Ancient Aliens

(TheGreat Gazoo) #61

But you still don’t know . . . LOL :sunglasses:

(Bjorn Tyrson) #62

if I spent my entire life focusing on all of the things I don’t know, then I would never actually get anything done with what I do.

(de Obliviator Preon) #63

It’s just like with God. Because they don’t know. Ancient people were somehow smarter than us in someway or another, which is very true.

(Eleonora Crendraven) #64

That is one of the few threads that I read from the first to the last post.

(Eleonora Crendraven) #65

Sometimes I have a picture im my mind: Grey little things with big eyes sitting in their ships and watching us, laughing theirs asses off…

(TheGreat Gazoo) #66

And . . . if an ancient alien race ever did (or, someday does) come to visit, it probably won’t be to play with the rocks, it will be because there is . . . life. Pretty rare, even in the vastness of the universe.

(TheGreat Gazoo) #67

LOL . . . exactly . . . the ultimate reality show . . . probably saying 'look, they are not all that much better off now even after thousands of years. But they make pretty good pizza"

(Bjorn Tyrson) #68

It’s highly unlikely to happen. At least not any time soon.

As far as we can tell, the absolute fastest a wave can travel is the speed of light. And everything, radio, electricity, etc, all of the signs that indicate intelligent life are limited by those speeds.

Now up until a couple hundred years ago the human race as a whole wasn’t putting out much in the way of anything more powerful that firelight. And it’s only in the past hundred years or so that we have been putting out substantial enough signals that MIGHT stand out against the background radiation.

Which means that unless an alien species is advanced enough to detect campfires across lightyears of distance, then they would need to be no further away from us than ~100 light years. To even detect our presence.
Unless they are capable of FTL travel they old need to be closer than ~50 light years distance (assuming they can reach near light speeds) in order for them to reach us around now.

No amount of super advanced tech is going to allow an alien race to detect our signals any faster than those signals can travel. And we are fairly certain that there aren’t any hyper advanced alien species within our general vicinity. (Or we would be picking up a lot more noise from them)

(Yiole Gionglao) #69

The really tricky part is to tell artificial radiation from the background radiation. Space is empty, but it is not perfeclty void, and the scattered matter in it will interact with radiation in nasty ways. Also, radiation intensity decreases at a enormous pace, by the cube of distance. Go far enough and any source of radiation becomes one single photon per square meter, or square kilometer of your detector. And that single photon doesn’t carries in itself any more information than whatever random photons from whatever random sources happen to have exactly the same energy.

And then that photon strikes an hydrogen atom and is scattered in a different direction with an even lower energy… and that’s the end of the raod, your radiaiton source has effectively become invisible.

Soemthing we’ve elarned with the Voyager probes is that it’s quite tricky to pierce the “dusty” outskirts of our solar system. Even knowing what to look for, when and how, it’s difficult to communicate with the probes. Very likely, the random broadcasts like TV or radio won’t make it farther than 25 light years before being completely scattered, and even then, they still would need to make it through the dusty outskirts of whatever inhabited solar system they entered in order to be detected.

Nature is a beetch and is out to get you.

(Yiole Gionglao) #70

And by the way, think of this: right now as I write this and you read it, there’s over 500 million guys with 500 million cameras ready to capture and share instantly whatever unusual sighting they experience, 24/7 and all over the world.

Which probably explains why mistery sightigns have plummetted compared to when a random guy with a camera could be the only recording device in 10 miles around.

(TheGreat Gazoo) #71

Exactly . . .

(Nana Skalski) #72

Its a lot harder to fake anything these days, there is a way to find out if image was altered or generated. I remember photos from moon missions being put to test by mathematically checking all lighting conditions on photo, including minuscule differences that rise from environment around or light source distance. But it didnt ever stopped people from trying to fake stuff, even profesionally, or claiming that it was some mind altering technology or otherdimensional stuff combined with mind altering technology. People are inventive.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #73

Just because something COULD happen. Doesn’t mean we should automatically assume that is the case. Especially when there are far simpler explanations.

The cookies I found in my fridge this morning COULD have been made by transdimensional elves. But it’s far more likely that my gf made them after I went to bed last night. I mean it COULD have been elves. So obviously I should assume that is the case until my gf wakes up and I can ask her.

(Rana Ash) #74

I’ll have you know that the transdimensional elves just doesn’t do cookies, they shrink pants too. Pants that had hung in my closet since 2000, untouched and now they don’t fit me…

(Yiole Gionglao) #75

They also target t-shirts. After finishing school I stored my favourite t-shirt from when I was 12 and when I found it last year it had been shrunk so badly that I couldn’t fit my arm through the sleeve! I was truly horrified. :scream:

(TheGreat Gazoo) #76

Correct . . . it simply means it COULD happen. Nobody said anything more. You like to leap off the ledges, don’t you? LOL. Like, your gf COULD actually be an alien from Xylon. Ask her when she wakes up from her hibernation period. LOL.

(Nana Skalski) #77

I sometimes would like these stories to have a bit of truth in them. That would be so extraordinary!

Just think, fairies, ufos, elves, otherdimensional beings, all of them visiting us, sharing their technologies, magic items and wisdom. :relaxed:

The fact is that there was something magical, alluring in those ancient people beliefs. Well, something great came up from it. :ok_hand:

(Rana Ash) #78

I wager you have heard and seen things about the stones in carnac, brittany france?.
Now i’d love to know the reason for erecting all those stones in a row, line after line. For to take the alien route, the humans clearly erected them to stop alien landings.

But since some of them have carvings, it’s not silly to assume it was religious. And wow it must have been some strong faith.

(Nana Skalski) #79

I have seen these stones on images and I thought immediately that they look like someone would want to make a stone army. Then I thought they look like someone would want to commemorate someone, maybe fallen warrior or someone from family, with a stone erected. But these are only my thoughs.

(Yiole Gionglao) #80

Or just one that stretched for a good amount of time. One thing is a cairn, which obviously is a single work of enormous effort carried out in a single generation, and another to just keep adding standing stones to a cult place until it’s literally covered with them after several centuries.

Think of a megalitic version of this: