were so expensive, why they have put tombs in secret places, why they punished severely the grave robbers. The reasons are written on the walls in pyramid texts.

(Nana Skalski) #47

Batteries were probably used to electroplate with gold small items. Its more about chemistry than drilling. For power tools you need more advanced technology like transformers, electric engines, knowledge of magnetism and electric current theory, but with that they would not use batteries of such voltage but they would make dynamo systems. There are no such findings anywhere in ancient world or depictions of that. There is only animal or human power depicted.

The most advanced technology egyptians could have had at that time would be knowledge of Iron tools. But they would need steel anyway to use it directly on granite stone. Without it, its time consuming tricks and halfmeasures, but with skilled workers you could achieve that.

(Rana Ash) #48

Yeah now i that i read up on it they didn’t have much juice, but they did have man power so i guess it’s not impossible that some 10- 20 guys had job security working on the sarcophigi (not sure that is a word but what the hell)

(Nana Skalski) #49

The workers have been commisioned from around all the egypt to work there. It was a form of taxation, you had to work for someone for a time. Of course you were given food, place to sleep and to entertain. Beer alongside bread with garlic or onion was a daily diet, probably even a beef that was expensive. The most skilled workers like overseers were probably wealthy already so were paid with titles that granted them and their families life in luxury.

(Nana Skalski) #50

About the Phi, that was a sacred ratio, egyptians used in their buildings, can be geometrically constructed in a multitude of ways. It can be also spotted in ratios of a Nautilus shell from Red Sea. One more reason why they could believe its something special, something sacred and favorited by gods.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #51

Actually, they AREN’T cut to that degree of accuracy, the only “expert” who claims they are was the asshole on ancient aliens who used a carpenters square on it (which, as a carpenter, I can tell you those things are a far cry from laser precise) and even with THAT he said they where “accurate-ish” hiding the fact that while being recorded his own tools proved they where not in fact perfect angles.

He also defeats his own claims to supernatural levels of precision when he claims that they are within a micron “in places” so what are they within in all of the other places?

people often get confused with claims like “an impressive degree of accuracy” hell, even today in most applications 1/16" is considered “an impressive degree of accuracy” and when the experts talk about it, they are talking about them in context. a modern expert claiming that something built with “an impressive degree of accuracy” is most often talking about for the time.

The vikings had some of the greatest navigators on the planet, in context its obvious that i’m not suggesting they had beyond GPS level navigation. so why would anyone make that leap of judgement for cutting a bunch of rocks? impressive though they may be.

They have been opened, they are empty.

(Ebony Texas) #52

they were empty… then why are they there??? lol

so these dudes wasted a ton of time making these things… now this is a mystery and getting really kinda creepy. it makes no sense…

so perhaps it isn’t a coffin but actually lazarus chambers.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #53

just because they are empty now, doesn’t mean they never had any purpose or use. I can point to a dozen empty artifacts made from finely crafted melted glass sitting by my door.

the prevailing theory is that given they where found in a temple dedicated to Apis, the bull god, and considering their size, they where likely used in some form of ceremonial burial of cows. and being a ceremony, it would have needed to be performed multiple times.
so you sacrifice the cow, do whatever rituals or ceremonies your religion requires. put them in the sarcophagus, and then however long later you empty the sacrifice out and prepare it for the next one. they didn’t find anything in them, likely because the cult of apis would have died slowly, so rather than stop all of a sudden it dwindled off until one day they just didn’t put the sacrifice back in.

and if you think that kind of effort and expense seems unbelievable, just look around at religions in the modern day. look at the mega-churches that dot the US and think about the cost to design/build them? look at the statue of jesus in brazil, the vattican which is an entire city-state dedicated to faith (albeit a small one). if even in this day and age people are willing to spend millions upon millions of dollars, and decades worth of man hours just on a single building. is it really too hard to think that our ancestors might not have done the same for a couple religious artifacts?

(Ebony Texas) #54

this is very intriguing to think about. I visited the mayan ruins and wondered just what and how were they able to design their aquaducts… just the engineering behind it all seemed far more advanced than a local native could have come up with. its simply amazing

(Jenne Exupery) #55

Why are some people so insistant on tering down human achivements and ingenuity, attributing them to some aliens?. Is it just cause of ratings or sensationalism?

Sure, that’s part of it. Gotta remember, too, that a lot of the original ‘how could these people have possible built this?’ discourse had its roots in colonial racism. Plenty of folks just didn’t want to believe that ‘the locals’ could have been responsible for the Pyramids, Macchu Picchu, etc. The ‘aliens did it’ thing has largely shed the racial side of things, at least on an explicit level - it’s not like ancient aliens hypotheses are inherently racist - but that’s where the thing originated.

(TheGreat Gazoo) #56

LOL. Yea, probably, could have, maybe . . . ‘before they dwindled off they just never put the sacrifices back in all 24 monster sized coffins’. Sure, that is a perfectly fine narrative. Because nobody really knows. Look, I’m not a big time believer in aliens . . . never seen one, that’s for sure . . . not sure I’d want to actually . . . but some of the stuff from the past - coupled with some of the stuff seen in current times - makes it a bit hard for me to believe the possibility of aliens visiting our planet never occurred.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #57

“people got lazy and never bothered to continue their rituals when their religion started to die” is less believable than “aliens from hundreds if not thousands of light years away, where able to somehow detect a primitive civilization that had barely discovered electricity yet. decided to travel there and cut a whole bunch of rocks for them”

(TheGreat Gazoo) #58

“A singular God created the universe and among the billions of planets (10 to the 24th power - or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets in our observable Universe alone), chose one and only one to plop on it intelligent life” is less believable than “the universe created itself from nothing in some mysterious big-bang, which occurred inside of . . . nothing”

Answer: To some, yes. As too with the narratives you proposed, neither is really known.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #59

and we could also all just be some slightly sentient mold growing on an abandoned sandwich floating in outer space and sharing in a psychically linked dreamscape… I mean “you don’t really know”

theoretically anything could be possible, but just because something could potentially maybe be true, doesn’t mean it deserves equal weight or consideration as every other possibillity. some possibilities are more plausible than others.

in the case of ancient stone structure, it is far more plausible that they where constructed, using large amounts of time and labor for some, likely religious purpose. than it is that some ancient alien species, somehow managed to locate the one rock in our neck of the woods that supports a primitive society. travel hundreds of thousands of light years, either spending those thousands of years in transit, or bending the fabric of reality itself… all to show up and cut some ■■■■■■■ rocks for us… and not just any rocks mind you, relatively soft rocks that happen to be native to the area.

(TheGreat Gazoo) #60

I would agree that is is far more plausible.