And now the dark side of some people that 'enforce' Safety in HS

ISIS type of zealot or Westboro Baptist Church crazy…the obstinance of these non believers!

lazor love will save them S3

Im a lapsed Amarrite, but I still go to church on St. Blagging’s Day




Yes. And I made a thread about that very concept, but it got locked almost instantly.


Ah but it didnt get locked BEFORE you made it!

Thats why we need PCD.

Someone get Tom Cruise, Super Agent on the line.

He ONLY plays heroes so must be a real swell dude in realsies


I’m confused. Is DDoS’ing someone’s stream so you can gank them for them making you mad IRL now “roleplaying”? Lmao.


Why are you confused? You are now confilating two seperate points I made.

Are you dim ?


Can I be head of Pre-Crimes please

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Now if we had Walking in stations . After being killed we end up in a nice calm place maybe a tree to hug and Buddhist monks chanting in the background.

That would do it :evergreen_tree:

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Ah one of these threads again.

Can anybody invent a new trope in this one?

Unfortunately, yes.
You’re in good company though, the miracle is that the vast majority of people keep their impulses in check.

Those who come here and claim that gankers would be just as bad in RL; I suspect they haven’t looked deep within, or else they put up a facade of being a purely good person.


Actors roleplaying, is completely different to gaming (MMOs). Actors generally just follow predefined scripts. So there’s no malice involved at all, at least as far as playing the role is concerned.

Gaming however, I often see people doing things just to annoy others, It’s not just PvP, I see it in PvE as well. They also use the excuse it’s just roleplay.


there is meta roleplay to
i said before
and i will say again
i roleplay a bitter religious zealot veteran, who lost one eye at the war
my char roleplays Christian Bale listening to “walking on sunshine” on a walkman


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Its wrong when you communicate by that, and its described as wrong in ToS.

If anyone does PvP or anything, its better not to write actually anything in chat, maybe something supportive only, or posting cute ASCII characters and smileys showing objectively how good is that feeling when you win.

Clearly you neither act or roleplay, but I suppose that means your character is above reproach.

PreCrimes Im sure will find you pure.


Sorry that post is reserved for Mr Cruise.

But I hope they send Officer Red to bring me in before I commit my crime.

Whatever it is :slight_smile:

ms nana teaching me to be more wholesome every day :smiley:

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The what?

Not yet, you are slated to begin on October third. Oh, and bring an umbrella, it’s going to be raining on your way to work.

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I rollplay all my characters, although not verbally. Most of the verbal roleplay I’ve witnessed over the years has for the most part been utter garbage.

I do find it difficult to play bad characters, usually if I try they get deleted shortly afterwards. Being bad towards people is just alien to me, just seems like a strange and in most cases an unnecessary thing to do. I certainly wouldn’t get any satisfaction or enjoyment in making someone (or animal) suffer in any way. In an MMO I’m always conscious that there are actual people behind the characters.

At the end of the day it’s about choices, you can choose to be an ass to others or you can choose not to be.

As for pure, I doubt anybody is truly pure.

Edit: Just noticed you also mentioned acting. It’s clear you do not do acting, if you did you would know there can’t be any real malice between actors on set, as it just wouldn’t work. Doesn’t mean there can’t be malice between actors off set.

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