Any chance of station walking ever again?

(ArmyOfMe) #81

One can always hope.

(zluq zabaa) #82

As you mention it, I think this was exactly the reason it was good to get rid of the old WiS: it added nothing to EVE gameplay. Not only in the unfinished state it was, but there wasn’t even a plausible concept in the first place. Walking in Stations, sitting on the loo - who cares?

Now, if Nova was able to add meaningful depths to the “person”-level of gameplay and this would interface nicely with EVE, it could be good. Then, when it’s not merely walking inside these stations, but actually doing something fun, exciting and related to the multiverse of EVE Online - it could actually be pretty great. If not, meh.

“EVE is dying” was always used by those, who wanted to passive-aggressively beg for a fundamental change in gameplay. “The game should change in my favor or it will die” - that’s what the people actually say without saying it. If the desired change seems all too unlikely, there is usually some ominous “majority of players” being brought up. So far I agree with you.

On the other hand, maybe more a sidenote, it’s worth looking at “EVE is dying” as a possible qualitative rather than a quantitative statement. From the perspective of someone who doesn’t actually claim that the game itself will cease to exist, but that it will change in a way that it loses core features, there can be some truth to that. Wether in the specific case it’s bad or good, it’s something for everyone to decide on their own.

Just, in this context, it might be worth understanding to be careful what you wish for. People have been raging and begging for years to end wardecs and to buff or nerf a bunch of other stuff. While it may feel like a victory to have it finally done, the side-effects of any such fundamental intervention can bring even more hardship for those who hoped for more freedom.

(Mr Epeen) #83

A valid point. But it was never developed into its potential, so we’ll never know what it could have been and if it would have added content ( As CCP originally envisioned).

In any case, as I said above, if it adds value to the game - financial, not gameplay - then it will be reintroduced. It doesn’t matter what you or I think.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

(Kieron VonDeux) #84

I still think it would have been interesting to have multiple players controlling single ships, which WIS could have evolved into along with Captain’s quarters onboard ships in space, but as they said, that would have been a lot of work, if it could even been reasonably done.

As far as what that would add to the game? Probably mostly aesthetic.

(Salt Foambreaker) #85

I agree, I always thought they could do cool things with that. “Crew” activities also could have been good mobile subgames.

(Nevyn Auscent) #86

As mentioned before, I’d like to see WiS used for politics and espionage type actions. Multiple pilots one ship wouldn’t be WiS since we use pods.
But it would make sense that we might have to go in person to grease palms and hack offline servers in areas where only capsuleers can get to. As part of an overall thing involving more npc meaning.

(Kieron VonDeux) #87

Nothing wrong with having multiple pods on one ship.
Or even a multiple person pod module.

(Nevyn Auscent) #88

Yes… But we float inside the pods filled with goo with life support equipment plugged into us.
Which means it wouldn’t be WiS. It would just be 4 eggs on the command deck instead of 1.

(zluq zabaa) #89

Yes, because it’s a precondition for a company who’d have to put tens of thousands of work hours into it. Although they can never really be sure of having the effort pay out, there has to be at least a realistic base for an optimistic prediction. The old WiS didn’t have that.

If it turns out that Nova gets an interface to EVE and those “sabotage missions” are successful, they could decide to build a bridge from within EVE towards that. If and only if, that’s years from now and possibly comes with fresh thoughts and isn’t going to be a mere reintroduction of WiS.

Might need an PG-18 area for that kind of action.

(Jennifer Austin) #90

I think that if they would integrate like bars Apartments things like that into it and make it more like a game such as second life because it can make them money but other than that I don’t see walking in stations ever coming back because it doesn’t make any sense what would be nice would be able to see like PlanetSide Landing where you can land on planet and actually mine manually would like a drill or whatever that would be pretty cool I could see walking becoming a thing then

(Cypherous) #91

The problem being that this would in turn require yet more hardware, don’t expect the current system to be able to handle spinning up over 100 instances of walking in stations per hub not to mention all the random extra instances where someone is walking around in a station with no players, most other MMO’s also have entirely instanced servers to begin with, when your server itself has a population cap of 1000 its much easier to then break that down in to smaller instances, there is no hard cap for the number of people TQ will accept and WiS instances would need to be hosted on separate yet linked nodes, and that starts to create a whole mess of issues, EVE is not like any other MMO out there in terms of how it handles its instances, at this point i’m sure jita alone beats entire server populations in some MMO’s and its certainly far more than any other MMO manages in a single “area”

WiS is a tech debt that CCP really don’t want for how few people would actually use it, i don’t really care how many crappy minigames it has its only ever going to get in the way for me so i would never use it, and i am pretty sure i am not the only person

(Cypherous) #92

You mean apart from the fact that the game engine literally freaks out when 2 pilots occupy the same entity? :stuck_out_tongue:

Its been discussed in the past and basically labelled as impossible without entirely rewriting portions of the game which isn’t going to happen for such a niche feature

(Nana Skalski) #93

What about structures?

Certainly everything can be coded in, just people who would do that have to be hired and paid, and money not wasted on some other projects. If DUST 514 and WoD and Valkyrie would not happen, we would play EVE that would put Star Citizen to shame, and it would be a lot more optimized and running on low end level PCs very well. :smirk:

(DeMichael Crimson) #94

I’m not even going to bother responding to the other stuff you wrote, but this is pure BS:

It had massive potential to be more than just a bunch of glorified mini-games. At the time when it was first previewed up to the point of release and even afterwards, there were lot’s of players ready and waiting for it. What caused it to become abandoned and DOA was CCP listening to a small vocal minority group screaming the same bullcrap as you are now.

(Foggy Bernstein) #95

I remember when it first previewed as Ambulation ( I believe), there was more than lots of players excited for what CCP was selling as the future. It was a clear majority of the player base.

Then CCP introduced walking in room and ■■■■■■ up any chance of acceptance for it.

Still, the code is still there so it won’t be long before we see it in game again. Korean game companies are incapable of not having pert and bouncy little hotties in their games.

(Cypherous) #96

When you dock in a station you don’t exist within an entity, 2 people can’t be in control of a citadel etc, and no not everything “can” be coded in, the engine just doesn’t support having 2 people in the same entity at the same time

(Cypherous) #97

It will always just be a series of minigames, i don’t see any way in which WiS would actually improve the experience or provide something that actually makes it worth using, everyday activities like buying and fitting ships would take longer, talking to agents would take longer, you might call it “bullcrap” but i’ve yet to see anyone actually suggest a feature that would add something to the game that was meaningful, i mean you’re welcome to try but when you actually look at it all it does is slow down EVE

(Yiole Gionglao) #98

Concerning the WiS train, the train is gone, the line was shut down, then the tracks rusted, then they were sold for scrap metal, the station burned, was demolished and then a giant crater was digged on top of it to build a skyscrapper but the project was abandoned, and now the crater that used to be a railway station that used to have a track where a train called WiS once passed is just a hole filled with muddy water. So no, it’s not going to happen. EVE will die without WiS.

(Nevyn Auscent) #99

Political or espionage actions. Lobbying npc corps for any npc space including pirate null. Espionage actions for sending covert squads to do things. (future idea for Intel gathering which could be grey rather than black and white like current intel, would require some current Intel to vanish also)
Both are actions it makes sense to have to go in person to talk to the people as comms can both be faked and be less secure.
And you could introduce some elements of risk into it without it being a FPS gameplay. Dialogue choices and random events aka rpg games often manage this.

So it’s entirely possible to introduce new meaningful but not compulsory gameplay with it.

@Foggy_Bernstein The code does not exist. It was based on a licensed middleware product they can no longer use, that was also limited to 32 bit apps. So it would need recreating.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #100

Utter bollocks.

WiS was stillborn because CCP promised the earth and then failed to deliver, as paying customers we were right to bitch about it, and the 18 months of no development of the game that preceded it.

It suffered from rushed development, zero gameplay, poor attitude from management, failure to address player concerns over microtransactions, poor tech implementation that fried hardware, not giving the option to opt out of the dingy by the hour hotel room experience, etc, etc.

If CCP had lived up to what they promised, we wouldn’t have kicked off as much as we did.