Any news on why the daily SP reward got halved?

Confirmed the new system is awesuum. Delete this out of date thread.

I noticed a while ago that it had dropped but thought it was just me not remembering correctly or that it was the booster I have active.

Plus didn’t it used to be 10k sp for doing the Air stuff after 2 events were completed?

OK ok I’m reading and catching up while posting lol. But if they have taken away the daily log in rewards those with umpteen accounts are not going to do all the battles etc that is now needed, so I’m not sure if that is a positive or not and I can see the daily log in numbers tanking.

Or will the completions count for every toon if they fleet up?. (still reading lol).

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It’s “awesuum” for casual Omegas who never actively, but rather passively managed to complete 12 days out of the month by happenstance. For the diligent obsessive-compulsive Omegas who did the dailies every day it’s less (Ironic, huh?) due to the absence of the Daily Login SP.

Obviously, it’s not so “awesuum” for the alphas. They lose no matter what. :melting_face:

I’m ok with that, way too many alphas (which are mostly just alts of active/addicted/omega players) inching ahead. There are no issues with real new players being alpha and playing like that for some time but at some point it becomes just leeching which shouldn’t be rewarded.

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This really hurts the genuine beginners starting out as alphas. If alphas can’t inch ahead then they should not exist at all. Seeing as they do exist they should be able to inch. At a certain point these little SP rewards start to be rather pointless imo as they are too small for the amount of SP required to train more advanced skills at a reasonable rate. I would assume that alphas past the 5M limit are primarily advancing via daily alpha skill injectors. But even that has a hard cap at 20M active SP.

Alphas can still inch ahead - it’s just that Omegas are now inching ahead faster…

Get your wallets out. Alpha considerations are not on the menu.

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I’m really unhappy with the change, I spend all my time doing PvE and indy in nullsec near the dronelands. I’m just blocked from completing the daily most of the time because the new challenges are so weirdly specific. Make them more generic or make way more challenges spawn every day. I’m likely just not gonna be able to complete them this month.

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Ignore the dailies and buy a large skill injector. Problem solved.

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No one’s really happy with the change - it is what it is though…

Just now are they inching ahead faster? Omegas were always inching ahead faster than alphas by design. That hasn’t changed. Ironically, however, the diligent Omegas who did the dailies every day are actually inching ahead slower than before because of the loss of the Daily Login SP. The new system is only a boon for those Omegas who don’t care to actively pursue the AIR Dailies.

This system might actually decrease play time, if anything, because it’s not worth it to login and some may feel the AIR Dailies are no longer worth it either. Especially on days with the more time-consuming goals, given the decrease is SP rewards. I figure best case scenario is average play time remains the same.

You don’t care about newbies, you care about yourself.

They still can by actually playing because that is what newbie alphas do: play the game. The only ones having issues with this are the alt alphas because “clikclikclick” is easier for free sp than actually playing. As said, you don’t care about “newbies”, you care about your alt accounts.

“moar is better”, got it. But is it ever enough?


Look, it sucks. I (and others) said it was a nerf weeks ago already - but no one noticed. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot that can be done to fix it at this point. Everyone gets the same (for better or worse) daily tasks to choose from.

A random refresh would be great - but probably won’t happen. More choices would be great - but also probably won’t happen.


There’s a saying “every little helps”

All these small amounts and other amounts given to us can save many days on a long skill lasting months.

Alphas also benefit from any amount that get’s them that one skill they need hours earlier than they would have had to wait for.

You just made that up because you have no actual counter point. This is known as an Appeal to Motive in the litany of red herring logical fallacies.

What exactly would be the goal of all these alpha accounts slowly gaining SP over the course of what? YEARS? An alpha account is limited to 5M skill points via the queue. Any points you would receive toward them in the form of SP, either thru the Daily or Login SP rewards, counts toward that 5M. Any SP gained is therefore pointless once you reach 5M unless you buy Omega. By this I mean you might as well just put 5M SP worth of skills into the queue and wait 6 months to get to 5M. It’s practically the same outcome. The only exception is AIR rewards for completing the 4 career paths and the progress bar at the bottom (or any SP without a time limit to claim). But they’d have to play the game for that. You’d be best to keep them in the Redeem window until after you reached 5M. Same as the 1M free SP.

And Alpha Login SP rewards were pitiable. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they average around 4K SP. Maybe in 6 months you gain 180ish SP (3.6 days of alpha training), if my math is right, if they got something every 4 days (which is being generous)? So they bother logging into all these accounts every day to get to 5M SP in roughly 5m, 26d and 9hr instead of 6 months? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Oookay. Anyone wanting to put SP into alts would need the isk to use alpha skill injectors. Otherwise, it would be impractical, taking years to progress. As I stated, Login SP only really benefits new alphas, skilling them up a little faster in the early weeks. Even then, this is only in conjunction with the AIR Dailies, which were far better SP rewards. But required actual play time so doesn’t count in this scenario.

Maybe I’m in the dark here. What exactly do people do with all these alts that they never actually play according to you? Hmmm? :thinking: Something that can be achieved with a whopping 30Kish alpha SP a month? I would think if they had the isk to buy all the extractors necessary to have SP farms, they would just buy injectors for their alts. The economic route for a solo player would be to do the Industry Career path over and over for 150 SP a day. But this requires they actual play and do something. Dual boxers do the Soldier of Fortune. That’s how I first heard of it, but Industry can be done mostly AFK via mining and running a few blueprints. Only the salvaging would take any real play time IF you were unlucky. But, again, that requires they play the alt which doesn’t fit with the scenario you’re arguing. The only thing all those alts would be good for is claiming multiple Event Rewards, which isn’t really about SP harvesting.

Help me figure this out. :confused: I’m lost. I’m really looking forward to you explaining how Daily Login SP for an alpha is so useful and practical across so many alts. By all means, proceed.

See my reply to Aisha Katalen above.

Duh, but that applies to Omegas too. And only alphas below 5M SP. Is that a bad thing?

That would be an actively played alpha account. The comment you’re replying to is in relation to people who don’t actually play the account, but just bring up the Login screen, get the SP every 4-7 days and move on to do the same with their collection of alts. In your scenario it’s an active alpha who is playing the game. So since they are actually playing, and not just grabbing SP and doing nothing, what’s the issue if they get some pittance of SP to help them along? You seriously whining about them getting an hour off of training time on a low level skill?

Eh i’m indifferent, the free SP doesn’t really mean anything to me, but i’m a bittervet so i have all the SP i could really use at this point lol


Hmm did it thou?

It used to be:

10k sp each day x 30 = 300k sp a month.
Then the log in rewards cycled every 4 day’s so you would get exp (30/4 = 7.5) about 15k exp avg 7.5x a month (15x7.5=112.5k)
so we where getting 412.5k sp per month around.

This new system is 5k 4x (only on 2/12 | 5/12 | 8/12 and on the 11/12 marks) per month (20k) + 150k + 75k so 245k sp per month.

You are right damn I didn’t even realize, now this feels shitty.

I guess not :confused:

You forgot the exp from log in rewards every 4 days so that’s 100k sp.

Are you really asking why (free) SP is useful, if it’s not so useful why are you crying about it? Regardless of how much it is people just love stuff for doing (almost) nothing and are exceptionally entitled when they’re given something they never paid for and it then changes.

And as said for actual real playing accounts nothing changes: they log in like they used to, do stuff ingame like they normally do anyway that gets them their rewards over time just like it is now but over a longer period of time but they DO actually have to PLAY so that works fine for people with just one or a a few accounts tops (if they actually use them) but becomes problematic for people running a zillion of them.

No actually new player has so many accounts (if they even HAVE more than one) that this would affect them, it’s only the vets and lazy carebear industry bot-like folks who are affected. All you typed was smoke and mirrors.

Couldn’t be more wrong. Free training up to 5 mil. An Alpha can have up to 20 mil SP. So they can put skills in the queue up to 5 mil, after that, injectors or daily sp or any sp given out or whatever counts towards the 20 mil they can acquire.

As far as my alpha alts, their only job is to run the SoE arcs to share the standings