Apology to Lords Sarum, Newelle and to PIE, LUMEN, over Zashev rumors

Is there any limit to the liberalism and abolitionism of House Ardishapur? Elevating a filthy Minmatar subhuman to the rank of Holder? Freeing entire regiments worth of undeserving slaves at a time?

Surely Zashev has no chance of getting a fair trial for what could be innocent, misunderstood acts of slaving among such liberals. A trial conducted by qualified Theology Council member Alar Chakaid would have been a much better choice.

You, as always, have no ■■■■■■■ idea what being conservative or liberal means. You buffoon.


Given what passes for “journalism” at the Scope, and their passing of unsubstantiated rumours as fact to pursue a sensationalist Gallentean political bias and agenda, it’s about time other outlets such as ACN or Echelon Entertainment step up into the Interstellar news market to offer a more balanced media landscape focused on journalistic integrity.

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There are laws about slaving, when it is allowed and when it is not. Laws are written by wise people and you have to follow them disregarding if you consider them right or wrong. Someone is always wrong, but claiming these laws are wrong you are saying these wise men who made them are wrong and you aren’t, am I right with this one? It was just my assumption, so please excuse me in advance if I misunderstood you. But If I am right, then think about this: if you really think you are wiser than those who made these laws, how comes it’s them made these laws and not you? Maybe, after all, they are wiser and you should follow their rules without complaining?

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You know what, although I disagree with following rules regardless of their morality, this was probably the most thoughtful post I have seen from you in some time, Diana.

Thank you.

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