Any chance of station walking ever again?

Nope. Think of Eve as part World of Tanks, part RTS where your units are real people - or, more often, you are someone’s unit. Forget the RP fluff, “immersion” and the like. It’s dead, Jim. There will be no WiS or anything of the sort.

But unlike Yiole Gionglao here I don’t think that Eve will be gone in three years. UO and EQ are still limping along, and it’s been two decades.

UO and EQ are pretty much PvE games at this point. I am skeptical that EVE can stay in business with PvE, specially because IMHO EVE wouldn’t be in this situation if PvE was fine.

CCP took two wrong turns: the failure to implement Incarna, and the Rubicon plan to prioritize the PvP/Null content at the expense of PvE/ High.

PvP is the heart of EVE, but the heart is FUBAR without a functional stomach aka PvE. And EVE’s stomach is looking bad after years of neglect and a entrenched misunderstanding of how it works.


I highly doubt it, a chance yes. But not in this life…

CCP no longer have

a) the money
b) the talent
c) the desire

To do anything that brave.


Drat and here I was all set to have my own club for all the hard working Capsularis to relax and blow off steam in when not mining or causing mayhem in da deep black, and it was a way for the good sisters to make some isk.
I was going to call it Fred’s S & M Emporium.


I’ve just recently found a review of EVE Online on YouTube. While it’s not a positive review, which would be nice of course, does it however make some interesting points. Some of it does touch walking in stations, but it also addresses space combat itself and I find the review made some good points there. So before I want CCP to give us WiS again would I rather see some of the EVE Valkyrie technology coming to EVE. A little better HUD, some better controls, and with little steps could we one day arrive at a full cockpit view for some of the smaller ships.


The only reason CCP even bothered with that one room apartment was b/c they were also developing an MMO based on the World of Darkness and they wanted a test bed for movement mechanics and clothing choices. Once their plans for the WoD fell apart, they completely gave up giving a ■■■■ about Walking In Stations. I’m surprised they didn’t mothball it the same day they cancelled WoD development.

But now that they have mothballed the apartment, I wouldn’t get your hopes up that they’re going to bring it back. Be happy we at least get to play with our paper dolls before we take our driver’s license photo.


I wish it were shelved and forgotten forever.

Sadly, pipeline. Just not along the lines of what people think of when they consider walking and avatars.

EVE plays like strategy game, kind of RTS I agree. EVE staying competitive without avatar gameplay? It isnt really competitive with SC and ED now, it wasnt competitive with space combat simulators in the past, because it have none avatar gameplay and cockpit view. :thinking:

We have nice looking avatars but they are underutilized and even CCP art team notices it.

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I actually prefer the current perspective over a cockpit view as the tactical camera works better for small gang/fleet action. I guess it depends on whether you are into solo dogfights or not.

Big battles= TiDi so it is a selfdefeating somewhat to talk about it as a future path for EVE. TiDi will not go away in foreseable future. Hours of nolifing by watching RTS battle unfold for hours, its definitively niche gaming.

How do you feel regarding ED? Is it a good competitor? Do you think it has enough content?

I prefer EvE only on the grounds if its persistant universe and ease of interaction with players. ED has the engine and the looks, and a universe Im familiar with but it seems empty and lifeless.

On topic: WiS vs EliteFeet… Which will get there first? Have to say, do like SRVs…

I hope not.

I played only original Elite and Frontier:EliteII, i can say that these games sucked me in, but felt somewhat different than EVE. The gameplay was a bit more skill intensive than EVE, there was also no PvP. I would say SC would dwarf both if Chris Roberts ever gona make it like he promised. :wink:

Ah ok. I played all three of the first and bought a Lifetime Pass on ED… So far its been a very expensive way to buy Horizons add on…

The absolute lack of evolution on the planets/walking thing has me disappointed with ED. The Holo-Me was a let down and so far the new Season means nothing to me, i’m not interested with the angry aliens as an excuse to grind alien-specific ships and weapons.

Neither planets with atmosphere nor tue 3D full body avatars and a questionable art style for 3D portraits… sigh so far, E:D.

Guess i’ll stick to being a immortal capsuleer in (capsuleer grade VR) San Andreas… as puny NPCs whisper in fear about “puppeteers” who incarnate themselves in expendable clones and wreck havoc on poor San Andreans… psychotic people with complete disregard of life and property, spreading terror as they play their cruel war games. The Guvm’t says nothing because the prospect of transdimensional superhumans from a distant future and galaxy messing with contemporary humans on Earth is plain too scary.


Me too, I felt disappointed. They made a first step towards avatar gameplay to then abandon it like CCP.

All now in hands of a miraculous C.R. :pray:

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The Holo-Me is literally a portrait maker. Yes, you can see other pilots avatars in your cockpit on cooperative gameplay, but that’s all, they’re static figures sitting with a custom head and a cookie cutter body. And, as CCP aptly teached us, “it’s never what they say, rather what they do”. Like, a portrait maker.

(And, FFS!, those portraits are so ugly too…)

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If you look closely, all the men look like Ed, their Community Manager.


Now with PA as owner there is now chance for sexy WiS :star_struck: