Anomic Missions STEALTH Buffed without any warning!

(Ploing) #172

yeah thats so true. problem for ccp is that not satisfied customers simply not buying the next plex.

if you look back the burner threat from jorie was not for nothing the most visited in these section. there where frigs for 500 mill and with one mistake there are gone. now they decided it was a joke for over 3 years. cutted solutions. for example for the angel base there is only 1( one) ship.

just wondering that they left the teamburner garmur with polarized rocket leave as it is.(which i founded on the eve forums) ccp there is potential

(Rosov Aulmais) #173

I think they don’t even know about this problem of NPC skipping repairs until they decided to do some fix on it. While its effect is minor on ordinary PVE, it really killed some of the burner fits.

(Selphentine) #174

I did most missions, angel base and guristas burner missing, with ease, as always. So im starting to questioning a bit where the actual problem is.

(Atomeon) #175

Well they said is like pvp missions. Guess what?
They are not newbies anyone, they burners just skilled up :sunglasses: They are better at pvp now ^^

(Chainsaw Plankton) #176

if you are using the standard vigilant fit you won’t see much difference as your dps is so overwhelming. And if I’m remembering right there wasn’t a change for the gurista agent.

Angel, blood, and serpentis are the ones I recall changing.

(Selphentine) #177

Angel with the daredevil worked fine as always. :slight_smile:

(Vampiric) #178

its because all of you are NOT WORTH TELLING in ccp’s eyes…

of course they will say otherwise but,

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS and you have your action right now.

(Dupka Hnupka) #179

stop crying guys
just buy more plexes, exchange for isks and buy whatever you need
buy it on jita market because its dominated by aprox 1,5 entity/player, that means nearly all profit from market is going to the hands of one entity, maybe CCx:? so all other people should make profit by buying isks for real money

(GinBar) #180

Anomic missions are mistake from the beginning. CCP knows that and now they want to simple make 'em too hard for ppl to do 'em, so everyone forgets about them, so CCP can remove them later on on the count of none is doing them.

(Arthur Aihaken) #181

So are these still “buffed” (broken) or have they been fixed? It seems like every 2-3 months CCP breaks something with Burners. This isn’t the first time something like this has occurred…

(Softer ThanYouThink) #182

It is still so called “broken” now u need almost maxed skills and no other fittings work besides bling

(Arthur Aihaken) #183

So “bling” is now the new meta? Thanks, I’ll pass. These things were risky enough running the old fits with some bling. You’re just asking to be ganked running several hundred million ISK frigates around…

(Persephanie Mae) #184

They are finally now after over 3 years at fozzie’s and other ccp dev’s “intended development level and repairing rate.”

How/why it took ccp over 3 years to get these missions to work as they originally planned over 3 years ago and willfully let remain in game not working as they originally intended is anyones guess

Though not sure the answer is too hard to guess at lol

(Rosov Aulmais) #185

I am not sure if it is bad RNG or the burner had been buffed a little bit, but the burner is getting me to 50% armor today, which had never happened before:

EDIT: did one Guristas Agent and one Jaguar Team and they worked as usual.