Anomic Missions STEALTH Buffed without any warning!

(Chainsaw Plankton) #84

I think it’s reasonably well understood, but a lot of misconceptions and misinformation exists.

Npc’s have cap that is pretty easily testable by nosing them. and every NPC has a cap listed on I suppose it is possible a ship scanner would show an NPC’s cap, but I don’t recall every trying that.

that said, NPC’s modules activate independently of that cap. I believe their repair mods activate on a chance based cycle, along with ewar mods, and then their guns will always shoot.

Now the big question is does the AI have modifiers that activate when getting hit by cap warfare? AFAIK the answer there is no. I suppose you could take a low dps missile ship that just barely has the dps to kill an NPC and time how long it takes to kill with a few different conditions. I’d test a few with just missile dps to get a base line and see how different you can get it due to local repairs, then some more with nos, then some more with neuts. Could also fit a ship with max tank and cap mods and see if a burner ever drops point. And probably worth checking sleepers if you want to go that far.

(Nana Skalski) #85

NPCs are simplified because they have to remain dumb. AI is laughably simplified for NPCs. Actually if CCP would be programming NPC so it would fly like a human pilot, and use the modules and ship like capsuleer uses, they would need a lot of computing power on CCP’s server side.

(SiRSp0T AloT) #86

This post was to inform/warn ppl about the changes and compare experiences about them. Maybe even to share info like the npc cap discussion or new fittings - even if the burner guide thread is a better place for that in particular. The only thing you were able to acomplish here till now, is telling us your opinion on that and blamimg ppl for asking about a ccp response. And now u complain about exactly that mistake - actually really funny.

U literally did nothing to the discussion - besides complaining, while everyone else around u were usefull and tried to share the above mentioned infos with each other.

So I kindly advice you to open your own thread about your opinions on that, maybe call it “My opinions about the recent (unintended) changes to burner missions” or sth. like that. There you can talk about it with others, that also mostly wanna share their opinions (if it’s ok, not good, great or whatever).

From now on, I will just completely ignore your onion posts (cause kind of off-topic, 2nd or even 3rd time I tell u this …) and advice Muffinmixer to do the same, cause we were (oh wonder) the only ones that replied to u anyways - that was my mistake, yours is to post your “stuff” in the wrong threads. If u really have sth. that can contribute (like fittings, better ships, mision wasn’t harder cause … etc.), than THIS is really the right place, otherwise good luck and a lively opinion discussion in your own / the right thread.

(Benje en Divalone) #87

I’ll grant that figuring out how to run simultaneous calculations is non-obvious but any coder worth getting paid to do it should have no problem at all with the task. Those particular calculations shouldn’t cause any undue load.

Nope the implementation they have smacks of “get it shipped” instead of “get it right”.

(Kolmogorow) #88

According to today’s patch notes (August 24th) the problem has been fixed:

“Resolved an issue with NPCs repairing themselves. Burner NPCs found in Anomic missions are now working correctly.”

Or is it only partially fixed? What about the increased damage output the OP mentions?

(Shkalneg) #89

Atomic Agent Burners are still the same as they were after August 16, nothing has been fixed

(Chainsaw Plankton) #90

fwiw I didn’t notice any change in damage output. My tank held up fine in all the burner missions I ran.

(Kaivarian Coste) #91

is still bug?

(J Connrad) #93

Serpentis Burner Daredevils and Angel Cartel Base Dramiels are not fixed as per patch notes dtd 2017-08-24 11:24.

(sharpscg) #94

can second this, missions still considerably harder then before.

(SiRSp0T AloT) #95


So what exactly did they “fix” than? It was all about the improved shield boost / armor rep and increased dmg especially for the blood cruor (only def), serp. daredevil and angel dramiel (dramiel both in angel anomic agent and angel anomic base).

(Nana Skalski) #96

They are now working correctly. Whatever that means. :guardparrot:
CCP best trolls ever.

(Abyss Azizora) #97

Ugh no, the Jovians had a fleet of ships and a mothership that destroyed an Amarr Armada. They also knew the entier Amarr fleet’s battleplan before the fight began through spying. But I don’t deny the Jovians have crazy powerful tech, I know first hand when I tried to fight one during a dev event. (99% resists, and the phase damage they do can’t be tanked for.)

(dark dreamur) #98

I am probably really late to the party here but would I be correct in saying they nerfed the rate at which burners are given out too as well as damage and resists?

(Xolerick) #99

Confirming. Just did a Blood Raiders Burner = Cruor. And spent 4 full clips on it… it did not break MY tank. But it is really much worse then before.

(J Connrad) #100

The rate at which missions are given out seems to be within normal parameters, but that’s always been such a random thing it’s hard to be sure. The only change I have noticed for sure is the Agent Burner tanks have received a massive buff. On the missions I run my tanks continue to work so I don’t believe their damage has increased - I just can’t break some of theirs. Whether this is due to increased repair rates or increased resists on the Burner’s parts is a mystery I don’t know how to solve.

(Softer ThanYouThink) #101

What fit are you running angel agent ?

(Xolerick) #102

So. A confirmations after a Patch notes so far:

  1. Blood raiders burner. Still buffed. It did not break MY Jaguar tank. But i had to spend 4 clips (or 4 reloads) to actually kill it. Consider 10-15% more tank. Same damage output.
  2. Just did a Serpentis burner agent. I was in a Hawk. It did break some of my tank so I went into armor (means he is still doing 10-15% more damage) I Had to reload rockets meanining he is now has around 10-15% more tank.

I am still able to do them. But now due to even a small increase in that tank. The breaking point (when you reload, or when they are at 30% sheild) is now much harder to pass.

To be confirmed with angel burners still.

(Softer ThanYouThink) #103

Blood raider took me 11 cap boosters to run… What hawk build are you using for serpentis, one with cap boosters or with cap batteries ?

(SiRSp0T AloT) #104

The capstable one out of the burner guide here in the forum, still works against the serp daredevil, but takes way longer to complete. Took around 40-45 volleys (so not even 1 reload) to kill daredevil before this bugged changes, now it’s more like 2 reloads and a total of around 120-140 volleys.

For blood raider cruor it’s the same, was already the mission with the highest kill time, now u need even more time. Normally, I killed the cruor with the wolf (also cap stable fitting) before the autocannon charges ran out (120), now I use them all and an additional 40-60 more (and I use the 5th high for faction rockets!).